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The Last Word: Week of April 28


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Every week, we’ll post a new cartoon on Watch Sonoma County and invite you to write the caption. Enter the contest by posting your caption below. Vote for your favorite by clicking “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on each entry.

PD staff will select several winners and publish them every Friday on the Forum page in the Empire News section. Want a shot? Leave your real name and your email address for verification.

The cartoons are drawn by Gary Varvel, who has served as political cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star since 1994.

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95 Responses to “The Last Word: Week of April 28”

  1. Dan Drummond Sr says:

    Sorry folks, Gary Varvel is flying with us today, on yet another vacation. He’ll get back to you soon.

  2. Jeff Mayo says:

    Please enjoy todays double feature matinee
    “Snakes On a Plane”
    followed by “Airport-75″
    “Now lets all have a nice flight”

  3. Ed Coletti says:

    How many of you are NOT going to Singapore?

  4. Mike Shook says:

    Please let me know immediately if you have an IPad with GPS, and you can read a map.

  5. Donna Logar says:

    It wasn’t me – it was the co-pilot who just landed and landed and landed…

  6. Al Cohen says:

    “I don’t anyone to panic, but praying would be a good idea.”

  7. Al Cohen says:

    “Sorry we couldn’t afford a stewardess, she wouldn’t work for peanuts.”

  8. Mark Berube says:

    “Flying is the safest form of transportation. Try not to watch that You Tube video of the 747 crashing the other day with all aboard killed. Have a nice flight.”

  9. Mark Berube says:

    “I usually fly F-18s with the Blue Angels so you may want to keep those little barf bags handy.”

  10. Paul Phillips says:

    The co-pilot just bet me five bucks I couldn’t do what Sully did. So fasten your seat belts and hang on…. This is going to be fun…..

  11. Dan Drummond Sr says:

    Airplanes are one of the largest contributors of air pollution. Your seat on this flight, from SF to NY, is equivalent to about three months of normal driving in your car!

  12. Dan Drummond Sr says:

    We’re just one of over 600 commercial airlines flying across the Atlantic Ocean today. Multiply that by 365 days, and you can understand why polar bears don’t stand a chance!

  13. MARTHA HARPER says:

    You’re being victimized by sequestration. We’ll be landing in Timbuktu.

  14. MARTHA HARPER says:

    Congratulations folks! You’ve been sequestered.

  15. Harry Brown says:

    “Hey Stewardess can i get another scotch and soda hold the rocks”

  16. Al Cohen says:

    “We landed in Cuba by mistake.Don’t worry, the smoke coming from the cabin is just Cuban Coronas.”

  17. Richard Smith says:

    Can anyone spare a square?

  18. Jeff Allee says:

    Don’t worry. I fly better when I’m drunk.

  19. Roger Steinhorst says:

    I hope you have had a comfortable flight so far, we should be taking off in about 20 minutes.

  20. Leo Starkey says:

    “This is your captain speaking. When we reach our cruising altitude of 35,000 ft, there will be a new $5.00 fee due from each of you for oxygen usage. Please pay your flight attendant as they come by. All credit cards are acceptable. Thank you and have a nice flight.”

  21. Susan Harbour says:

    Prepare for a rough landing amidst yet another hurricane.
    Unless you’re a climate change denier…… then never mind.

  22. Dan Drummond Sr says:

    By the way, this airplane is equipped with a Northrop Grumman Guardian to protect against shoulder-launched missiles.

  23. Dan Drummond Sr says:

    Hey, where did the door go? Great, now the terrorists can get to us!

  24. Dan Drummond Sr says:

    If you were rich, you’d be flying in your own plane and get a depreciation tax write-off!

  25. Dan Drummond Sr says:

    What did you expect for $49 one-way?

  26. Michael Sheehan says:

    My name is Jack, but you people really need to stop yelling out “Hi Jack” every time I walk by!

  27. Trey Dunia says:

    Because of the sequester, Air-Traffic Control has just been outsourced to India…does anyone speak Hindi?

