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Sonoma County Water Agency seeking grants to aid conservation efforts


Sonoma County Water Agency officials have targeted $255,000 in nonprofit grant funds to assist study of the Russian River watershed and launch a pair of conservation projects.

One of the water-saving projects aims to help the agency detect leaks on residential accounts.

The grants would come from the California Water Foundation, a Sacramento-based nonprofit that supports investment in sustainable management of the state’s water supply.

County supervisors, who act as the Water Agency’s board of directors, gave the go-ahead Tuesday to apply for the funds.

Lester Snow, the California Water Foundation’s executive director, suggested the grant award is nearly a done deal and that final approval could come by the end of this year.

The grant recognizes the county’s efforts to balance economic and environmental needs in managing its water supply, he said.

“Too many agencies in California are worried just about filling the pipe,” he said. “Here the approach is much more progressive.”

Snow served as California’s natural resources secretary in 2010 and was previously the director of the state’s Department of Water Resources. He was present Tuesday for the board’s green-light of the grant application.

The Water Agency is set to dedicate $110,000 of its money to the four programs. They include:

Development of a web-based mapping and data system that incorporates real-time water and weather information on the Russian River watershed.

Development of a model showing the relationship of surface water to groundwater in the upper Russian River, from the Dry Creek confluence to Lake Mendocino.

Installation of approximately 100 devices on residential accounts to detect leaks and the accuracy of current meters in registering leaks.

Launch of a pilot program that would allow the sale of efficiency credits between customers who come in below their normal water usage and those who exceed their threshold.

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5 Responses to “Sonoma County Water Agency seeking grants to aid conservation efforts”

  1. Que Sera says:

    Where does the CWF get the funding from that they are handing our? Chances are they are requesting grants from federal govt!
    Arent we once again spending money the nation doesnt have?

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  2. Frank says:

    please replace with this post thank you

    Don’t matter what governor is in office, they all make appointments that affect our lives in a very negative way,, loss of property and water rights granted to the people (special interest environmental groups do nothing for revenue), the last few knuckle heads ( governors)did nothing to prevent the voting and signing of a bill that put a specialized private sector industry on its knees and a huge revenue loss for California, let-alone what I can say the State of California has done to the Farmers, Ranchers, Dairy’s, .
    Now three years later, the State of California wants to get in on this action they themselves have outlawed, using the very same technology used by the now outlawed private sector.
    It’s unfair to pick on just any one man/woman all the democrats and most republicans (censorship is alive and well here at WSC) present voted for this bill.
    The very sad part is that a lot of experienced private sector people tried very hard to get the message across no avail minds were made up (EIRs)<- you know that feel good science
    I’d like to point out the big diff on this; you know the Pros and Cons. The private sector had always paid a huge tax, fees and other expenses (permit to operate in the State) and the effects were always positive. Pros, Revenue for the state, cleaner water and a small income for people, you know, the taxpayer.
    Cons; California loss of revenue, dirty water
    Now, SWRCB wants to do this at taxpayer’s expense and is seeking millions maybe even billions to run this very same process the private sector has done for about 50 years, remember is now outlawed.
    In a test program not long ago by (SWRCB own admission), experimenting on the effectiveness using a private sector 4” dredge ( outdated), two volunteers (inexperienced) on the American River known as a hot spot the testing showed the dredge had a 98% recovery on elemental mercury. Soo, guberment armed with this info, $300,000.00(taxpayer monies) a new shiny dredge test on Combie Reservoir. Long and short, the guberment (I will use their numbers) had between 85% and 95% recovery success on elemental mercury ( <–their bragging folks)
    This is not about the environment or keeping water s clean

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  3. Jen says:

    Here’s a novel idea – stop reproducing or letting more people move in here. We live in a semi arid environment. Adapt.

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  4. Wilson says:

    The SCWA operates at direction of the Board of Supervisors.

    A few years ago, the BoS filed a very long overdue water plan with the state. In it, they asked to increase their take of water from the Russian River and its aquifer by 30%.

    The SCWA had and still has contracts with local cities for more water than they have the rights for. They needed more water to cover their existing contracts. Not only did the state turn down the increase, they told the SCWA to drop its water take by 20%.

    That is the real reason behind this new round of conservation efforts. Way to spin around the truth, PD.

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  5. James Bennett says:

    Another unelected “agency” spending your money, making decisions that will change your life. Grant money is puts us on the fiscal hook.

    Kinda like using your credit card to pay a hitman, to hit you.

    This is part of the model.

    How to take over a society from the inside out.

    This alphabet of unelected coalitions, “advisory boards” and committees are producing OUR show.

    We’re on the outside watching pre-recorded episodes.

    This is a re-run all across our Country.

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