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Finding the pork in ‘fiscal cliff’ bill

Tip of the cap to Brad Plummer of the Washington Post for unearthing these gems in the “fiscal cliff” bill passed by Congress:

- A $547 million annual subsidy for rum distillers. The money comes from an import tariff on rum, which is distributed to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, which in turn use it to prop up their local distilleries.

- An extension of special access to tax-exempt financing for development near the World Trade Center site in New York. It was intended to assist with reconstruction, but Bloomberg News reported that bond money is paying for luxury apartments as well as a new corporate headquarters for Goldman Sachs.

- NASCAR is all about speed, of course, and the bill extends a special tax provision for builders of race tracks to accelerate deprecation .

- A new tax deduction allowing Hollywood film studios to deduct up to $15 million in costs if more than three-quarters of a movie is completed in the United States – more if they shoot in a low-income community.

You can see some more examples in Plummer’s blog at washingtonpost.com.

- Jim Sweeney

7 Responses to “Finding the pork in ‘fiscal cliff’ bill”

  1. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    This isn’t anything new. This is status quo. Votes are bought by adding anything and everything to the tail end of the law. Sometimes I wish there was some old fashioned horse trading instead of sneaky, last minute pork buying.

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  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger says:

    Start wide, expand further, and never look back!

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  3. Finding the pork in ‘fiscal cliff’ bill

    Just read it.

    Oh, wait! Everyone was only given 3 minutes to read this monstrosity! And Rand Paul has said he hasn’t even seen the bill and can’t prove there even IS a bill.

    Didn’t 0bama say that if he was elected he would put every bill on the internet for 5 days before he took action on it so the public could read it? I’m pretty sure that was part of the Hope ‘n Change we were promised.

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  4. Nora Gonzales says:

    Pork is what Congress is all about. It drives legislation both in Washington and Sacramento. Citing a few examples is just red meat for a few who care to get even more fed up with government as we know it.

    This disfunctional mess will continue until there is a political revolt and politicans are elected who are so frightened by the voters and the press they can say no and mean it. We are a long way from that day of reckoning.

    First step is to have a press that is serious about political pork and will name names of those who offer pork bills. Don’t hold your breath for that day as most of the porkers are democrats.

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  5. Follower says:

    Somehow, apparently by simply saying so… the Democrats have managed to convince their constituency that we have a “Revenue” problem and it’s all the fault of the Republicans who won’t allow them to “raise taxes on the rich”.

    Despite the politically unusual simplicity of the actual problem, they just say and it’s “so”.

    Regardless of the fact that if we taxed EVERYONE making over ONE million dollars at a rate of 100% it STILL wouldn’t put a dent in the deficit.

    And Democrats call Republicans “stupid”.
    Go figure…

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  6. Steve Humphrey says:

    Well I suppose it’s Bush’s fault again, or at least the Republicans.
    However, this bill was constructed by the Senate, and then shoved down the throats of the House of Representatives without any of them even reading the bill. Sadly this is how our legislation gets done these days.
    What has happened to us? Both sides of the isle lack the leadership and integrity to be those we thought when we elected them.
    Obama decides to take a vacation days before this deadline, then while Senator Reid and Congressman Boehner are calling each other names, he goes on the campaign trail. Wouldn’t a leader sit down and hammer this thing out days ahead of time? And why on earth are Harry Reid and John Boehner still leading both houses? They are both miserable failures at best.
    I hope we find the answer soon, cause this isn’t going to work for long.

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  7. Snarky says:

    “”The 112th Congress worked hard on just one thing: competing to be known as the most worthless, incompetent, do-nothing gathering of lawmakers in the nation’s history. These political underachievers may well have guaranteed themselves that dubious distinction by what they did and did not do Tuesday night.”"

    There is also a cartoon showing the government idiots on a tri-cycle …as in the immature do-nothings that they are despite all their lame speeches and backslapping one another as if we owe them something.

    That opening to an article in the L.A.Times might interest you. If you want to read the entire article, visit:


    OR, if you’re more interested in lame articles on DUI arrests “locally,” read on in the Press Democrat. The SRPD has no doubt put out their daily press release which the Press Demo dutifully publishes verbatim.

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