  28. Bob Canning says:

    We are 96th in line for takeoff, we’ve run out of peanuts, the bathrooms are overflowing, we anticipate unusually heavy turbulence, and our landing is in question as the air controllers in Paris just went on strike. We know you have many choices when you fly. Thank you for choosing Marquis de Sade Airlines.

  29. John Claeys says:

    Uh, hello, this is rather awkward, but will the following passengers, in 29B and
    17A please come forward, we need to
    re-weigh you…

  30. Susan Harbour says:

    Hello Congress members! Are you heading back for one of your 126 working days or home for one of you 239 days off?

  31. Donna Logar says:

    The good news is we don’t have to delay departure for your MRE’s. The bad news is…your MRE’s.

  32. Chuck Finch says:

    We have to fly around Sebastopol, our radar sets off their smart-meter detectors.

  33. Mark Bowman says:

    Folks, we understand how you feel, but remember there is a Jeering and Verbal Expletive Fee of eight dollars.

  34. Pete Foppiano says:

    Attention passengers…..the air traffic controllers are back at work, so we’ll be taking off soon. Feel free to enjoy the same uncomfortable seats, cramped legroom and indelible food as before

  35. Kellie Ambrose says:

    We need a volunteer to run up to the tower and take a peek at the radar to see if it’s clear to take off.

  36. Dan Drummond Sr says:

    Thank you America! The GOP is caving to your demands. Sequester cut by sequester cut, Obama is getting his reprieves. Keep up the pressure America!

  37. Chuck Finch says:

    We will be tenth to land when the air traffic controller gets back from his break.

  38. Chuck Finch says:

    Great news folks, all the controllers will be back tomorrow and we can takeoff.

  39. Nancy Bracco says:

    Caption – Good morning folks, this is your captain speaking….we’ll be in flight here shortly as soon as my BAC ( Breath Alcohol
    Concentrate) goes below .04 …

  40. Thomas Morabito says:

    Has anyone found a set of keys?

  41. Ronda says:

    “Does anyone know where the ignition is?”

  42. Michael Roberts says:

    Does anyone have a GPS app on their phone?

  43. Stanley Reed says:

    Quit your whining. The three hour tarmac rule has been suspended. Bathroom key now only $2.

  44. Stan Reed says:

    Ok … does anyone want to purchase peanuts? A pillow?

  45. Terry Hurdy says:

    Hey! Anyone got a quarter for the restroom?

  46. Janet Ellis says:

    Good News! They’re bringing them back.
    We should be outta here by next Monday!

  47. Janet Ellis says:

    Don’t worry – it’s only a furlough
    Reagan fired them all in 1981!!!

  48. richard smith says:

    Well folks, we’re landing in San Francisco in five minutes! Unfortunately, your luggage is landing in Los Angeles as I speak!

  49. Bruce MacDougall says:

    More bad news folks…Beside your White House tour being cancelled, apparently there’s nobody in the tower! But hey, did you notice how nice the new uniforms were on the TSA agents!

  50. Roger Steinhorst says:

    Is anyone here getting off at Sacramento?

  51. Roger Steinhorst says:

    As we pass over Washington you may experience some upper air disturbance due to hot air emanating from from our nations capitol.

  52. Roger Steinhorst says:

    This is a message for Andrew, your mom called and asked that you pick up some cinnamon rolls on the way home.

  53. Roger Steinhorst says:

    Anyone here know how to land this thing?

  54. Paul Phillips says:

    Sorry folks, my credit card is maxed. Anyone got a couple million so we can land?

  55. Sheryl Nadeau says:

    “Sorry folks, we were late taking off because we had to wait behind 37 other planes.
    “Now I’m told when we land, we have to wait for five more planes to get to our
    assigned gate.”

  56. Judy Guyon Santa Rosa says:

    Stuck switch here, anyone got a knife?

  57. Jean Anderson says:

    Obama is trying to make sequestration as painful as possible for all you frequent flyers…let me know if it’s working.

  58. This 3 hour delay is brought to you by the U.S. House of Representatives.

  59. Dwight Daley says:

    Sequester got my co-pilot. Anybody know how to fly a 737?

