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Democratic Party mailer portrays Marc Levine as Republican



Marc Levine’s campaign is crying foul over a mailer that portrays the state Assembly candidate who once campaigned for President Barack Obama as a supporter of Mitt Romney.

The mailer, which was sent out over the weekend, was paid for by the California Democratic Party, which is supporting Assemblyman Michael Allen.

Both Allen and Levine, a San Rafael city councilman, are running as Democrats in a newly-created Assembly seat that includes southern Sonoma County and all of Marin County.

The mailer insinuates that Levine supports Republicans and Romney. The mailer includes a photo of Levine at a campaign kick-off for Romney earlier this year in San Rafael, framed within a graphic outline of the GOP elephant symbol.

“Marc Levine doesn’t want you to know about the elephant in the room,” stated the mailer. “Because the elephant in the room is Marc Levine.”

Levine spokesman Leo Wallach on Monday said Levine was invited to speak at the Romney event.

“He told the group that he was a strong Democrat, but reaching out to the whole community as the local candidate,” Wallach said.

Wallach said the mailer reveals Allen’s “desperation and negativity.”

A poll conducted by the campaign showed that Levine held a lead in the race as of early September.

“While Marc Levine was working in the trenches for the Obama campaign in 2008, Michael Allen was working as a paid lobbyist and earning an ethics violation,” Wallach said. “Marc has spent his career helping people, while Michael Allen has helped himself.”

Allen declined to comment on Monday. His campaign issued a statement saying that Allen “did not know, approve or pay for the piece,” but that he is “proud” to be endorsed by the state Democratic Party.

Nearly a third of the money Allen reported receiving from March 18 through May 19 came in $84,000 in non-monetary contributions from the Democratic State Central Committee. Campaign finance reports are again due on Friday.

35 Responses to “Democratic Party mailer portrays Marc Levine as Republican”

  1. Randy Santini says:

    Marc Levine is supported by Monsanto and Western Growers who are attacking Michael Allen for supporting your right to know whats in your food. Ask Levine why he won’t endorse Yes on 37. Levine is hardly the environmental candidate, in fact it is Michael Allen who is endorsed by the Sierra Club, and Sonoma Conservation Action

  2. Jen says:

    There is one glaring reason I will not vote for Allen and will cast my vote for Levine. The massive casino being built in Sonoma County was passed with Allen’s assistance. All Marin and Sonoma county residents should be concerned at the amount of traffic on 101 from this hideous despicable project which Allen helped create. And by the way, Marc Leno voted yes on it, never mind 67% of Sonoma county folk do not want it.
    If you care about the environment, the largest project ever in Sonoma county was created on Allen’s watch with virtually no environmental review. I will vote for Levine due to this alone.

  3. martin v. says:

    I received two mailers today, Oct. 23rd, one against Michael Allen, one for Michael Allen, and one against Mark Levine. Neither was the Elephant in the Room flyer mentioned here.

    The one against Michael Allen said that he had moved to San Rafael because he ‘needed a district to run in.’ That is somehow supposed to be a negative. The mailer did not mention the redistricting that has taken place since the passage of (I believe it’s) Prop 20. One red flag.

    The mailer also says “Michael Allen has never lived in *our* district and doesn’t share *our* values.” And yet this mailer was sent to me by the Family Farmers blah-blah-blah Assn in IRVINE, CA. Why is a big business group telling me about *our* district when they’re in Irvine? Second red flag.

    Lastly, the mailer cites the Marin IJ for its source on Allen’s move to San Rafael. I checked the IJ, and a much more recent article blasts Levine for attending the Mitt Romney fundraiser.

    The mailer supporting Allen comes from the state Democratic Party and carries endorsements from ten ladies in Marin politics, including Rep Woolsey.

    It’s fairly clear what’s going on here. Levine is a DINO (Democrat In Name Only) who is taking money from developers and big business in exchange for helping these rich folks to break their taxes over the backs of union workers.

    Allen has my vote.

    Martin V. – Terra Linda
    Oct. 23, 2012

  4. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    John Galt-you missed my point. He could have just moved over to my area of Santa Rosa.

