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GUEST OPINION: Vote yes on Propositions 30 and 38


The California School Boards Association, which represents more than 1,000 school districts, has endorsed Proposition 38 along with Proposition 30. I too support this position because both propositions are good for schools, and they would provide critically needed revenues.

Ron Kristof.

Since 2008, deep cuts have taken $20 billion in revenue from education and more than 40,000 educators have lost their jobs statewide. The goal of Propositions 38 and 30 is to restore personnel, programs and services to students who have been lost as a result of our budget crisis and the inability of the state to do its job. If neither proposition passes, another $6 billion will be cut from state educational funding, which will mean the equivalent of cutting another three weeks of school, putting California at or near the bottom of the nation in another educational ranking, along with class sizes and per-pupil spending.

Even if either or both propositions pass, California schools would still be 14 percent below 2008 funding levels. The passage of Propositions 38 and 30 is thus a floor, a line in the sand if you will, that will allow us to start rebuilding California’s education system.

Voters need to be aware of the differences between Proposition 38 and 30. For example, the passage of Proposition 30 would eliminate the need for additional mid-year cuts. One aspect of Proposition 38 focuses on early childhood education. Proposition 30 raises revenue through a combination of a temporary quarter-cent sales tax and progressive income tax increases on top earners. Proposition 38 uses a more inclusive, but steeper progressive income tax increase that tops out at 2.2 percent for taxpayers who earn more than $2.5 million.

The sunset for the Proposition 38 tax increases is 12 years, whereas for Proposition 30 the sunset is 2017 for the sales tax increase as 2019 for the income tax increase.

Gov. Jerry Brown along with the California Teachers Association, the California Federation of Teachers, the California School Administrators Association and other labor groups are supporting Proposition 30. Molly Munger, a civil rights attorney, and the California PTA are the main supporters of Proposition 38. Tom Torlakson, California’s superintendent of education, and the California School Boards Association support both measures. These individuals and groups are all dedicated to providing California’s children with the best education possible.

California’s messy system of government, which too often relies on the initiative process to rectify real or perceived injustices or to promote special interests, has historically produced propositions on the same ballot that have had conflicting language. If both pass, then negotiations take place after the fact. Often the courts get involved. The Legislature might be prompted to produce new laws on the subject.

According to the California School Boards Association’s legal counsel, if both 38 and 30 were to pass, there most likely would be negotiations regardless of the stated language that the proposition that receives the most votes would prevail. I, as a lifelong educator and currently as a trustee for Santa Rosa City Schools, would like to have this problem.

Passage of Propositions 38 and 30 will establish the floor from which we can begin to rebuild California’s beleaguered education system. The ideal would be to have the best of each of these propositions to re-establish this base. Without this floor, our school system will continue to deteriorate beyond recognition and we will have further short-changed our children and all Californians.

I urge you to not just vote yes on Proposition 30 but on Proposition 38 as well. More than 56 percent of the funding for public schools comes from Sacramento. Send them the message.

Ron Kristof, a former teacher at Piner and Santa Rosa high schools, is a member of the Santa Rosa school board.

41 Responses to “GUEST OPINION: Vote yes on Propositions 30 and 38”

  1. Californian says:

    @Public School Tracher, I too work in a Sonoma County school district. What “feel good” programs are you referring to? Examples?

  2. Perspective from a public school teacher says:

    Mockingbird: I teach in a local public school and I will be voting no on both 30 and 38. While I have parents donate supplies to my classroom and I pay for essentials out of my own pocket there is still incredible waste at my school and in my district. Every day I see money spent on “feel good” programs that have zero impact on the academic success of students. As I’ve said before, if Kerry Benefield used the Freedom Of Information Act to access, review, and report the specifics of local school district budgets the taxpayers would be horrified. There are also millions of dollars being wasted every year in Sonoma County alone due to the fact that we have forty school districts with all the duplication of administrative resources that brings with it. We don’t need more money for schools. We need more economies of scale and more efficient use of our existing resources. Until the millions of dollars that are being wasted every year are utilized properly taxpayers should just say no to additional taxes.

