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Sonoma County names new chief spokesperson



Sonoma County has appointed Peter Rumble, currently an official in the Health Department, as the county’s new community and government affairs officer.

Rumble, 36, is set to take over as the county’s chief spokesman and government relations official July 30.

Jim Leddy, who previously held the post, stepped down in June to become Mono County’s administrator.

Rumble has been director of county’s new health policy and planning division since 2011. The team of about 40 employees has taken a lead compliance role in health care overhaul and work on the county’s goal to be the healthiest in California by 2020.

Previously a government consultant, Rumble joined Sonoma County in 2007, serving as an analyst in the county administrator’s office.

He called the move back to that office, now as a deputy county administrator, “a tremendous opportunity.”

“I’m extremely pleased to have the confidence of the county administrator and the board to fill this role,” he said.

His annual salary has not been set. The range for the position is $117,000 to $142,000, plus benefits.

Rumble’s 2012 pay was $129,244.

3 Responses to “Sonoma County names new chief spokesperson”

  1. James Bennett says:

    Chief Spokesperson…hmm…

    an unelected position…

    there’s lotsa stuff goin’ on that I don’t remember from civic’s class.

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  2. Agree How says:

    Agree that the County Administrator hired another spin master to carry her/the Board’s water?

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  3. bear says:

    This may be one thing upon which we all agree?

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