    By the way, your name says everything I need to know about you. Even Ayn Rand couldn’t live her ideals being supported by her parents so she could hobknob with the rich and famous and living off Social Security and Medicare at the end of her life, both safety nets for the workers of America.

  5. John Galt says:


    You are mistaken. Allen’s Oakmont residence would have made him run against Chesbro in the 2nd AD this time, due to the lines being re-drawn.

    Opportunistically, he saw an open seat with Huffman being termed out, and moved to take it, using the special interest money and backing that he gets as a Sacramento insider.

    @NotAChance- Levine is not running against HIS incumbent legislator- there is no incumbent in the 10th. For you to somehow pretend that Michael Allen is entitled to switch districts and not be opposed is ludicrous.

    And it wasn’t a Romney rally- it was the opening of the Marin Republican headquarters. You sure do play fast and loose with the facts, don’t you?

    This is a sad example of big political money coming in and steamrolling a local candidate.

  6. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it IS a duck. Levine hangs out with the non progressive crowd but claims to be a progressive. Actions speak louder than words. Levine will not represent the people of Sonoma and Marin county but the special interests are eager for him to be elected.
    I will mention again that Allen is NOT a carpet bagger (though I don’t care if he is as long as he represents his constiuency). I live in Santa Rosa and I still get to vote for him like I did last time. The district lines were changed to include Marin County. He could have stayed in Santa Rosa and still run.

    I’m happy to be calling for Micheal Allen. Marin county residents can be assured that he will work just as hard for their county’s needs as hard as he has for the last 2 years for Sonoma, Napa, and Solano.

  7. Grapevines says:

    @Sadie says “if my choice was between to Republicans, I’d abstain.”

    Not TWO Republicans but to Republicans. So I guess that it’s safe to assume that not every voter is a high information voter, this includes many Democrats also??

  8. Dick Tracy says:

    “Levine has spent his entire career helping people?” WHAT career? His career as a trust fund baby?

  9. Not A Chance says:

    Brenda, how sweet of you to bring all of these things up.

    Marc being a member of the executive committee: The idea that a man, having even a single shred of integrity or loyalty, who would run against an incumbent legislator of the same party he sits on the EC for is out of this world. I know many people don’t have the stomach for party politics, but what Marc did was a violation of trust and accountability for the party. He’s a snake who only believes in his ambition.

    President Obama issue: If Marc is such a loyal supporter of the President, why then did he attend a Republican Rally for Romney? We’ve seen the video he was clapping along with the rest of the room after each speaker left the stage. Many of them saying things like “Todd Akin is just a bump in the road”, “President Obama is a failure”, “Mitt Romney is a man of high integrity”. I’m sorry, running for office or not, don’t troll for votes in a room where they are picking apart the president, the same president you supposedly support.

    Marc is getting what he deserves, the party changed their rules that stated no attacking other Dems, because Marc should know better as a former member of the State Committee you never challenge an incumbent who is in leadership.

    Levine also cast a vote to put a target store on coast line in Marin, days later he received a $500 dollar donation to his campaign from the developer for the project, its called pay-to-pay legislating Levine will be controlled by anti environmental developers, because he abandoned his party and their values, he’s obviously found a home on the right.

  10. @Sadie says:

    Actually, history shows that Republicans will by in large will not vote in the AD10 race. With the amount of political polorization we see in National and state politics one would have to expect at least 25% of the Republican electorate will skip the race. There are a number of reasons for this, first, Republicans don’t care for democrats liberal moderate or conservative; second, not every voter is a high information voter, this includes many Republicans, if they have not paid any attention to this race once they get to the voting booth and see two Dems listed they don’t know which is closest to their ideology so they will most likey skip that par of their ballot. I’m a Democrat and I promise you if my choice was between to Republicans, I’d abstain.

  11. brenda says:

    If everyone who received this mailer would just write, “return to sender,” on it and send it back to the CDP, these kinds of attacks would stop.

    And, if memory serves, Mr. Levine is on the CDP Executive Committee, so how is he not a Democrat?

