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Rep. Huffman named to House natural resources, budget committees



Freshman Rep. Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, has been appointed to House committees on natural resources and the budget, his office said Wednesday.

Huffman, who was sworn in last week in Washington, said the Natural Resources Committee’s focus “perfectly matches the interests and needs of my North Coast and North Bay constituents.”

Jared Huffman.

Huffman said he will work to “protect our environment and create new jobs through policies that grow our economy, resolve natural resource conflicts, advance clean energy solutions and combat global warming.”

On the budget panel, Huffman said he would work toward a budget that “reflects our values as a nation while also resolving our national debt crisis.”

The former state legislator noted that in Sacramento he chaired the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee and served on the Budget Committee.

Huffman’s 2nd Congressional District stretches from Marin County to the Oregon border, excluding Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati and Sonoma Valley.

3 Responses to “Rep. Huffman named to House natural resources, budget committees”

  1. Vinyl Rules says:

    It recently occurred to me just how unimportant Huffman will be in Congress. 3 reasons: 1. He’s a freshman, and seniority is everything on Capitol Hill. 2. He’s in the minority party, which means none of his important bills will pass. 3. He’s from one of the most politically-safe districts in the country. So the national Democratic Party doesn’t care about him and will give him almost no support. Have fun climbing the seniority ladder Jared!

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  2. Elephant says:

    Reality Check – That wasn’t a cheap shot. It was the truth. huffman is an incompetent buffoon that makes woolsey look like Carl Albert in comparison.

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  3. Reality Check says:

    No doubt the budget committee assignment is a reward for the fine job he did while serving on California’s budget committee.

    Yes, that comment was cynical and a cheap shot. But, really, how can one not be cynical when the people responsible for the budget problem get to do to the federal government what they did to California. Sigh.

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