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Levine declares upset victory, Allen not conceding in 10th Assembly race


San Rafael City Councilman Marc Levine declared victory Wednesday in his upset bid for the new North Bay Assembly seat, but Assemblyman Michael Allen would not concede the bitter battle that pitted two Democrats against each other.

With tens of thousands of uncounted ballots in Sonoma and Marin counties, the final tally may not be decided for weeks. But Levine expressed confidence Wednesday that his narrow 1,663-vote lead over Allen would hold up.

Allen, Levine.

“The time for campaigning is over, and now we govern,” Levine said. “We are confident that we’ll have the votes to win, as we don’t see a reversal in the voting trends.”

Levine captured 50.6 percent, or 68,189 votes, of the ballots counted Tuesday while Allen received 49.4 percent, or 66,526 votes.

“Right now there’s so many uncounted, and there’s still a small gap,” Allen said. “Given that the difference between us is about 1,500 or 1,600 ballots, we think it’s not respectful to concede when they’re still counting.”

There are about 46,000 uncounted absentee and provisional ballots in Marin County alone, according to Elaine Ginnold, registrar of voters in Marin. And in Sonoma County, the exact number of uncounted ballots is unknown, but could amount to about 15,000 votes, said elections chief Janice Atkinson.

The fight for the 10th Assembly District seat was closely watched in Sacramento, one of about two-dozen races across the state to pit members of the same party against each other under California’s new top-two primary system.

The system, which debuted in June, allows the top two vote-winners in the primary to advance to the general election, regardless of party affiliation. It gave voters disappointed with the status quo more options to stick with their party yet still vote for change, resulting in tougher challenges for some incumbents across the state, said David McCuan, a Sonoma State University political scientist.

“You’re going to see a lot more of this kind of stuff as we move forward. More insurrections,” McCuan said. “It has the potential to make these dramatic changes in how business is done in Sacramento.”

The close race mirrors another Democratic matchup in Southern California, where incumbent Assemblywoman Betsy Butler trails challenger Richard Bloom by about 200 votes.

“The Democrat-on-Democrat warfare is never pretty, and it’s unfortunate that it had to happen,” said longtime political consultant Steve Maviglio, a spokesman for the Assembly Democrats. “It was obviously a hard-fought race, with a lot of money spent. And, at the end of the day, the winner is a Democrat, and they’ll quickly come to Sacramento and we’ll see that the real difference is between the two parties.”

Allen began serving in the Legislature in 2010 and quickly rose to become the assistant majority leader in the Assembly, where he was set to lead a pension committee in the upcoming term. Assembly Speaker John Perez campaigned for Allen, and independent expenditure committees poured more than $700,000 into his campaign in the final weeks.

“He’s an important part of the Speaker’s team,” McCuan said of Allen. “Michael’s a labor guy, and the Speaker’s a strong labor guy. And labor generally did well yesterday, but not in Michael’s district.”

When legislative districts were redesigned, Allen moved from Santa Rosa and rented an apartment in San Rafael to run for the seat, which may have upset some Marin County voters, McCuan said. Rather than supporting Levine, many voters may simply have voted against things they didn’t like, he said.

“They could vote against Sacramento, they could vote against business as usual, they could vote against massive amounts of spending, they could vote against a candidate moving into the district,” McCuan said. “Oh, and as a bonus, you could vote for a local guy from Marin.”

Both Allen and Levine planned to travel to Sacramento this morning to attend a caucus meeting for Assembly Democrats.

“The Speaker of the Assembly did reach out to me to congratulate me very early this morning, and invited me to the training in Sacramento,” Levine said.

Allen said that’s the typical procedure when Assembly races are too close to call. In the 2010 primary, Allen had to wait nearly three weeks to find out he had won the election, he said.

“At this point, we don’t know,” Allen said. “He (Levine) may have won, he may not have won. There have been situations where people have shown up for the caucus and then found out weeks later that they didn’t win.”

Even so, Allen acknowledged that Levine holding a lead throughout the night was “auspicious.”

“If you’re going to be involved in politics, you don’t take it personally,” Allen said. “The vagaries of why someone wins an election are unclear, especially in these close elections.”

Levine said he had not heard from Allen, but he congratulated his opponent on a hard-fought campaign.

“I’m proud of the campaign that we ran, and grateful that voters in the North Bay stood by us on Election Day,” Levine said. “No one gave our campaign a chance in the beginning, and we beat all expectations.”