  3. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Accountable-the days are less in California BECAUSE we are 47th of all the states in what we spend for education. 47th. That’s the reason for the tax hike. Everytime cuts are made to education, DEMANDED BY THE REPUBLICANS AND THE BUDGET, our children suffer. Days have been cut. If Prop 30 DOES NOT PASS, there will be even more days cut. My grandson’s teacher has sent a list home of all supplies the classroom will need asking for donations. On that list are things I got for free when I was in grammar school because the SCHOOL provided them along with textbooks.

    Everytime we raise the number of children in a classroom, cut hours and days off the school year, cut curriculum like art, PE, music, social studies, science we ARE SHORTCHANGING OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. Teaching to a test does not make intelligent children with critical thinking and problems solving skills.

    I went to school at 9:00 and got off at 3:30. The reason for the late start was because most of the children were bussed in (FREE), some 60 miles round trip. My tiny little school had music and we could borrow the instruments, art, business classes, science, spanish, PE and I was able to graduate and go to college. I passed the college English proficiency test with ease so I wouldn’t have to take English.

    The biggest gripe colleges have about their new students is that they can’t write.

    We Californians can do better. We need to invest in schools because our children are our future’s strength. The dumbing down of our children JUST HAS TO STOP.

    Vote YES ON 30.

  4. Accountable says:

    @mockingbird-you have on numerous occasions complained about incompetent co-workers or ones that don’t pull their weight. It is no different in a school district. It sounds like your children or grandchildren went to Bennett Valley, which has a good reputation. But there are A LOT of incompetent teachers out there, and it is virtually impossible to get rid of any teacher EVEN if they commit a felony at school against children. CTA killed AB1530, which would allow schools to fire sexual predators. I refuse to pay additional taxes into a system where there is no accountability.

    By the way, when I was in school we had 1 teacher for 20-25 children. Instructional time was 6-1/2 to 7 hrs per day. Minimum days were few & far between. Veteran teachers pay was at the median level, not twice the median level like today. Now in Sonoma County, instructional time is around 5 hours per day, with weekly minimum days. Heck, Chicago schoolteachers just negotiated to increase instructional time from 5.75 to 7 hrs per day. If California education is so poor, how about increasing instructional time per day?

  5. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    SNARKY-an isolated case of child abuse and molestation DOES NOT TAR AND FEATHER ALL TEACHERS. Your reasoning for voting no on Prop 30 is skewed.

    MOST teachers are dedicated to their students and try to find ways to reach each and every one of them. MOST teachers spend a chunk of their paycheck to get materials and teaching supplies for their classroom. Most teachers coming out of college have HUGE school loans to pay back. Most teachers have too many children in their classrooms and can’t be as effective.

    I can’t say enough about teachers. I cannot believe you think so little of what they do.

    Now if you had mentioned Sonoma Counties 42 school districts I would have been with you. BUT THAT’S NOT THE TEACHERS FAULT.

  6. Liz says:

    There can not be a yes win on both 30 and 38 if they both pass then the politicians in Sacraments get to choose what prop they want to use. Only one can be used.
    Both of these props should be a NO vote, they have taxed us many times in the past and the money has been misused and waisted.

    Prop 30 Governor Brown is using “bully budgeting” by threatening the voters, “vote for this tax increase or I’ll cut education!”
    The revenues from this proposition are not guaranteed, in fact could change significantly year to year and come in far below projections.
    Governor Brown claims that the revenues would be used for “education”, but reality is that there is no guarantee or requirement that the revenue be allocated for education funding. What will happen is that the money from this prop will go to the schools but the money that was already going to the schools will be redirected elsewhere leaving the schools in the exact same place.

    Prop 38 This will drive our top income earners, those providing jobs for the rest of us, out of the state.
    Prop 38 would throw $120 billion in new tax dollars into a new unaccountable state bureaucracy.
    Prop 38 targets small businesses that file their taxes as individuals and not as corporations. Even businesses that make as little as $30,000 would see their taxes raised.
    Hidden in the fine print is a mandate that prohibits any changes to the law until 2024, even in the case of waste, fraud, or abuse.
    Nothing here will help the schools and only harm small businesses further destroying the state.

