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Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo to make first court appearance Thursday



Embattled Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo will appear in court Thursday to face potential charges stemming from his weekend arrest

 Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo leaves after facing Judge Gary Medvigy at a hearing at the Sonoma County Superior Court in Santa Rosa on Thursday, July 18, 2013. (BETH SCHLANKER/ PD)

Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo leaves after facing Judge Gary Medvigy at a hearing at the Sonoma County Superior Court in Santa Rosa on Thursday, July 18, 2013. (BETH SCHLANKER/ PD)

on suspicion of burglary and prowling outside a woman’s home.

Prosecutors are widely expected to request more time to evaluate whether the evidence supports allegations that Carrillo was trying to break into a woman’s residence at about 3:40 a.m. Saturday to commit some kind of sexual assault.

Santa Rosa police delivered their investigation to the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office on Monday afternoon. A Napa County deputy district attorney, Cody Hunt, has been appointed special prosecutor to handle the case under the supervision of the state Attorney General’s Office, spokeswoman Lynda Gledhill said.

Gledhill would not say what, if any, charges Hunt would file at the hearing.

Carrillo is required to be present at the 8:30 a.m. hearing in Sonoma County Superior Court, Gledhill said. His defense attorney confirmed the second-term supervisor will attend the hearing before Judge Jamie Thistlethwaite.

Gledhill declined to release the police report Wednesday or comment on any of the allegations.

“The case continues to be investigated,” she said. “Because of that we won’t be giving out a police report nor would we comment on what he was arrested on or any other details of the investigation.”

The 32-year-old supervisor, who represents west Sonoma County, was picked up wearing just underwear and socks by an officer responding to the woman’s 911 calls about a prowler in the area, which was near his west Santa Rosa apartment.

Carrillo’s attorney, Chris Andrian, said he believes the predawn events were “fueled by alcohol” and that Carrillo had no intent to sexually assault the woman. He may have merely wanted to share a drink with her, Andrian said.

Andrian said Carrillo either brought beer over to the home or was expecting to have beer there. He said Carrillo may have had beer with him at some time before police arrived.

“He was maybe hoping he could have some social interaction,” Andrian said. “I believe that to be true. At some point, it was his idea to drink a couple beers with her.”

Carrillo was not carrying beers at the time of his arrest, Santa Rosa Police Lt. Paul Henry said.

Carrillo was released on bail two hours after his 10:10 a.m. Saturday booking into the Sonoma County Jail and was quickly whisked off to an alcohol treatment facility.

Carrillo is on paid medical leave from his job, which paid $150,015 last year, including salary, car and cash allowance. He is expected to be away from his duties for up to a month.

Carrillo has remained mostly silent about his arrest apart from a two-sentence statement sent to the media over the weekend: “My behavior was embarrassing. It involved alcohol and I’m taking immediate steps to seek professional help.”

But police have said the sum of circumstances they found early Saturday in the neighborhood off West Third Street and Stony Point Road appeared more serious than an attempt to share a few drinks.

The woman called 911 at 3:40 a.m. after she awoke to the sound of the window blinds being moved, police said. She reported a shirtless man with a “larger build” had tried to get into her bedroom window, according to a police calls-for-service report.

An officer arrived in the area at 3:46 a.m. and was looking for a prowler when the woman called 911 again four minutes later.

During this call, the woman said the same man had knocked on her front door but then ran away. She told the dispatcher she couldn’t tell if the man was wearing pants, the records show.

Moments later, the officer encountered Carrillo nearby in his underwear and carrying a cellphone.

Dispatch notes from the incident report indicate that officers quickly alerted an on-call lieutenant, asked for an on-call sex crimes detective and requested a technician to process evidence.

Police suspect Carrillo broke through a screen on the woman’s bedroom window. Officers found the window was ripped during their investigation, and the woman told them that it was intact before the incident, officials said.

Police seized Carrillo’s cellphone as evidence in the case. Henry declined to discuss what other evidence officers may have collected during their investigation, such as DNA, fingerprints or anything else found at the scene.

Carrillo appeared intoxicated but not to a degree that would make it unlawful, said Sgt. Terry Anderson, who supervises the domestic violence/sexual assault investigations team. They did not perform a field test or take a blood sample, he said.

Anderson said that although the woman and Carrillo knew each other from the neighborhood and had spoken perhaps two or three times at least one month ago, that she did not seem to recognize him that night.