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  1. Western Cluebird says:


    Thank you for pointing out that the unfounded hatred of anyone that has attended a TEA party is based on preconceived notions delivered by the media, and for standing up to the slander and untruth’s.
    Also, thanks for pointing out to the FPCC
    that Michael Allen was in violation.
    No one else was going to bring that to the forefront.You and Rosa are to be commended.

    I don’t know where you got the idea that Carley Fiorini was the TEA party choice-she wasn’t.
    Fiorini was the GOP choice.
    There is a BIG difference.
    Chuck Devore was the best candidate to reflect the values that most TEA party conservatives (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or other)profess, that is fiscally conservative policies and constitutional principals.

    If you think it’s so easy to beat an entrenched democrat in this area, you haven’t worked on any campaigns.

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  2. Caller says:

    Lisa Maldonado accused anyone who doesn’t agree with her of a member of the Tea Party.

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    Here’s the thing about Michael Allen: After he was elected in the Democratic Primary the in 2010 it was with less than half of the Democratic voter’s support. That’s because there were three candidates in the race. Roughly 60 percent supported Michael Wilson and Lee Pierce. Both Wilson and Pierce represent the majority of the Democratic Party, the centrists who vote for a candidate like Obama rather than a Kucinich or Edwards. Both were heavily outspent by Allen who also got months of free staff time that went unreported as a campaign contribution from the North Bay Labor Council (you didn’t think Lisa Maldonado showed up here on Watch Sonoma County everyday for free did you?) In any case, Allen took office with less than half the Dems supporting him. His online bullies never changed their ways and Democratic Party unleashed a flood of campaign hate mail hoping to erode the Levine lead in the month before the election. People who live in the 10th Assembly District found a half a dozen hit pieces in their mailboxes…and it backfired! Big Time. It was overkill.

    Just like the personal attacks from Team Allen spew out here on Watch Sonoma County backfire in ways they can’t even begin to understand.

    And a gentle reminder is in order. Who brought us two years of of creepy corruption holding the local Assembly seat? Gary Wysocky appointed Allen to the Planning Commission and Noreen Evans “handpicked” him and pushed him on the voters in 2010. When Allen’s blatant corruption was proven in public, Evans who is trained as an attorney, said nothing. Wysocky, trained as an accountant, wrote letters to the editor and spoke publicly about how “proud” he was of Allen.

    Apparently the voters have higher standards than the local elected officials here.

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  4. andrew simpson says:

    That Mr. Allen took $95,000 from the Sonoma County Water Agency in a vote-buying exchange isn’t news: it may prove his undoing as the votes are counted.

    That the Sonoma County Water Agency, exempt from Grand Jury investigation, was never held to account for this Water Agency vote buying, isn’t news.

    Here’s what’s interesting. The Water Agency is still in the payoffs business. They have a $115,000 contract with another local political operative–an associate of Mr. Allen’s–for a make-believe contract in support of Sonoma Clean Power.

    Why is this interesting?

    In the grand scheme of things, the Water Agency’s $95,000 to Mr. Allen or $115,000 to a co-recipient of (problematic) public payments is interesting; but not headline news.

    This is Water Agency business-in-the-ordinary-course; and so what?

    Here’s the so-what.

    The Water Agency does business a certain way. And now they want to apply those business methods to a billion dollar new risk, Sonoma Clean Power; on top of further-blooming County risks in pensions and roads–risks that may approach the heart-stopping figure of $2.5 billion.

    But the numbers are sterile.

    It’s the human equation that matters. By doing business a certain way, we’re not referring to under the table payments. Those are symptoms.

    But those symptoms are rooted in Water Agency culture. The Water Agency has been running a low key water management operation from time immemorial. It’s a public agency. It’s a legal monopoly.

    Here’s what happened.

    In the course of running that legal monopoly the Water Agency forgot who they worked for: the rate payers. Susceptible as are we all to the human condition, they got a little lazy on things like transparency and accountability. The Water Agency got into the habit of buying friends, and their cooperation, instead of doing it the old fashioned way: with hard work, with facts, with imagination, with genuine problem solving.

    Ok, but so what????

    Here’s the so-what.

    It’s about what happens when we apply the Water Agency’s variant on the human condition (“nobody’s looking so it doesn’t matter what we do”) to the Sonoma Clean Power project.

    Here’s what happens.