  60. Kim Bishop says:

    Well this is embarrassing, we don’t have enough fuel and need you all to give us an extra $20 before we can go.

  61. Kim Bishop says:

    Sorry folks, with the cuts to air traffic controller, we can’t take off until next week.

  62. Jim Owen Jr says:

    Ladies and Gentleman. I am your Pilot. I have Good News and Bad News for todays flight. The Bad News is , due to the Government Sequestration, the Toilets will be out of order today. The Good News is , you will be allowed to do the Harlem Shake threw out the entire flight !!!!!

  63. Does anyone have a GPS?
    We can’t reach aAir Traffic Control.

  64. Sandi Maurer says:

    Sorry folks, the wi-fi is turned off. May is EMF Sensitivity Awareness month!

  65. Sandra Messer says:

    Okay folks, we’re clear for take off. Congress realized they won’t get home for the weekend either if there wasn’t an FAA fix.

  66. Mike Shook says:

    Due to the furlough of FAA controllers in San Francisco, the CHP has given us permission to land on Hwy 101. Be sure to fasten your seat belts securely.

  67. John Gianfermi says:

    “Due to the sequester I need all window seat passengers to look out for other planes.”

  68. Harry Brown says:

    Does anybody know how to drive a plane?

  69. Harry Brown says:

    “Did anybody stay in a Holiday Express last night we need a pilot”

  70. Harry Brown says:

    “Does anybody know the way to San Jose”

  71. Mike Shook says:

    Due to the FAA controller furlough, we will be landing in Petaluma rather than San Francisco.

  72. Harry Brown says:

    Excuse me does anybody have a nail clipper I have a hang nail

  73. Bob Gewiss says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen:

    I am sorry to announce to you because of the government sequester our flight attendants will be passing through the isle momentarily to pick up $50.00 from each of you for landing fees.

  74. JESSICA CERAR says:

    Anyone want to buy my seat for $60?

  75. Richard Grahman says:

    Has anyone seen my glasses?

  76. Sylvia Gerloff says:

    Will everyone look out your windows and make sure
    we are clear to land

  77. Reyza Langer says:

    Welcome to our refurbished aircraft. If you u feel claustrophobic , it’s considered normal.

  78. Bob Charbonnier says:

    We are getting ready to land, so I want each of you looking out your window. If you spot another plane getting too close give me a holler.

  79. Tim Hudson says:

    Caption for 4/28 Last Word Cartoon:
    “Anyone know anything about air traffic control?”

  80. richard smith says:

    A word to the wise…stay away from the sushi sampler!

  81. Carole I. Huygen says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    We are circling the runway and will land as soon as the air traffic controllers return from their furlough or we run out of fuel — whichever comes first. We and the Government appreciate your patience.

  82. BrIan Narelle says:

    Due to budget cuts I’ll be leaving right before takeoff. The autopilot is the little green button on the left.

  83. mel hendrix says:

    the only smoking allowed on board will be the battery.

  84. richard smith says:

    Sorry for the delay…we’ve got to drop down and pick up a couple of Senators in a hurry to start their spring recess.

  85. Dan Callarman says:

    Anyone knoow how to hotwire a 737?

  86. richard smith says:

    The good news is, the Air Traffic Controllers are back at full force.The bad news…your fares just went up $50.

  87. Ann Stolpe says:

    “Excuse me!” Does anyone have a spare battery?

  88. Has anybody seen my keys?

  89. Michael Sheehan says:

    These long delays are driving me nuts…I’ll be in the bar having a few if you need me.

  90. James Bennett says:

    We found a bottle of shampoo,
    we’re looking into it.

  91. mike says:

    There’s no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?

  92. Mark Bowman says:

    You folks want us to look for an airport with a staffed tower, or do you feel lucky?

  93. Al Cohen says:

    “We have an emergency.The latrine is backing up.Do we have a plumber on board?”

  94. Al Cohen says:

    “Seems there are no air traffic controllers. Everyone look out your windows, see if any planes are heading our way.”

  95. Dan Drummond Sr says:

    Nothing in the constitution says they can’t do it. Start a lawsuit if you don’t like it.