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Allen outraises Levine in 10th Assembly race

Michael Allen



Assemblyman Michael Allen maintained a 2-to-1 fundraising edge over his challenger in their battle for the 10th Assembly District seat, campaign finance records show.

Allen raised $240,852 since July 1, more than double that of Marc Levine, who brought in $113,128. Allen spent $186,279, compared with Levine’s $43,395.

The two Democrats are squaring off in a newly created Assembly district representing all of Marin County, part of Santa Rosa and portions of western and southern Sonoma County.

Allen is a former union leader and current assemblyman, and Levine is a first-term San Rafael city councilman.

Allen’s fundraising this period brought his year-to-date figure to $868,529, compared with Levine, who has brought in $188,268, records show.

Allen has spent $835,656, leaving him with $170,408 in the bank. Levine has spent $181,652 and has a cash balance of $81,588 heading into the final weeks of the campaign.

Marc Levine

Levine on Monday said he can’t compete with Allen dollar-for-dollar. But he characterized his campaign as having more local support because the bulk of his donations have come from within the district.

“It says a lot that my opponent is raising all of his funds from politicians and interest groups in Sacramento and does not have a fundraising base in the district,” Levine said.

Allen on Monday again refused to comment on his campaign as he has done for the past two weeks.

The amount of money flowing into the race reflects its importance to interests outside Sonoma and Marin counties, along with the fact Allen has to re-introduce himself to a new group of voters, said David McCuan, a political scientist at Sonoma State University.

Allen, who owns a home in Santa Rosa’s Oakmont neighborhood, was elected in 2010 to represent the 7th Assembly District, which was redrawn during redistricting last year. He rented an apartment in San Rafael to run for the 10th District.

The race has drawn the attention of a statewide coalition calling itself Family Farmers Working for a Better California, which reported spending $117,126 on Friday to pay for mailers opposing Allen.

The mailers, which started hitting mailboxes over the weekend, depict a photo of Allen with a grin on his face.

“They call Michael Allen The Sacramento Guy,” the mailers state. Elsewhere the mailer states that Allen “moved to our district to run,” has a “history of ethics violations” and is “in the pocket of special interests.”

The trade organizations Western Growers and California Citrus Mutual are identified as the major sources of funding for the mailers.

A spokeswoman for Western Growers did not return a call Monday seeking comment. The agency’s website said it was opposed to Allen’s bill that would have given farmworkers the right to overtime pay after they work more than eight hours in a day or 40 hours a week. The bill, which was backed by the United Farm Workers union, was rejected by the Assembly in August.

Dominic Grossi, president of the Marin County Farm Bureau, said Monday that Allen’s bill caused “a lot of concern” among farmers and growers.

“He didn’t try to work with the agricultural industry,” Grossi said.

McCuan said the money spent by the growers will be a “drop in the bucket” compared to what the groups aligned with Allen will end up spending on his behalf.

“There’s going to have to be some smackdown there to blunt Levine from getting any traction,” McCuan said.

Levine said he had no advance knowledge of the mailers and that if elected he will work to limit the influence of independent expenditure committees, which critics blame for fueling negative campaigns.

Asked whether he was disavowing the mailer, Levine replied, “It’s hard to have any sympathy for Allen since he and his allies have already hit me with false attacks.”

Allen received $10,890 in non-monetary donations this reporting period, the bulk of it from the Democratic State Central Committee.

The other $222,962 came in cash from 92 donors, most of whom are listed in cities outside Sonoma and Marin counties.

Of Allen’s 92 cash contributors, 41 are individuals, businesses or unions from Sacramento, who in total gave $150,700. Another 24 contributors came from Sonoma and Marin counties and kicked in $6,750.

Among Allen’s largest contributors, all of whom gave $7,800 each, were California Professional Firefighters in Sacramento, Northern California Carpenters Regional Council in Oakland and the California Teachers Association in Burlingame.

About 230 individuals and groups donated to Levine’s campaign this period, most of them based in the district in which he is running.

Resource Conservation of San Rafael provided Levine with $3,000 in non-monetary contributions and also donated $1,000 to his campaign.