    Did you know that the Water Agency, in its feasiblity study for Sonoma Clean Power: a) showed no rate benefit to Sonoma County rate payers under Sonoma Clean Power compared to PG&E and b) studiously ignored the opportunity to joint-venture with Healdsburg/NCPA–who currently enjoy rates 10% below PG&E?

    Did you know that the Water Agency, in its feasibility study, showed a cash flow projection but studiously omitted a balance sheet–a balance sheet that would have portrayed a debt burden potentially in excess of a billion dollars?

    Did you know that the Water Agency, in its feasibility study, studiously omitted a discussion of what happens if Sonoma Clean Power’s management drops the ball and defaults on that billion dollars?

    Had the feasibility study been done by a disinterested third party–say someone who felt compelled to address the public’s risks and benefits–that feasibility study might have made mention of this issue: owing to a prospective re-set in assumed pension investment rates of return from 7.75% to under 6%, the County’s retirement obligations are at risk for mushrooming to over $2 billion; owing to the inescapable County survival necessity of revamping our arterial road system at a cost of over $500 million, the County faces either draconian tax measures or a new road bonding effort.

    Either event alone–the necessity to fund dramatically higher pensions, or crumbling roads–could impair the County’s already wheezing budget and debt issuance capacity.

    Taken together these two events, each with a probability above 50%, could push the County to the brink of insolvency.

    Which brings us back to this question: how did the Water Agency omit to mention not just the risk of a billion dollar default; but the potential echo effect on the County and sister cities’ credit standing in the face of the looming risks of unfinanceable pension and road debt? First let’s consider how they got this far with Sonoma Clean Power’s public presentation process without disclosing the real risks on Sonoma Clean Power.

    It goes back to the human equation: Water Agency culture; with a particular twist. It turns out that running a local water company as a monopoly is a little harder than say, running a municipal bus line. Running a bus line is mainly about safety and managing costs. Running a county-wide plumbing system like the Water Agency is more complicated.

    But at the end of the day those complications can almost always
    be “bought out”: whatever the costs, the Water Agency just raises its rates and buys down the problem. For example, if it wants a rezoning on certain property it controls–as was the case before the Santa Rosa Planning Commission in 2010–then instead of diligently analyzing the problem from the viewpoint of the public interest, and offering a creative solution–they simply bought a vote on the Planning Commission: Mr. Allen’s.

    Here’s what the Water Agency did to extend their monopoly culture to Sonoma Clean Power.

    Here’s how they bought out the problem of having to deal with the real risks of Sonoma Clean Power.

    1) They formed a Sonoma Clean Power Steering Committee to represent the public interest. The majority of its members, of course, are either Water Agency employees or paid consultants.

    2) They made sure the public wasn’t given access to Steering Committee meetings.

    3) They denied–extra-legally, as it turns out–public access to the spread sheets underlying their Sonoma Clean Power forecasts; spread sheets that could have been readily recast to show the true debt burden in Sonoma Clean Power.

    4) They hired an outside consultant–the same one Marin used for their clean power project–but paid him $250 an hour compared to the $213 an hour Marin pays him.

    And when faced with a public query on why this consultant–in contravention of his full-disclosure contract–refused to give up his spread sheets, the Water Agency defended his refusal, by having County Counsel assert that the consultant enjoyed unstated by implied protections in a contract that states that the contract itself fully specifies the terms.

    5) The Water Agency failed to mention, as noted above, that the rate payers could get a much better deal than the Water Agency’s by allying with Healdsburg/NCPA on souring electrical power.

    6) The Water Agency failed to mention that Sonoma Clean Power would raise the revenues under its control from $50 million to $250 million; and that the project would raise the annual capital budget under its control 20-fold, from $10 million to $200 millioin.

    6) The Water Agency failed to mention the facts behind the single most important risk in Sonoma Clean Power–the same risk that obtains for any commercially competitive new venture: management risk.

    They not only failed to mention that the whole point of Sonoma Clean Power is to have the Water Agency take over our County’s energy delivery system; they failed to mention that the Water Agency suffered–on all objective criteria–a devastating embarrassment on its trial run for Sonoma Clean Power, a renewable energy project called Sonoma County Indepence (“SCEIP”).

    SCEIP was set up to have the County fund solar and energy retrofits in the COunty for homes and businesses. Cutting to the gist, the Water Agency failed to deliver on all key objectives in SCEIP: reduction in unemployment, reduction in CO2 emissions, payback of the $45 million loan by the COunty Pension Fund to pay for SCEIP, or realization of a commercially sustainable energy renewables funding project: SCEIP has been decimated by market conditions and is virtually shut down.

