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Cotati joins Sonoma Clean Power


Cotati on Wednesday became the second city to join Sonoma Clean Power, which seeks to displace Pacific Gas and Electric Co. as the area’s main electricity supplier.

The City Council unanimously voted to join the public power agency, saying it offered an alternative to PG&E.

“There was strong support for choice. We heard it over and over again from the community,” said Cotati Mayor Mark Landman.

power linesIssues that surfaced earlier in the week over governance, voting rules and the amount of influence smaller cities will have in running Sonoma Clean Power are a “bump in the road,” Landman said Wednesday night.

“Cotati feels we have leadership to offer by being part of the solution to that, and by working with the county and cities — everyone involved with Sonoma Clean Power — to make this work best for everyone,” he said.

Cotati is a relatively small player, representing only 1.8 percent of the electric meters in Sonoma County.

Other than Cotati, only the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, representing the unincorporated areas, and the Windsor Town Council had voted to join the launch of the agency, which would purchase electricity from power providers. Together, they account for about 40 percent of PG&E meters in Sonoma County.

Santa Rosa, which represents about 35 percent of the electric meters in the county, is being heavily courted by the county to join Clean Power.

The Santa Rosa City Council is set to decide on July 9.

Of the eight cities being solicited by the county, Cloverdale, Rohnert Park and Petaluma have chosen not to join for now.

Advocates for Sonoma Clean Power said it will offer a choice to PG&E’s monopoly, reduce greenhouse gases, create jobs and reinvest money in the local community.

Critics are skeptical of unforeseen costs and whether government should be getting into the public power business. They also question whether Sonoma Clean Power actually will use significantly more renewable energy.

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9 Responses to “Cotati joins Sonoma Clean Power”

  1. Phil Maher says:

    With a quick drive through Cotati these days, quite frankly, I’m surprised the city even has an electrical grid.

    Landman and his cronies are the ones that raised many of the still undecided questions about the joint powers agreement, yet they signed on without those assurances in place? That’s not good business, or even, in our county’s distorted and delusional sense of what it means, good governance. And I’m certain that Susan Gorin’s new administrative assistant was ever consulted. Yeah sure, that phone call never happened, did it?

  2. The Hammer says:

    Does it matter to anyone what Cotati does. With no disrespect to the residents, Cotati is too small to have a meaning in this matter.

  3. Greg Karraker says:

    Want to see how open-minded the fans of Sonoma Ponzi Power can be?

    Visit their Facebook page titled Sonoma Clean Power: Stories of Clean Power. Post any comment that is even mildly critical.

    Expect it to be removed in a matter of minutes. Post here and let me know the results. Or contact me directly at thelittlepicture.net

  4. Bad Math says:

    Thank you David Rabbitt for showing leadership on this issue.

    Zane and Carrillo have lost their minds and the trust of many. the word Zealot comes to mind.

  5. Follower says:


  6. Steveguy says:

    PG&E is FAR ‘greener’ than Sonoma Greed Power even dreams of being. Healdsburg has 100% green electricity for 20% less cost !

    This scheme baffles the mind.

  7. Greg Karraker says:

    I just copied this from the FAQs at SCP’s website.

    How will SCP help Sonoma County build more renewable energy projects?
    SCP will develop a detailed plan for renewables later in 2013. The plan will include specific goals for feed-in tariffs, net energy metering, power purchase agreements, Community Solar, project financing pools and other approaches to encouraging renewable energy development. We expect that in 2014, SCP will contract with other public agencies and larger private projects to buy long-term energy supplies, and that by 2015, SCP will provide financial incentives, including a feed-in tariff or a similar program to directly purchase energy generated from local renewable energy projects at favorable rates….

    There’s more, but you get the idea: there is no plan. But that didn’t stop the teary-eyed suckers at last night’s city council meeting from begging the city to sign on to a program without a clue.

    And it certainly didn’t stop the control-crazed hacks on the city council to jump on this train wreck just so one of them could have a seat on another dysfunctional government board. The only upside will be watching those five fools step on each others’ toes to see who gets to represent this weedy little town.

  8. Elephant says:

    So Cotati doesn’t have any concerns about the $2.5 million start up loan that will be guaranteed by the Sonoma County General Fund or the additional $7.5 million with unknown details all for a potential savings of 3%? And no Sonoma County city has talked to PG&E about this to confirm or refute SCP’s claims against them.

    I’m no fan of PG&E but SCP offers no real world advantage. Only smoke and mirrors and maybe maybe maybe.

  9. Grapevines says:

    Now watch the county change the name from “Sonoma Clean Power” to “Round-A-Bout Energy Company” just to tweak them a little more.