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Final results confirm Miller’s Petaluma council win

Final election results released Friday confirmed Nov. 6 numbers showing first-time candidate Kathy Miller bested incumbent Tiffany Renée for a spot on the Petaluma City Council.

Kathy Miller.

Incumbents Mike Healy and Gabe Kearney retained their seats on the seven-member council, placing first and second, respectively, in the official vote count.

Following Nov. 6 voting, Renée, seeking re-election to one of three council seats, was in fourth place behind Miller by 1,026 votes.

Official results released by Sonoma County elections officials added nearly 10,916 ballots in Petaluma that weren’t counted on election night.

Healy topped all candidates with 16,166 votes, or 25.1 percent, followed by Kearney with 10,919 votes and 17 percent of total ballots. Miller placed third with 10,338 votes, 16.1 percent; Renée, fourth with 9,460 votes, 14.7 percent; Jason Davies, fifth with 8,923, 13.9 percent; and Alicia Kae Herries, sixth with 8,483 votes, 13.2 percent.

— Lori A. Carter

4 Responses to “Final results confirm Miller’s Petaluma council win”

  1. Bruce Keating says:

    A few clarifications:
    No candidate ever promised Rainier. However, the majority of the voters want to see it built and as elected officials, they want to work towards seeing it completed.
    Healy, Kearney and Miller were heavily involved in Measure X from its inception, which was all about expanding parks and open spaces in Petaluma.
    The reason they received no endorsements from the environmental groups is because they are in the back pocket of the progressives and will never support anyone who isn’t aligned with the progressives.
    By the way, street problems stem from a lack of revenue and the progressives, with their no on everything approach, have been responsible for this lack of revenue for far too long.

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  2. Environment lost says:

    Healy, Kearney, and Miller received ZERO endorsements from environmental groups….that speaks volumes. Yes, we’ll have a very “efficient” council now that there will be 5 solid rubber stamps ready to approve anything and everything. No debate. No checks and balances. Just 5 tools for land use developers to ensure they get their projects through. Can’t wait until four years from now where they will still be promising Rainier and making up excuses for why our roads still aren’t fixed, why large retail and office buildings remain vacant, why we have so much traffic congestion, and why they deserve to be re-elected. Petaluma voters are like alcoholics….they need to hit bottom first before they sober up…..

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  3. Sour Grapes says:

    Wa wa wa. The progressives wrecked Petaluma and people finally got tired of it. Glad to see it change. I think we have people that can work together. Something the Torliatt, Glass, Barrett, Rene, etc. group proved was completely beyone their ability to do.

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  4. elephant says:

    The gullibility of Petaluma voters is astounding. Miller, healey and kearny can all bow down to the PD for not telling the people the reality about them.

    Petaluma has so many problems yet they continue to elect those that create and nurture more problems. No wonder it’s such a loser hick town. And my goal here is 16,166 thumbs down.

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