  7. Snarky says:

    TAX INCREASES IMPOSED BY Prop 30 are retroactive to January of THIS year.

    Vote “NO” on Prop 30…

    Or pay higher taxes… starting THIS year.. 2012.

    So reports the Sacramento Bee. Google it.

  8. Grapevines says:

    Juvenal says “This often repeated canard is complete BS. Please see US Supreme Court decision Hudson v. CTA.”

    This ruling you cite may apply in a right to work State, but California is noway, nowhere, and probably will never be, a right to work State. That concept would gag the union honcho’s who control the Democratic Party here. They have both the politician and the justice department firmly in their back pockets so they can sit on them and suppress any semblance of common sense toward the taxpayers in this State who just have to keep ponying up for more and more. And getting less and less.

    Welcome to George Orwell’s concept of 1984 being practiced in California every day, of every year.

    Here’s how it stacks up:

    I) the upper-class Inner Party, the elite ruling minority (Democrats, Unions)
    (II) the middle-class Outer Party,(Republicans)
    (III) the lower-class Proles (from proletariat), who make up 85% of the population and represent the uneducated working class. (Taxpayers)

    As the government, the Party controls the population with four ministries:

    The Ministry of Peace (Minipax), who deal with war,(Governor)

    The Ministry of Plenty (Miniplenty), who deal with rationing and starvation, (Lt Governor)

    The Ministry of Love (Miniluv), who deal with torture, (Attorney General) and

    The Ministry of Truth (Minitrue), who deal with propaganda (Controller)

    Are you learning how to communicate in “Doublespeak?”

  9. Follower says:

    President Obama said last Friday “Too often past attempts to streamline government got caught up in beltway politics and power struggles that prevented meaningful consolidation.”.

    So even a Big Government Liberal like Obama knows that once you create a Government bureaucracy it’s almost impossible to reign it in and EVERY NEW TAX INCREASE CREATES OR GROWS BUREAUCRACY.

    When is it enough?

    How far are we going to take this?

    Will we just keep growing Government, raising taxes to fund that growth until every American has their own personal Government guardian angel making sure we don’t do anything that may be harmful to ourselves? Making sure we each get our “fair share” of our neighbor’s wealth?

    In Jerry Brown’s new “please give us more money” ads he sights “The California Dream”.
    As a native Californian I don’t remember any time when “The California Dream” meant more taxes and bigger Government.
    Sounds more like a nightmare too me!

    Jerry Brown & people of his ilk sincerely believe that the reason we are in the mess we are in is because we failed to grow the Government enough.

    As much as I hate to quote that nut case Savage, I have to admit he was right when he wrote “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.
    There is just no other logical explanation for such irrational thinking.

    And I’m not referring to Jerry Brown’s “thinking” because I completely understand his motives. He just wants more power (money) to grow his own personal legacy.

    It’s the sheeple in support of this insanity that need mental help.

  10. Facts Ron? says:

    Ron, you know what’s missing from your opinion piece? Any facts showing how Santa Rosa City Schools has cut back on district office salaries.

  11. Snarky says:

    Two entirely separate but similar public school related news items. A school Principal and a teacher involved in sex scandal.

    WHAT IF it were YOUR daughter?

    Think about how out of control the public school system is. These stories are happening all the time, now.

    Principal Arrested On Student Sex Allegation

    San Francisco Chronicle, online
    Published 7:01 p.m., Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) — A San Bernardino County high school principal has been arrested on accusations that he engaged in a sexual relationship with a former student and has resigned his position.


    “Chula Vista Teacher Suspected Of Sex With Student”

    The Associated Press
    Published: Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012 – 8:44 pm

    CHULA VISTA, Calif. — “Police say a teacher who was honored this month as a top educator in San Diego County has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with a student.”

    “32-year-old Terrence Smith was arrested Monday after a former student told police she had numerous sexual encounters with him while she was a student at Chula Vista High School.”


    Vote “NO” on Prop 30. The schools need discipline in spending, hiring, and firing… not more financial welfare at YOUR expense.

  12. Robert says:

    Just vote NO on ALL new taxes and bonds!

