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Wysocky loses seat on Transportation Authority

Santa Rosa council appoints newcomer Carlstrom to county board


Santa Rosa City Councilman Gary Wysocky lost his coveted seat on the powerful Sonoma County Transportation Authority to newcomer Erin Carlstrom Tuesday night.

On a 4-2 vote, Carlstrom was appointed by the City Council to replace Wysocky on the 12-member board.

Gary Wysocky (PD FILE, 2011)

Wysocky had served as Santa Rosa’s representative on the board for four years and asked to keep the assignment.

He said he had been instrumental in advocating for the first phase of the SMART rail line to be extended to Coddingtown Mall, and in securing the funding needed to complete the Sixth Street crossing under Highway 101.

“I think I’ve been an effective representative for this area,” Wysocky said.

Carlstrom and Wysocky voted for themselves. Mayor Scott Bartley, Jake Ours and Ernesto Olivares tapped Carlstrom, while Julie Combs sided with Wysocky.

Board assignments are often reshuffled following elections and can reflect the changing balance of power on the council. When Wysocky was elected in 2008, the new progressive-controlled council replaced John Sawyer with Wysocky, who is a proponent of alternative transportation.

Two years later, when the balance swung back in favor of candidates backed by business, Sawyer returned the favor, replacing Wysocky on the county’s Solid Waste Advisory Group, which has been advising the county on the future of the county landfill.

Wysocky was reappointed to that post Tuesday night on a 6-0 vote. But it’s hardly a plum assignment. The group could soon be dissolved as the county nears a decision on a firm to run the landfill and waste transfer stations.

Also Tuesday, Bartley announced the formation of a three-member panel he called the “mayor’s subcommittee on long-term financial policy.” Bartley, Ours and Wysocky will serve on that committee, which will focus on long-term fiscal planning, budget and policy decisions.

“I think it’ll be a good conduit for us to keep up to date, in terms of where we are heading long-term financially,” Bartley said.

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15 Responses to “Wysocky loses seat on Transportation Authority”

  1. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Um, gee, Wysocky’s Endorsements. SEIU endorsed BOTH WYSOCKY AND GORIN. Last election they endorsed 4 city council runners including Wysocky and unfortunately Carlstrom, but she came off as a progressive. SEIU likes his fairness to the city employees. If I hadn’t thrown away my SEIU vote mailer I’d show you. As for Carlstrom I regret voting for her and I won’t again until I see how FAIR she is with the city employees. So far I’m not impressed by her game playing and her “ME” personality. Reminds me of the gulls in FINDING NEMO. “mine” “mine” “mine”.

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  2. Wysocky's Endorsements says:

    Wysocky wasn’t endorsed by most of the Unions or even a few of them. Gorin was endorsed by SEIU, Wysocky was NOT. Wysocky was NOT supported by the rank and file Santa Rosa City Employee Association (whch represents the vast majority of the non-public safety workers), Wysocky was NOT endorsed by the Fire Fighters (an AFL-CIO union).

    Wysocky WAS endorsed by the Realtors Association, the very same group that supported Sawyer by attacking Gorin with LA development money. He was also supported by a number of local developers. Wysocky is an anti public employee conservative!

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  3. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    @MOCKINGBIRD-WRONG. Unions have endorsed Wysocky every single time he has run. You must be referring to the safety unions whose endorsement was bought by Sawyer and Olivares by giving them a raise at the expense of the rest of the city employees. Both Gorin and Wysocky advocated treating all the employees fairly and EQUALLY. That fairness to the city employees is the reason most of the unions in the county endorsed Gorin AND WYSOCKY.

    It’s called interest based bargaining where everyone comes to the table with their own interests, bargains fairly and come to an agreement. Gorin was endorsed by the unions because of her fair treatment of the city employees, even though they got cuts she considered their needs and was their voice. That’s why she was elected to the BOS. A FAIR VOICE ON THE BOARD FOR THE EMPLOYEES. FAIRNESS. EQUAL TREATMENT. RESPECT OF THOSE SHE HAS POWER OVER. CONSIDERATION FOR THE FAMILIES INVOLVED.

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  4. @mockingbird says:

    How is Carlstrom going onto SCTA and anti-labor vote? Wysocky is the one who attacks the ublic employees and wasnt supported by the labor groups in Santa Rosa. His realitor money, the same ones that attacked Gorin was clearly anti-progressive. If anything, kicking the conservative Wysocky off this seat is a boon for progressives!

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  5. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    I am really regretting my vote for Carlstrom. She ran as a progressive and her true colors are now showing. She won’t get my vote again.

    The unions endorsed her but they won’t next time, for sure.

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  6. James Todd says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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  7. @Wysocky Followers says:

    You got to be kidding me with this power trip stuff. Four years ago, Gary gets elected. Replaces existing council members not just on SCTA, but also on SWAG. Fast for ward to now, Gary gets appoint to SWAG along with Jack Ours and Erin and Julie get appointed to SCTA. What is the problem? We didn’t elect Gary to be out monarch, he is one of seven (currently six) people who serve on the council and for that matter he got the least number of votes out of any off them in the last election.

    The issue isn’t other council members desiring to represent the city, it is Gary’s constant self victimization when he doesn’t get his way. The headline should have read, ” Wysocky continues whining after getting key council appointments”.

    the other element of course, is the blatant sexism demonstrated by Wysocky and those posting on this page. Sure it is fine for Gary, the man, to serve on these committees, but if women want to do it, then it is a power grab. Gary spent two year undermining Susan Gorin when she was Mayor, even though they agreed on most issues, and now that there is another strong woman on the council, he is doing the same thing.

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  8. Nora Gonzales says:

    Given Wysocky’s obnoxious, arrogant demeanor, he is lucky to be assigned to the garbage committee.

    It is surprising anyone on the council would be willing to even sit on a board with him.

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  9. JH says:

    Finally! Someone put a sock in WySOCKy’s mouth.

    The MOST useless councilmember in Santa Rosa.

    He is the ultimate “stick in the mud” politician, a crybaby, a whiner, and fundamentally wrong about almost everything.

    Good job Council. Keep the handcuffs on him tight.

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  10. Caller says:

    Why are people bashing Carlstrom? You can’t believe she votes as she feels? You’re not bashing the three others voting the same way of her, just her. Just because she doesn’t vote the way you want doesn’t mean she’s in it for power.

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  11. James Bennett says:

    “I think I’ve been an effective representative for globalist UN Agenda 21 directive.”

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  12. Vinyl Rules says:

    Alternative headline: “Carlstrom continues petty streak of power politics”

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  13. Chris says:

    What a slanted article. It could have focused on Gary being the lead on the garbage contracts or the creation of a new committee to plan for the city’s long term financial future, which Gary is on and Erin is not. But instead the article continues to focus on the tired old whining of Gary about how unjustly he is treated. He holds one of two major countywide appointments the city makes. Does he desire power so much that he honestly believes he should be the only member of the council that represents the city on county boards?

    I am glad that he will be a key player in the upcoming garbage contract discussions. I am also glad that other council members will represent Santa Rosa regionally in addition to Gary.

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  14. Reality Check says:

    Well, you won’t find a better definition of quid pro quo in the dictionary. By next month I expect Carlstom will have the Three Amigos shining her shoes and kissing . . . . . . .

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  15. Erin's Power Trip says:

    You’d think that Erin’s quest for power would be tempered by some awareness of the need to preserve working relationships with everyone on council.

    But no, she apparently doesn’t understand balance and trust among her fellow council members, no less her former allies and supporters in Santa Rosa.

    She and hubby Nick are on a power binge, and it will collapse on them soon enough.

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