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A half hour before polls close in California, it’s not looking good for Romney

As of 7:30 p.m., CNN has Gov. Mitt Romney ahead in electoral votes 158 to 147. And he is leading in the national popular vote 51 percent to 48 percent. But overall it does not look good for the GOP candidate. The networks just called New Hampshire for President Obama. It’s only four electoral votes, but it was a key battleground area. As with Pennsylvania, Romney made a strong push there. This is where he launched his campaign two years ago. But it did not pay off.

For those who remember, this was the state that jilted Romney during the GOP primary in 2008, giving Sen. John McCain a key victory that he would carry to winning the GOP nomination. But McCain would later lose the state to Obama in the general election.

As I noted previously, it’s looking more and more as if Romney is going to have to pull out wins in Ohio and Florida to have a chance to win this. As of 7:30 p.m. Pacific time, Obama’s is ahead 50 percent to 49 percent in Florida but he’s extended his lead to 48,000 votes with 87 percent of the vote counted. (Side note: The one solid GOP county that has not reported? Santa Rosa County in the pandhandle.)

In Ohio, Obama leads 51 percent to 48 percent, but that’s with only 57 percent of the vote counted. There’s still a long way to go. But Romney’s running out of track.

- Paul Gullixson

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  1. Graeme Wellington says:

    I do not believe that Latinos voted for Obama because of hot-button social issues or immigration policy. They voted for Obama for the same reason every other race that voted for Obama voted for Obama: Because Obama is giving out more free stuff. “Live Free” has been replaced by “Free Stuff.”

    All empires come to an end. Which is a shame, because the American empire – an empire of freedom, not coercion – was the most noble and generous the world had seen. President Obama will continue to preside over the decline of the American era. It’s a pity.

    With California’s deadly embrace of big government and high taxes… California is headed down the tubes first. All residents need to find a good real estate agent out of state.

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  2. Reality Check says:

    Bien dicho. Estados Unidos ha alcanzado un vuelco, pero lo peor que uno que apunta a un estado de bienestar europeo. Buscamos los beneficios sin aceptar los altos impuestos que deben acompañar a dichos beneficios. En su forma actual, el candidato y el partido promete las cosas más libre gana.

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  3. Follower says:

    Fear not Conservatives, this is just part of the great American experiment.

    We rode the wave of Liberty and Justice all the way from a nation of undeveloped relative poverty to the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

    Now we replace Liberty and Justice with Oppression and Fairness for awhile until the people have had enough.

    Waiting in the wings will be a new Party, Republican in name and Republican in deed.

    The “Kinder, Gentler, Compassionate Conservatives” will eventually fade into the woodwork. Some will face their demons and register Democrat, some will slay their demons and return to the conservative principals that built this great nation.

    Either way, those of us who actually know history can take comfort in the fact that what the Democrats are doing has all been done before over and over again all throughout Human history and it always ends badly.

    But it does end.

    We will endure the raping & pillaging of our Liberty and wealth because we are Americans.

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  4. Graeme Wellington says:

    La milagrosa país prevista por sus fundadores y que se describen tan bellamente por Alexis de Tocqueville simplemente ha cambiado.

    Ya no es una nación de toscos individualistas, ferozmente independiente de los hombres y las mujeres. En la actualidad es una nación que no estaría fuera de lugar en Europa – un estado de bienestar, un estado con la mano firme del gobierno dirigir su vida. no es muy bueno, pero bueno, ni lo bastante bueno.

    Estados Unidos ha llegado a un punto de inflexión, donde hay más simplemente asumen que hay las decisiones, y la parte que proyecta tan claramente con las de bienestar y estampillas de comida y limosna puede contar con el apoyo de sus clientes a continuar a impuestos y regular la laboriosa clase.

    Mi preocupación es que Estados Unidos va a cambiar la identidad irrevocablemente – que simplemente no quieran volver a de gobierno grande de Obama mentalidad, que preferirá el soft mediocridad del reglamento y de la fiscalidad para pasearse los riesgos de la libertad.

