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Sonoma County planning department launches ‘citizen’s academy’


Sonoma County planning officials have announced a new series of lunchtime meetings to familiarize people with land-use permitting requirements.

The hour-long sessions are being billed as a “citizen’s academy” and will be held at the county Permit and Resource Management Department starting next month through December.

They will cover topics including green building, grading, well and septic systems, and storm water drainage.

The sessions are part of a push to improve customer service at the division, a chief county regulatory arm often targeted by critics who say its rules are excessive and burdensome.

The department plans to kick off the lunchtime series with an open house at noon on Friday.

The department is at 2550 Ventura Ave., Santa Rosa. For more information, call 565-1900.

One Response to “Sonoma County planning department launches ‘citizen’s academy’”

  1. James Bennett says:

    The sessions are part of a push to indoctrinate the citizens to the notion of having their property rights subverted by their local planners.”

    The American Planning Association; another benign sounding NON GOVERNMENTAL Organization inadvertantly sponsored by UN globalists to implement UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development within your own representative government.

    The APA has been holding 12 week seminars/training/boot camps designed to teach planners socially engineered rhetoric to pacify property owners. Planners have two text books that teach Agenda 21 guidelines. Growing Smart the Legislative Guidebook: Statutes for the Management of Change. And; The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide (ICLEI is credited on the cover). Your public officials that you pay have been studying this oppressive crap.

    This is like public schools teaching Karl Marx Communist Manifesto to the kids with your tax dollars.

    Yet city councils, Progressives and cronies across America (and politicians on this board) have the nerve to bring out the “flat earther”, “tin foil hat”, “black helicopter” crap when we call ‘em on it. Look at us like martians and disregard us at public hearings.

    Stop the denial crap and explain to us why we should let ourselves be oppressed over your lies and contrived problems