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A replay of the 2000 election in Florida?

With more than 7 million ballots counted in Florida, Romney was leading by a mere 600 votes as of 6:34 p.m. Pacific time. That’s the count with 81 percent of the votes counted.

“Is this a repreat of 2000?” Wolf Blitzer of CNN asks. “I gotta tell you, folks. I didn’t think it would be this close.”

Meanwhile, the networks just called Pennsylvania for President Obama. That’s the third battleground state won by the president along with Wisonsin and Michigan. Romney was still holding onto hope of winning in Pennsylvania, including making a quick stop in Pittsburgh today.

Looks like Romney is really going to need to rally and win in Ohio and Florida to make the math work for him.
Even as I write this, Obama has moved ahead by 20,000 votes in Florida as more results come in from the heavily Democratic counties at the southern end of the state.
- Paul Gullixson

One Response to “A replay of the 2000 election in Florida?”

  1. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    I’m thankful that voters in Florida REFUSED to be disenfranchised. I am proud of my American brothers and sisters in voter suppression states who fought to overcome and insisted on voting. I am proud that my fellow voters stood in line for hours and hours to vote, refused to leave the line when they closed the doors, and started chanting to vote.

    We need more civil disobedience in these states. American citizens have the right to vote and Republicans have no right to take it away. The Federal government needs to set voting standards for every single state to follow, FORGET STATES’ RIGHTS. It’s quite apparent to me that most states just can’t govern without taking away the rights of certain groups of people that they don’t like.