    He also campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the primary in ’08 and was on staff for Barack Obama during the general.

  12. Vinyl Rules says:

    There’s nothing wrong with asking for everyone’s vote, including those from the opposition party. But attending the opening of the opposing party’s local headquarters is a step too far. How would Democrats feel if a Republican elected official showed up at their HQ to campaign? It’s just a bit too slimy for me. And thank you Press Democrat for helping to spread the message that Marc Levine was caught on tape as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  13. Jean Anderson says:

    Two choices from the totalitarian and socialist left with the same old bankrupt policies and corrupt ways of doing business.

  14. Brian Enright says:

    Marc Levine is not ready for prime time. His amatuerish trolling for votes at the GOP headquarters opening is evidence of this but so is his constant attacking of Michael Allen. It shows that he has no ideas or substance and hopes to win a State Assembly seat just by running a negative campaign. When you add to this the fact that he has only been a city council member for a year and a half and has done nothing to distinguish himself, it is no wonder that his campaign can’t get any traction. I and everyone I know are voting for Michael Allen. He has had a career as a lawyer and a nurse and has raised five kids in Sonoma. He’s a strong supporter of public education, sustainable agriculture and local business and I know he can get bills passed because he has a track history.

  15. Sonoma Coma says:

    If you need any more proof that Levine is really a republican, the fact that the right wing republican rag known as The San Francisco Chronicle endorsed him a few days ago!

    We’re on to you Marc! Only union backed Dems for us. How dare you try to represent a broad range of citizens in this new Assembly District.

  16. sadie says:

    Brilliant move, the Republicans will need to vote for a Democrate if they want to participate in the race, so why not show up and ask for votes?

    Sounds like sour grapes from Allen, he wishes he would have thought of that.

  17. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Remember the Democratic Party chooses the best candidate to represent the Democratic party and the voters. Their decision does not involve Michael Allen except for the fact that he IS the best candidate. He’s worked his butt off for the workers and their families in this county for the last 2 years, NOT JUST UNION WORKERS. He represents the middleclass. So don’t blame Michael for being so good at his job that he gets endorsements from everybody.

    Independent expenditures are just that, INDEPENDENT EXPENDITURES. Just like the superpac money from corporations funding Propositions like 32 and saying it will control money from corporations. Lies, upon, lies. Vote NO ON 32 which is really a union busting bill for ALL UNIONS.

  18. Juan Lock says:

    The fact that Marc claims to have had a “career” is downright hilarious. Serving as a volunteer on the board of a couple of internet-based charities is no career. Whether or not you agree with Michael’s politics, there is no arguing for the fact that he has been active in Sonoma County, actually working for the citizens of the district, for longer than Marc has been alive…

  19. Dem Voter says:

    This is Politics.

    Levine slapped the party, the party is slapping back.

    And why in the world is the PD covering a mailer? Just because Levine can’t raise enough money to shoot back doesn’t mean the Newspaper should do it for him.

  20. I don't understand... says:

    Why doesn’t anyone in Marin County want Marc Levine? Michael Allen has listed on his website that he’s endorsed by Gavin Newsom, Lynn Woolsey, Mark Leno, EVERY member of the Marin County Board of Supervisors, and now apparently Joe Nation.

    Is there something I’m missing about this guy?

  21. John of Arc says:

    Terribly disappointed in Levine. Looks like he’s yet another politician who will say and do anything to get a vote.

  22. Political Scientist says:

    Marc Levine is backed by Amy Dutra and her band of environmental pillagers. People SHOULD be worried. Sonoma and Marin counties have been the stronghold for environmental protectionism and the top two is giving developers a chance to destroy the area.

  23. Not A Chance says:

    So Levine says the Republicans invited him? PLEASE!!!!! More lies from Levine, he went there to campaign.

    And Marc, if the Republicans are inviting you to speak, you likely aren’t as “Strong” a Democrat as you’d like to think (they see some Republican in you). If there is one thing Republicans hate its a true blue Democrat, and fortunately for Marc in this instance, he doesn’t fit the bill.

