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First results from California – the voice of youth

The first results from California show strong support for President Obama and education funding. But it should come as no surprise. These are the votes of students all across the Golden State.

The results are from the My Vote Student Mock Election project sponsored by the Secretary of State’s office. In all 674 schools across the state took part including 15 schools in Sonoma County. (More schools signed up but only the results of 15 schools were posted on the state web site. To see them click here.)

“It’s a great program,” history teacher Ian Myers of Rincon Valley Middle School told me last week as students were filling out their ballots voting last week. “The kids really get into it.”

He said he took time away from his regular curriculum to have all the students learn about the presidential race and state ballot propositions, debate them and come to their own conclusions. All of the other social studies teachers did the same, which is why RVMS recorded 800 ballots cast, the most in the county.

“For some of the students taking part, this is their last trial run,” Myers said. “They will be voting for real in the next election.”

Here are the results on some of the key issues and races:

Obama 69 percen
Romney 23 percent

Proposition 30 (taxes to fund education)
Yes – 65 percent

Proposition32 (Political contributions by payroll deduction)
No - 60 percent

Proposition 34 (Ending the death penalty)
No but its nearly 50 percent to 50 percent so it was a virtual tie.

Proposition 37 (Genetically Engineered Foods)
Yes - 63 percent

Proposition 38 (Tax to fund education and childhood programs)
Yes – 55 percent

We’ll see how their votes compare to those of their parents and other adults.

- Paul Gullixson

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