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Will Wysocky be Santa Rosa’s next mayor?

If Sonoma County’s election results can be certified by Monday, Tuesday could be the last City Council meeting for outgoing Santa Rosa City Council members John Sawyer and Marsha Vas Dupre and the first for newcomers Julie Combs and Erin Carlstrom. (If not, the changing of the guard will occur on Dec. 11.)

Whenever the new members are sworn in, the first order of business will be electing a new mayor, who will serve for two years, and a vice mayor who will serve for one.

The question is who will the mayor be? At the moment, the money is on Gary Wysocky. He’s made no secret about the fact that he would like the post, and he may have the votes, given that Susan Gorin will still be on the council for that meeting. She won’t have to step down to assume her new role as county supervisor until the end of the year. Conventional wisdom suggests Wysocky would get the support of Gorin as well as newcomers Combs and Carlstrom.

But there are some who believe that it may end up going to City Councilman Scott Bartley who is likely to have the support of current Mayor Ernesto Olivares and Councilman Jake Ours, who make up the more conservative bloc on the council.

The outcome is likely to hinge on the Carlstrom vote, which is uncertain. Wysocky did not endorse Carlstrom during the election and clearly was not happy with her decision to forge an alliance with Olivares during the campaign. Carlstrom and Olivares endorsed one another in September pledging to bridge the gap that has existed in recent years between the two factions on the City Council. But that alliance will certainly be tested early — both during the vote for mayor and in the vote to appoint someone to fill Gorin’s seat.

Promises of better cooperation aside, it’s questionable whether the six City Council members will be able to agree on someone to fill the vacancy. The key will be whether Carlstrom votes with Wysocky and Combs or sides with Olivares, Bartley and Ours.

Whatever the decision, the worst outcome would be if the City Council can’t come to an agreement and forces the city to hold a special election — an election the city can ill afford. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

- Paul Gullixson

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  1. Will he? No. says:

    The question raised was will Wysocky be the next mayor of Santa Rosa? No. No. No he won’t.

    Will Wysocky run for higher office? Oh please! Please do. The entertainment value would be high and he’d get the same 14 percent of the vote that his mentor Norman Solomon got.

    Both Solomon and Wysocky are Democrats In Name Only or “DINO”s. Solomon was a Green Party/Undeclared/Socialist until 2007 supporting Ralph Nader’s futile attempts for the Presidency. Both Solomon and Wysocky now like to repeatedly call life long Dems “Dinos” but guys, take a look in the mirror, a DINO is a reference to candidates who leave other parties in the hope of winning office as a Democrat in areas where Democratic registration is high, i.e. Sonoma and Marin Counties. That describes members of the Green Party who run as Democrats like Wysocky and Solomon.

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  2. Snarky says:

    LAPD officer arrested in off-duty altercation at family gathering
    December 6, 2012 | 4:48 pm
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    And while we all wait for the Press Democrat to provide a followup article on that local Santa Rosa Junior College cop who was caught and arrested for theft of public funds from the JC budget…

    Here is today’s news on corrupt and criminal cops among us…another criminal cop charged with a FELONY.
    Los Angeles Times, online
    Dec 06, 2012

    “”A Los Angeles Police Officer is facing criminal prosecution for allegedly breaking a man’s jaw during an off-duty altercation, the L.A. County district attorney’s office said.”"

    “”Officer Donald Peko, 35, was charged with a single count of battery with serious bodily injury — a felony — for the July 2011 incident, according to a statement from the D.A.’s office.”"

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  3. Stronger Santa Rosa says:


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  4. Caller says:


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  5. Tom Lynch says:

    I would encourage Erin Carlstrom to support Gary Wysocky for Mayor. As a proponent of intergenerational equity and pension reform, Gary has demonstrated the courage to represent the next generation of public servants with sustainable benefits and jobs.

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    Anyone know how many members the Sonoma County Chapter of the PDA has? 50? 75?

    Anyone know why this Democratic Party (and less successful) version of the Tea Party is handpicking candidates to run for local offices?

    Was Gary Wysocky the first member they “placed” in office? How do Wysocky’s leftist politics differ from the Democratc Party?

    Is Wysocky restricting his appointments to other members of the PDA?

