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City councils to hear plans for public power agency in Sonoma County


Sonoma County officials have announced a schedule of presentations to local city councils over the next two months on the county’s plans for a public power agency.

The presentations are geared toward convincing cities to join the program in its initial rollout, set to begin in January.

powerplantThe power proposal is aimed to provide electricity customers an alternative to Pacific Gas and Electric, the region’s dominant utility. It proposes to offer a higher share of power from renewable sources, including wind, solar and geothermal, and allow profit from customer bills to be reinvested to build and finance local renewable energy projects.

The schedule of county presentations to cities is:

- Sebastopol, May 7

- Cloverdale, May 8

- Rohnert Park, May 14

- Windsor, May 15

- Petaluma, May 20

- Santa Rosa, May 21

- Sonoma, June 3

Cotati officials said they are in the process of scheduling a presentation either in late May or early June.

Healdsburg is not part of the mix because it has its own municipal utility.

The Board of Supervisors last week voted to move forward with the program for residents and businesses outside city limits. The move came just a week after county officials unveiled potential rates for customers. Selection of a wholesale power supplier and several other county and state steps are months off.

The county has set a June 30 deadline for the city decisions. An approval would automatically enroll residents and businesses in the program, with several chances to opt out without a fee.

PG&E would continue to handle transmission, billing, metering, customer service and grid repair.

Several city officials said they anticipate any final deliberation and vote on the issue would not come until after the county presentation and a second public city council meeting.

You can reach Staff Writer Brett Wilkison at 521-5295 or brett.wilkison@pressdemocrat.com.

5 Responses to “City councils to hear plans for public power agency in Sonoma County”

  1. James Bennett says:

    Cutting sevices, but raising taxes…


    Sounds profitable.

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  2. Big jim says:

    The county is selling off the dumps because they couldn’t do a good job of managing them for the long-term, and at the same time they want to set up a whole new agency? Watch out for supervisors becoming board members of the new agency at inflated salaries and unfunded pension liabilities.

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  3. The Hammer says:

    I’m lost. What is the reasoning for the county to have its own power agency?

    Shouldn’t something like this be put up to the voters?

    Does anybody know when the county is going to fix the streets?

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  4. Steveguy says:

    Will the Press Democrat be sold a cheaper rate at start-up in order to win them over ?

    Remember, with Sonoma Greed Power there is no Utility Commission to disapprove rate hikes. They can raise them at will.

    Fight this ! It is a scam !

    ALL of my electricity comes from the 100% green geyser’s complex. That 19% PG&E propaganda is just that, propaganda !

    That is a bald-faced lie that everyone seems to accept. Call them on the lie, and they will have to explain spending thousands or millions for ‘credits’ for some coal plant in Montana where not one electron comes from.

    Fight it

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  5. Steveguy says:

    Healdsburg has 100% ‘green’ electricity. I haven’t seen the actual rate differences between them and the rest of us. I have heard they pay 10% less, but am not sure of the exact numbers.

    They are giving the Cities a measly month ? What are the ‘presents’ will they bring to the ‘presentations’ in order to bribe the Cities into agreeing with this egregiousness power grab ?

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