  13. Paul says:

    Ron, talk to us about the FORTY school districts within Sonoma County. EXPLAIN why this 40X redundancy is necessary. These are not the far flung reaches…it’s Sonoma County, with about 1600 square miles and as of 2000, around half a million population. You don’t need a mule or the pony express to get business done in these districts; it’s all instantly electronically interconnected. All those paper shufflers are NOT teaching. Get rid of 39/40ths of them, then talk to me about tax increases IF they are even still needed. Take it statewide, and see how many MILLIONS of dollars it would save.

  14. Commonsense says:

    “The goal of Propositions 38 and 30 is to restore personnel, programs and services to students who have been lost as a result of our budget crisis and the inability of the state to do its job.”
    Mr. Kristof, your own words work against you. You want the general public to agree to give more to the state who is currently unable to do it’s job. So, we give them more to do what with, apparently based on your own article, they are currently unable or unwilling to do their jobs.
    I’ve already voted and it was a big NO to both 30 and 38. Like most who have posted here, I’m sick and tired of being told to pay up or else. This state really does need a good and real audit and house cleaning before I’ll agree to one more penny. These proposition aren’t about money for the classrooms around this state. They ARE about more money for the State to spend as they see fit, which will depend largely on politics and politicians, not on people’s and communities real needs.

  15. Juvenal says:


    “Governor Jerry Brown has THREE public pensions that he owns on top of his social security.”

    So? If he has, they reflect public service during three distinct segments of his life.

  16. Juvenal says:


    So in the lyrics of the old song, “this is dedicated to the one I love,” the song might actually be dedicated to the nasty SOB down the street, whether I like him or not?


  17. Juvenal says:


    “My next door neighbor’s kid got her teaching credentials and got a job teaching. Does not matter if she joins the union or not, she’s going to have to pay union dues whether she wants to or not.”

    This often repeated canard is complete BS. Please see US Supreme Court decision Hudson v. CTA.

  18. Jim says:

    Read the language of Prop 30. The money stolen through the “temporary” tax increase is “DEDICATED” for education, not REQUIRED to go to education.

    “Dedicated” means it goes into the General Fund. For those who are unaware of government accounting, the General Fund is the pool of money the government taps for basically all functions. They can, and do, spend it however they want.

    The track record of new taxes going into the General Fund is poor. I have seen money raised through sales tax increases and bond measures for the widening of the Novato Narrows multiple times. Where did that money go? Into the General Fund and wasted elsewhere, that’s where.

    But hey, THIS time it will be different. I trust the Legislature to do what they say, don’t you? Well, maybe the money WILL go to education…to the Teacher’s Union!

  19. Jim says:

    I’m not a supporter of any politician, in any level of government. The facts support my contention that the US political system is the most corrupt on Earth. CA is neck-and-neck with Illinois as the most corrupt in the country.

    I stand for the old American proposition that you reap what you sow. That if you work hard you can make a solid life in this country, more so than anywhere else in the world. The endless cries from the government about the “millionaires” who earn $250,000/year is sickening. Why hasn’t anyone questioned the liars on how $250,000 in earnings equates to “millionaire”??

    For anyone who supports Prop 30, read pg A23 in today’s Wall Street Journal (Oct 30). There is an editorial titled “Jerry Brown vs. the 99%”. It spells out how Jerry Brown has been strong-arming corporations to support Prop 30 and how he has threatened anyone who has contributed to stopping Prop 30.

    Prop 30 is just another in an endless string of theft by the CA government to take more money for the unions that control this state. Prop 32 is being attacked by the unions not because it gives more power to “corporations” but because it lessens the stranglehold that the unions have over every politician in CA. Anyone who believes otherwise is blind to the facts.

    The article lays out the scare tactics being used. The lies about how schools will have larger class sizes if the unions don’t get more money (that’s where prop 30 money will go…if goes to the General Fund for politicians to do what they wish). Funny, in the last 40 years over 1 million teachers have been hired. The number of public school employees has DOUBLED in the last 40 years. Yet, student enrollment has increased only 8.5%. Hmmm, why are class sizes growing? Why doesn’t anyone ask Jerry Brown about that? Why do both Presidential candidates keep talking about schools needing MORE staff when the problem isn’t staffing, it is WASTE and top-heavy administration?