More than one person witnessed at least some of the night’s events, police said. Officials declined to say where those people were or if they were with the woman.

Officials declined to release a copy of the police report regarding the incident because it is now in the hands of prosecutors.

Police also declined to describe the tone of the woman’s 911 calls.

Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas declined to release Carrillo’s booking photograph. Freitas said the Sheriff’s Office, as policy, does not release mug shots unless an individual is at large and investigators need the public’s help finding the person.

The Attorney General’s Office took over supervision of the case after Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch asked the state to review the potential for conflict. The Board of Supervisors has authority over the District Attorney’s budget. Ravitch has also been a political supporter of Carrillo.

15 Responses to “Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo to make first court appearance Thursday”

  1. Coral says:

    @Greta! Your moral compass and ethics scale are broken. Your low standards are part of the larger problem!

  2. GAJ says:


    so if you daughter had the exact same frightening thing happen to her at 3am and the perp turned out to be your lawyer or accountant, would you still happily go to see them?

  3. Paul says:

    Greta, you are just plain WRONG. This guy is a SUPERVISOR. Yet he can’t supervise his own life! He’s not some deejay pulling a publicity stunt. This guy is beyond a role model. He was ELECTED to do a tough job, and instead he’s become a street fighting (notice the guy slugged just went away…fix was in) late night lothario. Time for EC to GO and stay gone. Let him go work in private sector and EARN a living like the rest of us.

  4. Greta says:

    You are all a bunch of hypocrites puritans. Carrillo was not hired to be a morally model for you or for anyone else, he is only human and should have the opportunity to come back to work for what he was hired for.

  5. Ricardo Sorentino says:

    RE: bear – “The guy is an idiot.But I still bet that someone threw him out of a house in his underwear! Waiting for the whole story.”

    I think you’ve already got the whole story, unless you just want more ‘spin’.

  6. bear says:

    The guy is an idiot.

    But I still bet that someone threw him out of a house in his underwear!

    Waiting for the whole story.

  7. R.B. Fish says:

    Carilio now has a promising career in politics. He has demonstrated his willing ness to be nasty, violent,abuse alcohol and probably drugs, predatory approaches towards women and ablatant disregard for public trust. Right now the Jerry Brown team and demo leadership are trying to determine if he worth saving as a far left political asset or who can replace him. The left leaning public safety and service unions are all reallying behind him because of his voting power. Look at Bill Clinton, Marion Barry, Sanford, Weiner and all the others. America and clearly evident SC is becoming a depressingly morally debased society where intregrity and credilbilty are minor or uneccessary character traits for public leadership. Where are the women’s rights advocates? Probably too busy working towards illegal immigration. illegal

  8. Jean Anderson says:

    Sadly, with this kind of behavior, Carrillo would fit in nicely with all the scandal-ravaged so-called leaders in Washington DC, including the liars and incompetents at the top.

    Best to rid the county of this kind of political narcissist before he causes any more havoc.

    Time to resign.

  9. Taxpayer says:

    please go away.

  10. ross says:

    any other man arrested for carrillo’s actions would also be given a restraining order. if the victim was a close neighbor the offender would need to find a new home and get others to move their stuff. the good old boy network is alive and well in sonoma county and the pd is part of it. witness also the censorship in the cartoon caption contest;(

  11. coral says:

    Carrillo has lost control of his life. Can he honestly expect the people to trust his judgment at this point? Please step down now Mr. Carrillo. There are many good and clear thinking men and women who can step in and relieve you of your burden.

  12. Over Easy says:

    Stop blaming the victim and making excuses!

    If you show up at 3:45am 1/2 naked and drunk it really does not matter if they knew each other, if you break into a window in that condition they call it illegal. VERY SIMPLE STUFF


  13. Taxpayer says:

    What a LOSER.

  14. Emerson Burkett says:

    Well, I see the “big stall” has started; Efren is free to “Rehab” for another month and a half (next court appearance not until the end of August. They must be hoping the folks with the hot pot of tar and feathers will forget all about it. Hmm, how short of an attention span does the general public have anyway?
    Resign, Efren you are UNFIT FOR OFFICE!!!
    People are not going to forget this one and I think it is too big to be swept under the rug; although that looks like exactly what is being attempted here.
    How incestuous is Sonoma County Politics? I noted that Judge Thistlewhite recused herself because Efren’s Attorney is her Campaign Manager. I wonder if Napa is far enough away to procure the Prosecutor?
    Just wonderin.