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Sonoma opposes Keystone XL pipeline on split vote



Sonoma will be sending a letter to President Obama urging him to oppose a controversial oil pipeline, an action authorized by the City Council Monday night.

Mayor Ken Brown sought council support to send the letter to Obama and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry asking them to deny permits for the Keystone XL pipeline, which would convey oil products from Canada southward to the Gulf of Mexico.

The council backed the idea with a 3 to 2 vote, which came two weeks after council members took a controversial stand in support of the Drakes Bay Oyster Co. continuing to operate in federally-protected waters in Marin County.

Brown said environmentalists “vilified” him for the oyster vote.

“This week I’m a godless anti-capitalist,” he said.

Council members Steve Barbose and Laurie Gallian supported the mayor, while council members Tom Rouse and David Cook did not.

“It’s not in our best interest to pursues actions on matters that are on more of a national basis,” Rouse said.

8 Responses to “Sonoma opposes Keystone XL pipeline on split vote”

  1. bear says:


    You really agree with me, plus or minus some turns of phrase.

    Yes, federal and state governments “control” use of resources, but the history of this control tilts way to the side of energy industry profits. Now record profits. Maybe with tax avoidance?

    I can’t stress enough that this is a national security issue. At least, we should not let energy companies EXPORT critical resources for corporate profit.

    Maybe we do have a 500-year supply of oil, coal and gas. But I promise you that the price of these resources will go though the roof. What happens to the economy when your energy costs exceed your mortgage?

    500 years is a blink in terms of human and geological history.

    In 500 years, our descendants will hate us.

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  2. Follower says:

    Of course “oil and gas resources are finite” but since the EPA has a strangle hold on domestic exploration; we really don’t have a definition for “finite”.

    50 years, 500 years we really don’t know.

    What we DO KNOW is that there are technologies in development that will allow us to move away from fossil fuels at some future date.

    But that date isn’t 6/20/13

    I understand President Obama’s position that if you make gas prices high enough, people will begin to gravitate toward these other technologies and that WILL accelerate their development since more money will be poured their way.

    But at what cost and is it really necessary today?

    As far as us paying Great Briton prices for gas, using that same logic we should be paying Japan prices for lumber.

    Great Briton is an island of subjects conditioned by generations to rely on the Government for everything, cradle to grave. America is a vast nation of free people. “Apples –vs-Oranges”.

    But we ARE rapidly headed their way. Maybe we should send John Kerry over to the UK and see if the Queen will take us back!!

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  3. Petaluma Dave says:

    Sonoma needs to worry about their water and sewer lines and stop worrying about oil pipe lines in far away places.

    The Sonoma city council was not elected to worry, or comment on what happens in Canada or Kansas.

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  4. Steveguy says:

    @ Bear, finite oil is a myth. Cheap oil is finite. With the natural gas discoveries we have a projected 300-400 years supply of it. CNG is clean burning and can be a great transportation fuel for the decades to come until new cleaner options come. Forcing it doesn’t work.

    Think of the trucks that carry our goods running on clean, cheap CNG like our buses do. Besides that the Euros are all hot for diesel CNG is also around $2.50 or less a gallon (equivalent) so why aren’t the greenies screaming and getting infrastructure that can wean us off of dirty fuels ?

    There is no leadership on this subject, maybe T Boone Pickens . They call it a bridge fuel to the future. Natural gas is our cleanest burning, and when the enviro-blinded slam natural gas all they are doing is charging electric cars with coal fired plants. Zero emissions my behind.

    Why can’t we look at practical solutions instead of the greed and campaign contribution paybacks to get anything of any sense done these days ? Prime example is Sonoma Greed Power.

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  5. bear says:

    Oil and gas resources are finite. Use it now, or export it to China, and it’s gone forever.

    Perhaps we would have higher-mileage cars if we paid the price per gallon charged in Great Britain or Europe.

    Meanwhile, capitalist greed and dumb thinking rules. That will inevitably change.

    We can fix a lot of this, but I keep wondering when they will develop a solar-powered passenger jet or fighter plane.

    It is a matter of national security to preserve, not exploit, the finite natural resources that support the auto and aircraft industries, as well as agriculture in the form of petroleum-based fertilizers.

    As usual, public policy will not change until there is no choice.

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  6. Follower says:

    You can walk into a Ford dealership in the UK and buy a car that gets over 70mpg.
    In the US we measure car emissions based on the emissions per gallon with NO REGARD for how many miles that gallon takes you.

    Since that same 70+mpg car in the US only gets 36.3mpg you have to burn twice as much fuel and spew twice as much pollution to travel the same 70+ miles as the UK version.

    This is the genius of the American Environmentalist movement.

    They drive around in their ugly little Prius complete with Obama bumper sticker in ignorant bliss… polluting the air with twice the emissions they need to as they tell us all how we are destroying the earth in our “gas guzzlers”.

    So go ahead & strap on your blinders, load up your Prius and drive to your local rent-a-mob with your “NO PIPELINE” signs in tow!


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  7. Kathy Robler says:

    Let Sonoma continue to run on political correctness hot air. The rest of the country needs oil to sustain the economy, heat our homes and make it possible to drive to work, school and on vacation.

    Even the favored little Smart train will run on oil. Where is the beef? Sonoma lost its way right after the Bear Flag rebellion when a few Yankee sailors illegally took the town from the legal Mexican authorizes.

    As the kids say in the ad, we want more! We need more oil because it is good for us.

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  8. Greg Karraker says:

    It’s a good thing small town city council members aren’t paid much, because they’re worth less. The mayor and two council members who wasted their time on this silliness should issue Sonoma taxpayers a refund for the hours they spent on practicing their progressive political hobby instead of doing the local job they were elected to do.

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