    As PG&E showed with its bankruptcy a decade ago, the energy market isn’t a monopoly. It’s fiercely competitive. And you can’t just raise rates to buy your way out of unsolved problems.

    Back to Michael Allen. That incident isn’t quite ancient history in the public mind, as the election results show. And that pattern of conduct isn’t quite ancient history as the Water Agency’s once-present-and-future culture of payoffs and mendacity demonstrates. The difference this time is that Water Agency, still believing nobody’s paying attention, wants to apply that template of deception and payoffs to a billion dollar risk; one that may prove the straw that breaks the camel’s back in an environment of deep financial risk for County and city rate payers, tax payers and citizens.

    We’re paying attention.

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  5. Steveguy says:

    This was surprising, pleasantly so. And Kay- The Tea Party does have nice folks and a great basic platform, but the movement has been hijacked by the Religious Right.

    For instance-Barbara Boxer could have been beaten by the moderate Tom Campbell, but Fiorina’s money and her pandering to the anti-abortion and gay rights crowd in the Tea Party got her nominated only to lose to Boxer. Boxer should have been easy to beat. The Tea Party shot themselves in the foot by straying from the core message. As long as the Tea Party is run by the Evangelicals, through the candidates that they “choose” they will lose.

    The Democrats are mostly the same- yet in the other direction. I am fairly Libertarian ( voted for Gary Johnson) and I have to agree that there are Libertarians of all types. Heck, even my commie sis has many Libertarian views.

    I don’t really know much about Levine, but congratulations to him and his team on accomplishing what seemed impossible. Well done !

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  6. Kay Tokerud says:

    I know a lot of people in the Tea Party, do any of you? About 50% of them are Libertarians. There’s also a lot of ex-Democrats among them. I’ve never seen any sign of the Koch brothers lurking around. The press attacks them all the time and I guess people just believe everything they hear. The whole reason the tea party got going is to defend individual civil liberties and the Constitution. What’s wrong with that? Tea Party members are some of the nicest people I’ve met. What they have in common is that they love their country and are willing to work to preserve the best things in America. I haven’t seen any hatred or racism being expressed and I’m gay.

    The Tea Party hasn’t gone away, hasn’t shrunk, and is still fighting for the rights of every American. As a democrat, I don’t agree with a lot of them about abortion and gay rights. But the rest of their focus I do agree with such as their position on UN Agenda 21, religious freedom, free markets, right to privacy, right to bear arms and all other rights we’re supposed to have.

    Michael Allen believes in subsidies for special interest developers who will “transform” our cities into the smartgrowth model. We are on the brink right now of having One Bay Area imposed in the 9 bay area counties and 101 cities. This plan will be subsidized by the federal government, the state, and local taxpayers. Are you ready to move into the millions of new units in the downtown areas that are being planned right now? I didn’t think so. How about a tax on vehicle miles travelled? How does that sound?

    There is an agenda, it’s happening right now and you will probably not find out the details until after the plan is finalized. That is part of this plan too. Marc Levine may not yet know what is happening but he will soon. Transforming our way of life may seem good to some people but when you look at the alternatives you might not like them. Living in a small, crowded downtown apartment may work for some people but would be unnacceptable to most people. That’s why many of these developments already built are vacant.

    For those of you that have continually denied that the smartgrowth model will be pushed on us against our will, think again. Planners are already developing a method to tax people more that live in the suburbs and rural areas. Sonoma County has already stopped maintaining most of our county roads. How’s that for pushing the agenda to get us to live in the downtown that will be fully connected to the Smart Grid that will allow the government to monitor your every move inside your new home downtown.

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    Friday at 5 p.m. the Marin County Registrar updated the number of votes counted in the 10th and Marc Levine’s lead increased significantly. It will not be possible for Allen to catch up. So…Allen is toast. Finally.

    And now Sonoma County can celebrate the refreshing change.

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  8. Terry says:


    You need to read more closely. The word “racism” wasn’t brought up by me, but by Lisa Maldonado. She ranted on this post line, “So Terry, consider yourself put on notice that the wake up call was for you, Tea Party RACISM and xenophobia along with anti-democracy, union haters.”

    This is typical Maldonado. When someone disagrees with you, just call them a tea partier, a racist, or as being anti-democratic. Her tactic…don’t attack the ideas, just label the person.

