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The best state job: coach

A map posted at Deadspin.com lists the occupation of each state’s top-paid employee. There are university presidents (Montana and Alaska) and professional school deans (New York, Massachusetts and Maine, among others). But in 41 states, college coaches top the pay scale.

In California, Deadspin lists No. 1 as “basketball coach.” Presumably that’s Ben Howland, the recently fired coach at UCLA. According to the Sacramento Bee’s most recent listing of state salaries, which covers 2011, ex-Cal football Coach Jeff Tedford was tops at $2.8 million, followed by Howland at $2.1 million.

Much of the money paid to coaches comes from sports revenue, rather than the general fund. But, as the Deadspin item asked, does anyone think fans show up for the coach?

As a native of Minnesota (the lone state where basketball and football coaches share the top spot), I have to tip my cap to Vermont. The Granite State’s top-paid employee is a coach, but his sport is hockey.

– Jim Sweeney

4 Responses to “The best state job: coach”

  1. Fiscal Conservative says:

    I agree with Michael 100%. The PD has fallen to new lows of propaganda slewing. Failure to repot the news because it does not meet the red agenda. Not even the wire taps of the Associated Press.
    Gezz guys, how do you continue to call yourselves reporters? What I call you is propaganda slewers for the red collective writing for a northbay entertainment circular. The PD is no longer a credible newspaper by any standard.

    Ramble on…your readers have logged on elsewhere.

  2. Michael Koepf says:

    That’s right, Steve, but Pat Smith the mother of Sean Smith, slain at Benghazi alongside our ambassador, did not have a nice Mother’s Day. As a matter of fact she was quoted on Mother’s Day as saying, “they sacrificed him for their own political gains. I don’t like that; I don’t think anybody in this United States could ever possibly like that…”

  3. Steveguy says:

    @ michael– They also did Mother’s Day articles…. How dare they ?

  4. michael koepf says:

    A White House and State Department cover-up concerning Benghazi and the death of four Americans including an Ambassador; the IRS used as a political tool against conservatives, and what interests an editor at the Press Democrat? You betcha—coach’s salaries.