    And before everyone starts saying “this is what he should be doing, reaching out to all voters” I agree, it is, talk to Republicans as much as you want, but mind you surroundings, this was a Romney/Ryan Rally/fundraiser not a weekly Republican central committee meeting. I was upset when I heard about it, because no matter what Levine calls himself, being the entertainment at a rally for Romney turns me off completely.

  24. Thorn says:

    “Marc has spent his career helping people”

    Career? It was my impression that he is unemployed living off his wife’s money.


  25. Lisa Maldonado says:

    Why has the Press Democrat refused to cover Marc Levine’s FPPC violation where he lied about his (lack of) income? Mr Levine has basically been an unemployed slacker for the past 5 years or so, and is either being supported by his wife (which he should have no trouble disclosing-after all there is nothing wrong with that) or is living off some undisclosed trust fund. Instead of just telling the voters plainly how he supports himself with no employment, he lied to a reporter at the IJ and told him that one of his ‘jobs’ was paid employment. The reporter disclosed that he had checked and the job was not paid but was volunteer- at which point Marc Levine quickly (but not smartly) stammered “uh sorry I couldn’t hear you I’m on a cell phone” and admitted he was not paid. If Levine needs to lie about these small things like his source of income, then why would voters believe anything he says. Not to mention that having a Political Party for whom you served as an Executive Board member come out with a mailer AGAINST YOU speaks volumes. Michael Allen talks about issues and bills and things he’s worked on through three careers as a Nurse, a Lawyer and Labor Activist. Marc Levine is an unemployed slacker with no vision and no ideas, who talks about Michael Allen.

  26. Over easy says:

    Allen, bought and paid for by the unions.

  27. Grapevines says:

    One weasel calling another weasel an elephant?

    Wonder what Allen promised in payoffs to get this to happen?

  28. BigDogatPlay says:

    Thanks to California’s new primary rules it’s going to be very entertaining watching two Democrats tear each other apart.

    What’s sad is that my district is likely to be represented by a corrupt political hack like Michael Allen. Even the most progressive of Democrats should be disgusted by his shenanigans.

  29. Time for a Change says:

    Levine is the best of the two democrats running for the district. At least he doesn’t have the SEIU greasy stain of the other candidate.

    Just the usual smear left wing democrat politics at work.

  30. Locke says:

    Curious, why would the Romney campaign invite a candidate running for state office in the “progressive” enclaves of Marin and Sonoma County to speak at a fundraiser? Seems suspicious enough to draw attention to the State Democratic Party.

    Then, one must ask why would the GOP’s front man ostensibly tap a politically “undefined” candidate in a historically Democratic region of the state? Makes me wonder if the Bay Area is in danger of losing its liberal identity. Does this worry you?

  31. Where's the noose? says:

    The mailer was put out by the Democratic Party. How is that a reflection of how Michael Allen is feeling? Oh, yeah. IT ISN’T. It’s just Marc Levine and the PD trying to spin the story.

    The desperate one is Mr. Levine, who was snubbed by the party because he’s managed to alienate everyone in charge, including Speaker of the Assembly, John Perez. Tick off the brass and there’s hell to pay. D’oh. Now Levine’s flailing around trying to pin the mailer on MA.

    You’re going down in flames because you’re a loozer, Mr. Levine, no matter how many hit pieces you get the PD to write about Michael Allen.

  32. The Oracle says:

    How dare they point out Mark Levine has been courting local Republicans.

  33. Camino Alto says:

    We have lot of better examples of DINO’s (Democrat In Name Only) around here than Levine. Still one group finally stood up to this behavior and shined a light on it. That in itself is a positive. How about more, PD? Don’t we deserve the truth?

    Neither Levine nor Allen has the slightest appeal to me. Neither of these clowns will get my vote. I dislike both equally so I can’t even pick the lesser of two evils. This race reminds me of South Park, Season 8, Episode 8.

  34. Terry says:

    This shows that the Mike Allen camp must be scared and desperate.

  35. voter says:

    This piece is just like the one used by Tiolet when she was running to be supervisor. It back fired on her, and it should against Allen.