    It is depressing that the American voter is so easily duped. Facts don’t matter, just “R” vs “D”. The problem is that BOTH parties are worthless. Congress is worthless. The CA Legislature is worthless. All they do is pass more laws, more regulations and find new ways to take money from the people to give to their political donors.

    Maybe, just maybe, the argument will move from “R” vs “D” to politicians vs the people. Unfortunately I don’t believe that the populace is intelligent enough to see what is really going on. This is due to the fact that the unions, who control the politicians and the public school system keep the people at an education level where they can’t understand the dire situation that this state and country is in.

  20. Frank says:

    Who would not be in favor of padding there wallet, pension

    My kids need a roof over their heads and food to eat, you know the basics
    Why should a small group of responsible taxpayers be accountable for the States Incompetence? That’s just prejudice
    And for the other, why should the rest of hard working taxpayers pay more taxes for a union that too is incompetent.
    My kids need to learn English not Spanish, need to learn the American Constitution not the Spanish constitution, this is America.
    As for the revenue the state is lacking, I and about 3800 others have had a means to make an income, (pay our share towards revenue) but the State outlawed this method because of the Huffmans and Fienstien types. (Here is the double standard) Diana Fienstien is asking for taxpayer’s monies to do the same outlawed method with the same equipment that has been around for some 50 years and what I and others have done for many years, We paid fees for permits, taxes on the land we don’t own but lease and more proficient doing. ( SWRCB also proves this point)
    The state would have revenue if only it would treat all businesses equal
    You know solyndra vs. gravel company. The former gets up and running within a year, the latter is still fighting environmental laws to get up and running, how long has this been going on
    Voting no on 30 and 38
    Vote yes for Elizabeth Emken and Dan Roberts
    Unemployed Business owner

  21. Sports Fan says:

    With all due respect, Mr. Kristof, I am not voting for Prop 30 or 38 or any other tax increase. I don’t know anyone who is voting for tax increase of any kind.

    Any and all government entities need to get a clue – we are taxed to death and barely able to save for our PRIVATE retirement, let alone fund all the public employee pensions, full benefits, etc., etc., etc.

    Enough is enough. Figure out how to do more with less, just like the rest of us. Get creative and find out how liberating it is to break out of the out-dated union frame of mind that binds you from real reform.

    One of your former students

  22. Snarky has a great point Kerry... says:

    Why doesn’t someone at the PD actually do some investigative reporting instead of just printing self-serving letters like this one from Ron? Do some research and report facts to the readers. Like Snarky did.

  23. No says:

    Combine the 40 districts into 1 and we wouldn’t need a tax increase. No, you can’t have more money, you don’t need it…you need to spend less. No. NO. And hell no.

  24. Snarky says:

    Here’s something published in the San Diego Union Tribune, online, today, in the Watchdog section.

    Take a close look at total compensation of “Schools Chiefs” @ MORE than $300,000 annually. And notice they are actually being given pay raises !!!!

    “”Amid the ongoing budget crisis affecting schools statewide, six superintendents in San Diego County have seen their base salaries increase more than 10 percent in the past two years.

    “”The average total compensation — which includes salary and benefits such as retirement contributions, medical insurance and auto allowances — is about $232,000. Five of the school chiefs receive more than $300,000 in total compensation…. “”


    Its an election year, Press Demo, and time for you to start publishing information that will help voters understand the issues.

  25. Sheryl says:

    This November there are at least 10 different measures or propositions looking to take more of your money. Anyone think that isn’t ridiculous?

  26. Grapevines says:

    I just found out how “entrenched” the teacher’s unions are. My next door neighbor’s kid got her teaching credentials and got a job teaching. Does not matter if she joins the union or not, she’s going to have to pay union dues whether she wants to or not.

    It seems that to work in a school as a teacher in California, you have to pay the union dues. Which means that your already in the pocket of the politicians again, if you like it or not.

    This seems to be more self serving to 1) the politicians and 2) the union officials than it is to either the students or the taxpayers.

