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The Last Word: Week of Nov. 18

 And this week’s winners are:

“Looking for talented biographer. Must be young, attractive, discreet and love life in general.”
 – MARK BERUBE, Santa Rosa 

“How was I to know? I didn’t think anyone could read my emails.”

“‘CIA for Dummies,’ By Gen. David Petraeus”
– STEVE POWLES, Santa Rosa 

“If we end up going to trial over our relationship, we’ll use the Twinkie defense!”


Every week, we’ll post a new cartoon on Watch Sonoma County and invite you to write the caption. Enter the contest by posting your caption below. Vote for your favorite by clicking “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on each entry.

PD staff will select several winners and publish them every Friday on the Forum page in the Empire News section. Want a shot? Leave your real name and your email address for verification.

The cartoons are drawn by Gary Varvel, who has served as political cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star since 1994.

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65 Responses to “The Last Word: Week of Nov. 18”

  1. Trey Dunia says:

    I’m going to teach everyone a lesson by blowing the whistle on Santa Tracker…

  2. richard smith says:

    At your next party you want to play,”Pin the metal on the jackass!” That’s really funny Jill!

  3. Dale Stout says:

    Welcome to the Sinful Intelligence Agency.

  4. Dale Stout says:

    I think we’ve been exposed.

  5. Can we expect an invitation to the White House Christmas party? Don’t even ask. But I can tell you right now your biography of me will make the “Best Sellers” list for at least ten years.

  6. Dan J Drummond says:

    Classified: The Female Drone project is near completion. We thank you for interest in volunteering as a human test subject to test her usefulness in avoiding your dilemma.

  7. James Bennett says:

    Dear Mom,
    tell the truth or lie for ‘em?
    Either way I’m screwed.

  8. Dan J Drummond says:

    Hey, I also made you a video. But you probably shouldn’t watch it on the plane.

  9. Dan J Drummond says:

    Frank-lie my dear, I don’t give a damn.

  10. val cordova says:

    Dear Former Pres. Clinton; I would like to run a few “things” by you. I heard you have a way with “things”.

  11. Frank says:

    How convinant for Obama. The MSM ignors what really happened at Benghazi. Four dead Americans. Four top commanders are fired. Why? Because two of them wanted to go into the Embassey to save those Americans. They where told to stand down. Obama knew what was happening with in the hour of the first attack. Gen. Hamm, went ahead and started to make ready for ground troops to go to the Embassy. The Navy commader for the air craft carrier group ordered his planes to make ready. They were told to stand down. Four dead Americas and four top commders were fired. The White House created the story that they had affairs. Now, you dummies voted for this tyarant. And now, because of Israel’s war with Gaza, the whole story is buried. Get ready for the next coming event. More distractions from the white hourse. On November 6th, my America died.

  12. Al Cohen says:

    “This is confidential, top secret, restricted information , and for my eyes only. So tell me, what are you wearing?”

  13. Mark Berube says:

    “So many new opportunities, General Motors, General Electric, General Mills. What do you think Jill?”

  14. Mark Berube says:

    Looking for talented biographer. Must be young, attractive, discreet and love life in general.

  15. richard smith says:

    Please don’t name your next novel,”General Betrayus”!

  16. Kellie Ambrose says:

    Welcome to fortune tellers.com, You should get use to bars on your windows.

  17. Richard Smith says:

    Thanks for letting me write, ” The General and the Peasant Girl” chapter!

  18. Kellie Ambrose says:

    Now that’s what I call a debriefing.

  19. Dan J Drummond says:

    All In: The Education of General David Petraeus

  20. Dan J Drummond says:

    Sure I’ll do a Viagra commercial; my wife now spends most of my $220,000 annual military pension.

  21. Dan J Drummond says:

    So I’m guessing Operation “All In” is all over?

  22. Dan J Drummond says:

    Oh, RINO, we love you even if you were an Obama Republican.