    So, before you defend her anymore, please open your ears (and eyes) and listen to what she is saying. She is not doing union labor any favors. People will eventually get sick of her ways, which is what happened in the Allen/Levine race and the races in Petaluma.

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    The Press Democrat has new ownership and should consider a new policy. Everytime a political staffer or lobbyist posts a message on behalf of a politician like Michael Allen or another political campaign that message should come with some sort of alert that it is paid political speech.

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  10. homegirl says:

    Sorry, typo

    Koch Bros.

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  11. homegirl says:

    A sign of the times. Just like the Lock Bros. Allen’s dollars could not buy a win. Adios, Allen.

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  12. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Doodles- the dems are in the center. I’m in the center. It’s just that the Republican party has moved so far right, then attack women’s rights, the center is now majorly skewed. When Republicans run luneytunes for President and Congress they get what they deserve, NO VOTES. Most people in this country ARE moderates.

    And the Christian right needs to get a clue. All over the world, past and present, when religion and government are mixed there is CHAOS AND VIOLENCE. The Republicans’ drive to bring religion to politics alienates every single one of us sane people who know what that would entail.

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  13. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Joe Blow-the end for Allen is not here yet with so many absentee ballots to be counted and a narrow margin. The district might get lucky and Allen sneaks through.

    I hope anyway because he’s a good man and does care about all of Sonoma County’s interests. He’s worked hard in the assembly for workers and small businesses who are his main focus. I voted for him since he’s still in my district.

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  14. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Terry, racism has nothing to do with political parties. I can’t fathom why you would use that word. If I was of voting age I might have voted for Eisenhower who was a Republican. My democratic parents did. I voted for Cale for BOS and he was a Republican because he was pro worker, listened, and took county workers into account when he made decisions.
    If the Republican candidates running today weren’t so luneytunes they would be looked upon more favorably by the moderates. Obama won because of this. If Huntsman had won the primaries there might have been a very different outcome. The Republican voters split their vote among the luneytunes and got Romney by default. Most sensible Republicans don’t even like Romney, especially his lying, and when he went far right they voted for Obama. Not anyone of us could figure out what Romney was about, and I considered him a danger to this country because he has NO diplomatic skills.

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  15. Joe Blow says:

    Marc Levine, the man without a job, may finally get a job. No more living off his wife’s trust fund. He’ll still lie about his job experience, which is HIGHLY exaggerated (just call his former employer, I know them). He’s alienated everyone in Sacramento, not because he’s a maverick or cut from a different mold, but because he’s highly dislikable. Which San Rafael council members endorsed him? Oh, yeah, NONE. Why, because he’s a TOOL to work with. http://www.levineforassembly.com/endorsements

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  16. Snarky says:

    Mr. Allen will simply go back to selling used cars. Buyer beware !

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  17. Tom says:

    Micheal Allen’s gig of Corruption is up. He and the people that bought him, paid a fortune and they still lost. As Leonard Cohen famously said “everybody knows” – everyone knows what you are Micheal and no amount of money will change that.


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  18. Tom says:

    Defeating Micheal Allen is a great win for Northern California and its hardworking citezens. Just say NO to corruption and the bad apples in Sonoma County Politics.

    Bravo Norcal Voters!! Bravo!!!

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  19. Doodles says:

    The Dems say the Reps must move to the center, but see no need to do the same. Just as i am skeptical of the tea-partiers, I am just as frustrated with NBLC-types who never met a gov’t program they didn’t like. There is no one to represent the center: social liberals with fiscal restraint. The problems we face are complex; it is so frustrating to read people like LM who want to boil everything down to what’s best for immigrants and union members.

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  20. E Nuff says:

    When your rob Peter to pay Paul, you always have Paul’s support.

    A victory for Peter!

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  21. Over Easy says:

    The results are a huge win for thinking people all over our county.

    “The balance of power is like a pendulum, it swings both ways” unknown jubilant.

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  22. John Parnell says:

    Mr. Allen won’t concede yet – will he also demand a recount? Will he also think that is the respectful thing to do? And when he states “we”, does he mean himself & Lisa Maldonado?

    Mr. Levine has a much higher lead in Marin than Mr. Allen’s in Sonoma. If 92% of the provisional ballots left to be counted are in Marin, with Marc’s lead in Marin thus far, why does Mr. Allen think he could catch up? Speaker Perez has already called Assemblyman Levine to congratulate him. Perhaps Mr. Allen should see the writing on the wall & do the same.