    I say throw them all out and lets start over with somebody with more common sense than what we’re seeing here.

    Sure wouldn’t take much to get better than what we have now.

  27. Snarky says:

    Governor Jerry Brown has THREE public pensions that he owns on top of his social security.

    And, those pensions don’t die when he dies… they continue paying to his younger, surviving wife.

    Just something to keep in mind every time you hear the greedy POS giving speeches regarding Prop 30.

    And keep in mind.. he threatened YOUR children’s education with cuts … rather than cut the public pensions that are bankrupting CA cities and counties.

    Vote “NO” on Prop 30. Don’t let the political parasites steal any more of YOUR money than they already do.

  28. Accountable says:

    @Public School Teacher is correct. The waste in Sonoma County school districts is deplorable. Highly paid administrators doing nothing until retirement. SRCS School Board is stacked with educators, so they are invested in maintaining the status quo. We’ve had great teachers, but an equal number of incompetent teachers. Parents complain until they are blue in the face, but the teacher’s union makes it impossible to fire incompetent or insubordinate teachers. And, spare me the union line that the Administrators don’t want to take the time to document and fire. The teacher’s union in L.A. wouldn’t let the Administration fire a pedophile, commiting a felony at school while teaching. No on raising any taxes until the teacher’s union stops protecting their own and puts children’s education ahead of their own personal interests.

  29. James Bennett says:

    If most parents knew the curriculum being taught to their kids they’d be sharpening their pitchforks, not their pencils.

    Why doesn’t the P.D. do a story on the most life changing Propositions ever.
    Prop. 31: Agenda 21 on steroids.
    Prop. 37: Should poison food be labeled?

    Life ‘n Liberty.

    Prop. 31 speaks to how we will live.
    Prop. 37 speaks to if we will live.

    Why aren’t these once in a lifetime issues on this political forum?

  30. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    I’m voting yes on both. I abhore that Sonoma County has 40 school districts. I would love that all the schools were under one school district “Sonoma County Public Schools”. Bennett Valley school district has 2 schools in it and the children end up going to Slater and Montgomery. It’s crazy.

    But I want my grandchildren educated. Teachers end up spending their own money for classroom supplies and teaching resources. I want my grandchildren children to have what I had (and I went to a very poor school) and that’s free bus rides, free borrowed instruments and music and art lessons, other enrichment classes so that they can have more choices in their future.

    I’m willing to pay more.

  31. Rick Stevenson says:

    Teachers unions are corrupt and and out of touch with both the public and the individual teacher. They ignore the public’s desire for reform yet force teachers to pay up to $100/month to support dubious political campaigns that rarely affect teaching.

    Kids are simply pawns used by teachers unions for more money. Watch, after the public says no to 30 & 38 they will ask for a parcel tax. Disgusting and sad.

  32. Reality Check says:

    The rebuilding of California’s “beleaguered education system” will come about only when the various vested interests that run our schools stop using them for their own benefit.

    For years, the growth in non-teaching staff exceeded student growth by a wide margin; per student spending increased with no improvement in education; raises, perks, and fringe benefit increases came first at contract renewal time.

    Meanwhile, more money has been the cry of the “don’t rock the boat” crowd.

    It’s time to rock the boat. Our schools need real reform, not more money. If anything, more money will just maintain the status quo of giving American children a second-rate education.

  33. Manuel Delgado says:

    If Santa Rosa City School District needs more money, then they should fire Mr. Willie Swindle, he is the Special Ed teacher that was hitting our son at Santa Rosa High School.Yes, Mr. Swindle is still teaching at Santa Rosa High.

