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Rohnert Park OKs plan to condemn, buy property along Wilfred Avennue



The Rohnert Park City Council on Tuesday approved the start of eminent domain proceedings to condemn and buy part of a property that is to be the site of a planned hotel and McDonald’s restaurant near the Indian casino being built now along Wilfred Avenue.

The move followed similar council approvals two weeks ago for four other properties along Wilfred Avenue, which is to be widened from Redwood Drive to Stony Point Road to accommodate casino traffic.

The city needs parts of 22 properties to complete the project. It has reached agreement with 18 of the property owners, Assistant City Manager Darrin Jenkins said Tuesday.

The eminent domain approval “allows construction (on the widening project) to proceed this season,” said Jenkins, explaining to council members why he had asked them to approve the step. “It also gives us time to come to an agreement” with the property’s owners instead, he added.

An Oxford Suites hotel and a McDonald’s have been approved for the property, but construction has not started. Jenkins said the taking of the land, 16,050 square feet, would not affect the project.

The city and Sonoma County in September signed an agreement with the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria that the tribe will bear the full $10 million cost of the road project, an improvement that the federal government required as part of its approval of the Graton Resort & Casino.

A representative of McDonald’s and Oxford Suites, Susan Green, said the property owners had no problem with giving up the land, just with the price offered for it, $5,000.

6 Responses to “Rohnert Park OKs plan to condemn, buy property along Wilfred Avennue”

  1. Phil Maher says:

    I really don’t know why RP doesn’t just go ahead and create Sonoma County’s gambling Mecca…I can’t think of a more appropriately characterless place for it. You know that the Dry Creek Rancheria is already strategizing on how to survive this, so why not invite them to join what could be casino row? Rohnert Park already has a whorehouse…it’s called City Hall.

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  2. David says:

    The Rohnert Park city council members are puppets for the casino and the Las Vegas mob. When is the PD going to investigate all of the bribes and payoffs related to this monster? Just declare your property a sovereign nation and all of the rules and regulations go out the window.

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  3. GAJ says:

    Come on now, it’s all for a good cause, right?

    “One often-cited study by University of Pennsylvania addiction researcher David Oslin found that 70% of the seniors questioned had gambled in the previous year and that one in 10 had bet more than he or she could comfortably afford to lose.”


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  4. 0 Representation says:

    The people of Rohnert Park have ZERO representation… What a shame the casino is the only goal. This will be Jake MacKenzie’s legacy. How one idea brought an entire city down.

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  5. James Bennett says:

    It’s cheaper when it’s condemned.

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  6. Steveguy says:

    Has the brothel been approved yet ? Or is that all tied up in ‘red tape, or velvet ropes’ ? Hey brothel owners and enthusiasts- as you know it takes cash to play like all of the others. Even the salamander folks figured that out years ago.

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