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Gorin boosts lead in final supervisor election results

Santa Rosa City Councilwoman Susan Gorin has sealed her victory over rival Santa Rosa Councilman John Sawyer in the 1st District Sonoma County supervisor’s race. Gorin led Sawyer by 1,299 a day after the election. She increased that margin by 483 votes in the final results released by the county Friday.

Susan Gorin, John Sawyer.

She earned 24,033 votes, or 51.9 percent, to Sawyer’s tally of 22,251 votes, or 48.1 percent.

Gorin claimed victory the day after the election on the strength of her previous lead. Sawyer also conceded, acknowledging final results, including additional mail-in and provisional ballots, were not likely to change the outcome of the race.

On Friday Gorin said she was happy to have that outcome confirmed.

“I’m excited that the vote will be certified and that my lead has held and widened just a bit,” Gorin said.

The 1st District encompasses Sonoma, Sonoma Valley and eastern Santa Rosa. It was the only Board of Supervisors seat up for election last month.

— Brett Wilkison

7 Responses to “Gorin boosts lead in final supervisor election results”

  1. Snarky says:

    Will we EVER be told who the local cops were that were caught in ILLEGAL election material mailings that targeted Gary Wysocky?

    They were found in violation of law and fined accordingly yet the Press Democrat REFUSES to IDENTIFY them despite the routine identification of other criminals.

    And speaking of criminal cops, where is the update on that Santa Rosa Junior College cop charged with stealing public funds and how long was that going on ???

  2. Robert Shannon says:

    Same old Republicans, acting like they won when they lost BIG. Their warning should go to John Sawyer and their big developer buddies to heed the mandate voters gave: People in this county care about their air, their environment and a fair deal for working for people.

  3. Beef King says:

    I hope Susan Gorin learns the lesson offered in the defeat of Michael Allen and his chain of corruption.
    The lesson is simple- serve ALL your constituents and avoid the allure of power offered by special interest groups.
    Mr. Levine knows this to be true, and it does apply at the Supervisor level as well.
    Good luck to Ms. Gorin.

  4. Steve B. says:

    And what about the other races–Sebastopol? Santa Rosa? did any of those results change?

  5. Terry says:

    I hope Ms. Gorin will recognize that almost half of the voters in this district voted for her opponent thus meaning she needs to represent them too and not just her special interests (North Bay Labor Council, SEIU, OE3, etc.). She needs to govern from the center and be fair to all, not just for those these interests represent. Otherwise her fate will be similar to the one term of Michael Allen. We will see.

  6. Sue St. Claire says:

    The election really changed nothing on the board of stupidvisors. The little bored that can’t will continue on the same track of spending, spending, spending meanwhile the deficit grows and grows like a barnyard weed patch covered in political fertilizer.

    Will the pension deficit be resolved? No, SEIU will remain a major political force in the county and they have another politican in their back or front pocket.

    The unfortunate and fewer and fewer businesses and homeowners will feel the lash of more and more taxes and regulations.

    That is the result when you elect a socialist to an important county office.

  7. inside9 says:

    Do we ever get to hear the final results of the Sebastopol City Council election or do we have to bring in outside observers to recount?

    The registrar’s website shows Jacob and Eder won with Kathleen Shaffer coming in third. The margin grew from 9 to 62 votes for the second place. Final or not?