    This should be a wake-up call to the Democratic Party & labor that Lisa Maldonado’s ugly behavior is not welcome. Her vitriol & lies can only go so far – not everyone believes it. Just because somebody isn’t her kind of Democrat, doesn’t mean they are in the Tea Party. Ironically, Maldonado steals this M.O. from Karl Rove’s playbook.

    As the person who was her previous primary focus of slander before Assemblyman Levine, I still get a chuckle about being called a “tea party jihadist” repeatedly, when she knew for fact that I was a Democrat.

    Not only do I think that she should be put on notice that her politics of hate are unwelcome, but she should also be given 2 weeks notice by the North Bay Labor Council. Her behavior gives unions a bad name.

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  23. Terry Jensen says:

    Mockingbird and Maldonado,

    Apparently you did not read my post to closely. Mockingbird, read Maldonado’s response at the end and tell me that is not a rant.

    I guess when someone disagrees with you, just call them a racist. Where does come from?

    A. I am not a Tea Party advocate. Can’t stand the movement.
    B. I consider myself a moderate progressive. I am supportive of union labor when and where it is appropriate.
    C. I am undeclared in my party affiliation.
    D. I voted for Obama in 2008 and in 2012.
    E. My carbon footprint is probably smaller than both of yours combined (by design)…solar on my house and I drive an EV car. I’m a believer in global warming and make a living within the environmental community.

    I guess all of these things qualifies me as being matched with “Tea Party racism and xenophobia along with anti-democracy, union haters.”

    It is this (Maldonado’s) logic, and hatred for anyone that disagrees with her, that has caused many of my union friends to grow weary of her.

    I don’t normally like to call someone out on this, and would rather seek balance in my life and attitude, but this election has raised within me and those I know that know Lisa to call for a change at “the top.” She holds a public position and deserves to be scrutinized.

    This election is a wake up call for extremism on all fronts…both left and right. Time to talk about it now and not later during the next election cycle.

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  24. Levine a winner! says:

    No matter what happens with the final court, Levine is a winner.

    Allen not so much.

    Maldonado takes the prize for being the most offensive person in local politics with her hateful personal attacks. If Allen loses this, it won’t be a wake up call for her. She isn’t smart enough to shut up even when that would help her cause and her favorite politician.

    And remember folks, she gets paid to write those nasty rants here on Watch Sonoma County.

    Allen and his campaign managers target individuals and Maldonado launches into whatever smear she thinks will work…so it Allen loses, it couldn’t happen to a “nicer” guy and his trusty sidekick.
    It’s about time someone classier had some power in this area.

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  25. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Terry, I know Lisa Maldonado and she doesn’t rant. You the accuser however, well….

    I don’t see any balance in anything you say.

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  26. Reality Check says:

    Hail Marc Levine! No doubt he’ll vote in ways that will disappoint me. No matter. He appears honest and, until I know otherwise, replaces a corrupt member of California’s legislature. What’s not to like about one less corrupt politician?

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  27. Lisa Maldonado says:

    The North Bay Labor Council is thrilled with our grassroots volunteer effort in this election and our successes for working people on almost every race we engaged in. We breathlessly await the final results in the Assembly 10 Race but we are jubilant and excited to have been part of such a huge win for working families all over the country and especially in the North Bay where labor council volunteers walked and phoned tirelessly on Prop 30 and 32 and a myriad of races.
    Our support of Assemblyman Michael Allen remains staunch and steadfast and his record as one of the best and most active advocates for working people remains unchanged. His public service record speaks for itself as a testament to someone who cares about ALL workers’ rights to safety on the job, shade, water and a fair days work for a fair day’s pay. No campaign, won or lost can take that away from him.
    So Terry, consider yourself put on notice that the wake up call was for you, Tea Party racism and xenophobia along with anti-democracy, union haters.

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  28. Terry says:

    This race, as well as the race in Petaluma, should be a wake up call to the North Bay Labor Council, democrat central committee, and other extremist interests that pumped huge dollars into this campaign.

    This is true for both the left and the right by the way. Voters want balance, not extremes.

    People like Lisa Maldanodo need to be put on notice that threats, lies, rants and such will not be looked upon kindly by the voters in the future (as in this case). Good job Marin in teaching Sonoma County a valuable lesson that will soon make its way north and congratulations to Assemblymember Levin.

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