  34. Billy C says:

    A THOUSAND school districts? that’s a THOUSAND superintendents making over 200k
    a year. ($200,000,000) What about the cost of teaching “undocumented” non English speaking kids who get free breakfast and lunch? how much does that cost?
    How many UC coaches make over a few MILLION
    dollars a year?
    The way this State burns through money
    needs to be addressed before we start Tax

  35. A yes vote for prop 30 ends cuts to the current public education funding. A yes vote for prop 38 brings in much needed additional funding for public education. A yes/yes vote for these propositions tells politicians that we intend to turn our failing public education system around and we are demanding logical, sufficient, and stable funding for public education. A yes/yes vote says that we are demanding real, systematic change in support of high quality K-12 Public Education. A yes/yes vote says that fundraising for everything from teachers to toilet paper in not the answer to fixing our Public Education in California.
    For more information and to join our united California voice for better education please visit http://www.educateourstate.org/

  36. D. Whitmire says:

    Want the skinny? So a search for CAlottery and specifically how the money is spent. 1.32 Billion for schools 2011-2012. 25 Billion has been given to schools throughout CA since the Lottery was started. 94cents of EVERY dollar goes back to the Community. Check out the specific school districts in very small towns and read how some have received over One Million Dollars in the past four or six years. It’s an eyeopener. We’re still paying on 5 school bonds; nearly 10% sales tax, and the schools go begging? Then the lesson is….the schools aren’t getting it, and/or those that administer it wouldn’t come crying to the same shallow taxpayer pockets every single election year. Vote NO on 30 & 38. This is nearly a scam! Something is terribly wrong with the way the funds have been handled, so why would anyone think things will be different by throwing more money at them.

  37. No on 30 and 38 says:

    It’s the only way they’ll get the message. You can’t get blood from a turnip. The taxpayers are taxed out. Try cutting spending. At the administrative level.

  38. Jim says:

    Um, no.

    I’m sick and tired of the endless cries for more money from the leeches in Sacramento. Forget it. There is PLENTY of money ripped off from the people already. The problem isn’t revenue, it is waste.

    There are thousands of unnecessary programs in this state. There are hundreds of redundant departments staffed by unneeded employees. There are millions of dollars wasted by every department.

    I know, I’m going to be attacked by those crying for money for teachers. Money for “the kids”. We heard ENDLESS cries from Jerry Brown that the parks were going to be closed (and he closed them for awhile) because of the lack of money. Then, wouldn’t you know it, $54 MILLION was stumbled upon. Hmmm, where were the state auditors? How does $54 million go unaccounted for? Why wasn’t the press all over this?

    Until EVERY program and EVERY department is audited by INDEPENDENT auditors, EVERY penny has been accounted for and the results put out for the voters to see and evaluate, I will not support any tax increase. I don’t care if it is a “temporary” raise (yeah, only a moron believes a tax increase is temporary).

    So pass Props 30 and 38. Raise sales tax. Raise property tax. Raise ALL the taxes. The state is was too far off the cliff already, chasing more high earners, more businesses and more retirees out of the state won’t make much difference at this point. This state needs a completely new Legislature. Until the voters stop voting for the letter “D” and start voting in people who understand finances, these endless tax increase requests will continue.

  39. Critic at Large says:

    The school district in Santa Rosa is too bureaucratic and burden with too many administrators.

    The district has cried before for more tax money. Have the student achievement levels improved? Have the education goals be obtained? The teachers are some of the highest paid in the state. Where are the test results?

    Giving more money to the teachers unions is not the answer. Improving the quality of teaching and showing hard results is the answer. When will of the the talking stop and the results begin? When the teachers stop thinking about their time off and pay and dedicate themselves to their job, teaching students the basics and preparing them for an educated life.

    No on 30 and 38. Fix the foundation, and we can talk about the new furniture in the house of education.

  40. Public School Teacher says:

    As a public school teacher I can tell you there is still plenty of money being wasted at the public school I work at, and in the district that I work for. The taxpayers are still paying for 40 school districts in Sonoma County, unnecessary duplication of administrator salaries, and “feel good” programs that have no positive impact on the classroom or students’ academic performance. Kerry Benefield should do some investigative reporting to uncover some of this wasteful spending and report it to the taxpayers. Kerry: Look through the expense reports of Kenwood, Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Old Adobe, Mark West, etc. for expenses that have zero impact on the classroom and then let voters decide whether they want to tax themselves more. I’m voting NO on both 30 and 38. We don’t need more money, we need to spend what we have more efficiently. As long as the taxpayers keep giving the administrators more money they’ll keep wasting it.

  41. John Pendergast says:

    Sorry Ron, the teets are fresh out of milk.