    The PDA founder and apparent guru is Norman Solomon who only managed to get 14% of the vote in the 2nd Congressional Primary last June. Why is this narrow-minded group taking over the Democratic Party? What are they up to?

    How come the Press Democrat hasn’t done a thing on this little group of activists or identified its members who are seeking office?

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  7. Jim says:

    @Paul Gullixson

    The city council always finds a way to dredge up money for studying pet projects or to waylay making any kind of profound decisions.

    What is wrong with spending money for an election to let voters decide on whom they want as mayor or should the city council do yet another study on it?


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  8. Snarky says:

    STILL waiting for the Press Democrat to IDENTIFY the local police officers who were fined for their ILLEGAL mailer against Gary Wysocky.

    Those local police officers violated the law and the Press Demo is afraid to ID them.

    Speaking of criminal police officers… did you all take note of the Santa Rosa Junior College Police Officer who was just arrested for theft of public money?

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  9. Agnes says:

    The PDA (Progressive Democrats of America) and its founder Norman Solomon endorsed Gary Wysocky…who is a member of PDA.

    What’s PDA?
    A collection of Green Party outcasts and extreme lefties who are devoted to an agenda of “changing” the Democratic Party.

    Change is not necessarily for the better especially when no one gets to vote on it.

    Gary’s biggest accomplishment so far? Appointing the corrupt Michael Allen to the Planning Commission where he could sell his vote for $95,000 and disgrace the office while using it as a stepping stone to higher office.

    Wysocky doesn’t have the integrity to be mayor. If the other members of the Council have any integrity they reject him.

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  10. Bonnie Blue says:

    Oh the projections! If you’ve ever taken the time to actually watch a council meeting, you’d see the real bullies are the “Public Safety 4.” Wysocky has run meetings before, and quite well, I might add.

    As for economic development, just ask the local business leaders that endorsed him. At least he has the courage and background to warn us of our future fiscal train wreck.

    I hope Erin figures it out, the public will be watching.

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  11. Vinyl Rules says:

    What will Carlstrom do? If she votes for a “moderate” to be on the Council, she becomes part of a 5 person bloc and loses all leverage. If she votes for a “progressive”, she can position herself between the factions as a swing vote. But there’s no way one of the moderates votes for a progressive. I guess we can look forward to lots of gridlock. As for the mayor position…the knives will come out.

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  12. Caller says:

    Wysocky the bully as Mayor? That would be the worst possible outcome. He’s anti-economic development. Not a good time for that.

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  13. James Bennett says:

    Can’t afford a special election?

    Is that just Gullixsons’s two cents?

    Now we’re watching our pennies over an election for mayor?

    I’m having thoughts about religion, alchohol, moving.

    If there was a unicorn in my livingroom, my jaw wouldn’t be hanging any lower.

    A “newspaper” writer suggesting that our city can’t afford an election for our representation?

    Our local political dynamic is like a bad ‘B’ movie, really it is.

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  14. Betty R says:

    Wysocky as Mayor? I sure hope not, he is rude and just down right mean. SR does not need a mayor like Wysocky

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  15. Critic at Large says:

    Why not, everything his does in his little snarky way will do nothing but create more friends for the city and not will continue to be done.

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  16. Dan Drummond says:

    A special election to fill the council vacancy would not only be a horrible waste of public resources, but evidence of an unbridgable devide on council that bodes ill for the future. I do take some comfort, however, that the very divided Petaluma council two years ago was able to unite long enough to select Gabe Kearney to fill David Glass’s unexpired council seat after Glass was elected mayor. Of course, the decision by Tiffany Renee to side with Mike Harris, Mike Healey and Chris Albertson may have set the course for her ouster last month (assuming the final vote tallies don’t change things).

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  17. Terry says:

    Wysocky received the fewest amount of votes in the election. Hardly a mandate to become Mayor. Gorin will do a disservice by sticking her noise into something that she should leave for the incoming Council.

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  18. Snarky says:

    Wysocky as Mayor ?

    NOT if the SRPD gets its way.

    Speaking of which, its past time that the Press Demo IDENTIFY the police officers involved in the illegal mailer against Wysocky during the election.

    They were caught… they were fined for an illegal act… and they have yet to be exposed by the Press Demo.

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