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  5. Grapevines says:

    Poor Obama, he’s inheriting such a mess and this time he’s got no one to blame except himself.

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  6. Western Cluebird says:

    The liberal democrats are still voting for slavery- only this time they will enslave all Americans.
    They voted for security over liberty, throwing away what our forfathers fought and died for.
    They are good at using fear and intimidation tactics to scare people and lies to slander their opposition.
    The press has been complicit in this, committing journalistic malpractice daily.
    It worked.

    When the USA becomes a model that Castro or Putin would be proud of, they will try to throw the hot potato at someone else.

    All those who voted for this now own it.

    You own the crushing debt and lack of opportunity that our children will inherit.
    You own the wars.
    You own the job killing regulations.
    You own the high cost of health care and the destruction of our constitutional principles and God given rights.
    You own the failed “green energy” investments like Solyndra as well as all the other waste, fraud and abuse that your favorite politicians engage in.
    You own the failure to defend and protect our Ambasador, Chris Stevens and the other Americans in Bengasi.
    You own the failing schools.
    You own the fiscal and social problems we face here in Ca.
    And no, don’t ask us to keep pouring money into your rat hole- it doesn’t work.
    Stop looking for some nearby conservative or Republican to blame or harass for all your mistakes and do something constructive to fix the mess you now own but we all will be burdened with.

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  7. Graeme Wellington says:

    The miraculous country envisioned by its Founding Fathers and described so beautifully by Alexis de Tocqueville has simply changed.

    It is no longer a nation of rugged individualists, of fiercely independent men and women. It is now a nation that would not be out of place in Europe – a welfare state, a state with the firm hand of government directing its peoples lives. Not great anymore, but good, or good enough.

    How could New Hampshire – motto: Live Free or Die – vote for a president who nationalized two car companies and brought in government-run health care? But it did.

    America has reached a tipping point, where there are simply more takers than there are makers – and the party that casts itself so clearly with those on welfare and food stamps and hand-outs can count on the support of its clients to continue to tax and regulate the industrious class.

    My worry is that America’s identity will change irrevocably – that it will simply not want to come back from Obama’s big government mentality, that it will prefer the soft mediocrity of regulation and taxation to the bracing risks of freedom.

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  8. Que Sera says:

    California has more unemployed and more welfare and food stamp recipients than any other. In many instance is has more than 4 or 5 states combined!
    Obama gives California federal money to pay its unemployed because California has been so mismanaged by the state govt that it can pay nor does it have the ability to repay loans from fed for this purpose (all other states borrow from govt and repay the laons – Calif. can do that because it is so in debt).
    Obama beleives in welfare and socialism. He beleives that all Americans should taxed unequally until every American receives exactly the same amount of income and are all poor equally!
    California and Sonoma have among the most corrupt courts in the not only the USA but of all western countries! Congress does nothing as usual, but will send men and women to die overseas protecting a Constitution the American govt is destroying itself!
    Real estate in Sonoma cty is in decline because our cities and counties have created a climate that is anti business, our schools cant teach the basics to hold a job, or perform a job. The JC is more like a high school as to its ability to educate.Many people say HS in eastern states was toughter than colleges in Cal.

    California cant handle responsiibility nor can it govern itself so it depends on democrats in Congress to pump money into the state and in return California gives them their vote. But Congress hasnt any money and the Chinese arent stupid enough to keep lending this country.

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  9. James Bennett says:

    Evidently this is the way it’s supposed to be…

    More people will wake up faster.

    I hope.

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  10. James Bennett says:

    Looks like a lotta sheeple wanted more “Change”.
    Be cafeful what you wish for because…
    you may get it.

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  11. Ca voters so dumb says:

    Congrats…America votes for 4 more years of
    failure,misery and corruption.

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