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Cotati City Councilwoman Gilardi resigning for county post



Cotati City Councilwoman Pat Gilardi has agreed to step down from her elected post and take a job as district director for Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin.

Pat Gilardi (PD FILE, 2010)

Gilardi begins her new county job Monday. She is set to resign from city office effective Friday, creating an immediate vacancy on the five-member Cotati council.

Gilardi, 54, has been on the council since 2000 and was set to assume the rotating mayor’s post for the third time before news of her negotiations for the county job surfaced two weeks ago.

She said previously she would step down from her appointed board post on the Sonoma County Transportation Authority. Her last day at the Marin Independent Journal, where she is a sales manager, is also Friday.

As Gorin’s district director, Gilardi will be paid $73,008 annually and be responsible for outreach to constituents, scheduling and representing the supervisor at events she is unable to attend. The full-time, at-will position for each supervisor has rarely if ever gone to a sitting elected official, sources familiar with county government said.

4 Responses to “Cotati City Councilwoman Gilardi resigning for county post”

  1. Snarky says:

    Corruption reigns in Sonoma County.

    As it has for decades.

    The ‘good old boy’ network of “locals” is alive and well.

    Avoid anything “local” … you just play into their game.

  2. James Bennett says:

    Cotati & S.R. are in the same situation.

    The next vote getter should get the seat.

    However we’re not witnessing representative government which should invite a diversity of opinion.

    We’re witnessing a Soviet model of governance in which council members are identified and installed based on the adherence to the apex council.

    In our situation the apex council isn’t a legitimate part of our US Government. In fact it is an NGO.

    Namely ICLEI.

    That’s the reason for the…

  3. Phil Maher says:

    I always found Pat to be the one politician in Cotati that was open to thought. Too bad Cotati itself is her political legacy. The only thing that bothered me was that she once told me that she saw big red flags on former Mayor John Guardino’s 460s regarding people she knew couldn’t afford to make campaign contributions in the amounts they did, but she chose to say nothing about it to the city manager or the FPPC. And therein would have lain the earlier discovery of the whole Barich/Guardino campaign finance debacle. And then, yes, as John Parnell of RepealSMART said recently, she did deliberately try to delay and block the legally required publication of the intent to file the repeal petition while she worked at the IJ. I know these things…I was there both times. Well, good luck to her, really, but more so, good luck to Gorin and the people of Sonoma County.

  4. bear says:

    Oh, let’s go with “never.”

    “District Director?” OMG she sits in a cube outside the Supervisor’s office and answers the phone? For $73K? Plus benefits?!

    Trust me, there are far more experienced, educated and useful County employees who work for far less. Gorin, you just lost my vote.

    WTF else is going on? I expect you fiscal hawks to do your job!