  23. John Claeys says:


  24. Dan J Drummond says:

    Happy birthday to yoooooou
    Happy birthday to yoooooou
    Happy birthday dear Di-rect-or
    Happy birthday to yooooooooooou

  25. Dan J Drummond says:

    America SHOULD reduce military spending. The Department of Defense has a $550-700 billion budget, while the agency that protects our water and air from polluters only gets $8-10 billion!

  26. Steve Powles says:

    Paula the only officers I know that are still willing to date you are Captain Kangaroo and Colonel Sanders.

  27. Steve Powles says:

    C.I.A For Dummies By General David Petraeus

  28. Steve Powles says:

    No one will ever guess my password is actually the word password.

  29. Bill Paris says:

    I have just been notified we are both off the White House Christmas card list. I told you that would happen.

  30. Bob Charbonnier says:

    So tell me, how did you come up with “All Out” for the title of your second bio of me?

  31. Dale Stout says:

    Here’s your daily debriefing.

  32. Jeff Allee says:

    No Paula, we can’t spend Christmas together now.

  33. Dale Stout says:

    You do your best work undercover.

  34. Dale Stout says:

    Fire for effect.

  35. richard smith says:

    Don’t worry,I think we’re still covered by, “Don’t ask,don’t tell”!

  36. Dale Stout says:

    All hands on deck.

  37. Dale Stout says:

    Ready for maneuvers, General?

  38. Dale Stout says:

    Care to debrief me?

  39. Dale Stout says:

    You deserve an award for distinguished service.

  40. Dale Stout says:

    Here’s your daily briefing.

  41. Dale Stout says:

    Reporting for active duty, Sir.

  42. Dale Stout says:

    Victoria’s Secret is top secret.

  43. Dale Stout says:

    As CIA Director, you need to keep abreast of this situation.

  44. Dale Stout says:

    For your eyes only.

  45. Steve Marshall Kenwood says:

    I haven’t been under fire like this since Vietnam.

  46. Roger Steinhorst says:

    This is just between you and me ….no one else will ever know.

  47. Bill Paris says:

    I have alway used a PC but I can easily change to a PB platform.

  48. Al Cohen says:

    Everything will turn out alright Paula, there is an old saying,”All’s an affair in love and war”.

  49. Mark Bowman says:

    Paula, this is classified, so I’m going to use secret CIA coding: The tacks-atay on enghazi-Bay were done by errorists-tay.

  50. Mark Bowman says:

    And then, when I was nine, I got a new bike for Christmas . . . Are you as turned on as I am right now?

  51. Frank says:

    I swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth

    Lets use the Clinton defense, everybody liked him

  52. Roger Steinhorst says:

    How was I to know, I didn’t think anyone could read my emails.

  53. Steve Kennaugh says:

    Now for that elusive “Second Act” to sell my caliente new and improved biography!

  54. Steve Kennaugh says:

    You fell on your sword for your feckless leader like a true warrior!

    Attaboy! O

  55. Steve Powles says:

    Do you spell idiot with one T or two?

  56. Steve Powles says:

    I can’t stop googling myself.

  57. John Gianfermi says:

    “Dear John McAfee,
    Can you do something about Jill Kelley?”

  58. richard smith says:

    If we end up going to trial over our relationship, we’ll use the twinkie defense!

  59. John Claeys says:

    WOW! Runner, skier, surfer, wife;Mom! ahem, Mom? Is it hot in here, or is it just ME? hmmm, “Nice on the hips, tomorrow on the lips!”

  60. Julius Orth says:

    You’ve got mail!…Dear General, we regret to inform you that your libido makes you unfit to protect this country.

  61. Julius Orth says:

    General…even with all those medals you do not pass uniform inspection…your fly is undone and so is your career.

  62. Julius Orth says:

    This is a warning from your computer…as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency this is not very smart.

  63. Al COHEN says:

    “Now that we’re using the Junior Dick Tracy secret code system that should stump those F.B.I. boys.”

  64. richard smith says:

    Our plan is working perfectly darling. All this attention will make my book a huge best seller,and we can finally run away together!

  65. Dan Drummond says:

    cc: NYT, AP, WSJ