Levine also accepted a $7,800 donation from the California Association of Realtors in Los Angeles and a $2,000 donation from the California Cattleman’s Association in Sacramento.

His other major donors included the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce ($5,000), Fireman’s Fund of Novato ($1,000) and Dutton Ranch Corp. in Graton ($1,000).

In the 2nd Assembly District race, incumbent Wes Chesbro took in $56,900 this period, bringing his total contributions for the year to $156,962. After expenditures, Chesbro had an ending cash balance of $51,863.

Reports were not immediately available for Chesbro’s opponent, Guerneville contractor Tom Lynch.

In the 4th Assembly District race, incumbent Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada took in $37,110 this period, leaving her with an ending cash balance of $132,105. Her opponent in the race, John Munn, took in $26,451 this period, leaving him with a cash balance of $21,192.

19 Responses to “Allen outraises Levine in 10th Assembly race”

  1. Kay Tokerud says:

    Here is a true test for the voters. Will they vote for a “union boss” that looks and acts like a thug who has also been caught and fined by the FPPC for corruptinn? Or will they vote for a clean Democrat running in a district in which he lives. Allen, who has simply rented an apartment in Marin, moved to escape the voters who know about his FPPC violations and the Sonoma County Grand Jury report that centered on his conflicts of interest in the Lowe’s project application.

    If Allen wins it will be a sad testament to the ignorance of voters who would basically vote for a crook because he has more endorsements. Look at the photo, does this look like a good person? Marc Levine may not be perfect either but he will certainly be a better choice for Assembly. Let’s vote out anyone and everyone who has a bad record already. Give Levine a chance!

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  2. Anthony Angry says:

    With regard to comment by “Levine for Assembly,” am I the only one that finds it hilarious that the rich kid will pay you to be his friend?!

    “We may be outspent, but…” Hahahah!

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  3. Lisa Maldonado says:

    It says a great deal the Marc Levine self professed “local boy” (although he grew up in the East Bay and only moved to San Rafael a few years ago) Has to PAY walkers to knock on doors for him. Any one who has truly served his community would have no problem finding dedicated, committed volunteers who care enough and believe in their candidate enough to walk and phone for him. That’s why Michael Allen has hundreds of working people, environmentalists, nurses, and progressives. Marc Levine is another empty suit who was “born on third and thinks he hit a triple” He has no employment history and lives off of inherited wealth. Mr Allen has worked and put himself through school as a Nurse, as a union leader and as a lawyer. He has had three times the career experience. Additionally his strong endorsements from every group from the Humane Society to the Sierra Club shows that he has voted for all of us in the Assembly. Unlike Mr Levine who is supported by Agribusiness and out of county Real Estate interests (and for that reason refuses to tell voters his view on Prop 37 the anti GMO Initiative) Michael Allen is proud of his support from working families, and environmental groups and leaders like Jared Huffman, Mike Thompson, Norman Solomon, Lynn Woolsey -along with pretty much everyone who has worked with Marc Levine!

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  4. Dick Tracy says:

    @Over Easy

    “This is enough to make you sick! Allen is bought and paid for by the Unions that have milked the system dry.”

    Are you advocating that only trust fund babies are pure enough of heart to hold public office?

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  5. Juvenal says:

    @Levine for Assembly

    “Show Sacramento that we deserve a local voice, and not a distant representative that the Speaker flew in to run!”

    Michael Allen has lived in and around Santa Rosa, a large part of the newly-created district, for 40 years. In exactly what sense has the Speaker flown him anywhere to run? From one end of the district to the other?

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  6. Show Sacramento that we deserve a local voice, and not a distant representative that the Speaker flew in to run! Come walk with Levine for Assembly; we are now hiring paid walkers to work through November 6th. We may be outspent, but we won’t be outgunned, you can help make a difference today!

    Job posting on Craigslist: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/lbg/3330807199.html

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  7. Dick Tracy says:

    “… turns out Levine has been pulling Allen’s signs out of the ground and leaving them trashed in the dirt.”

    Unless the signs were planted in Levine’s own front yard, that sounds pretty rude.

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  8. Tom Lynch says:

    We have donated campaign funds to Mark Levine…Run Mark Run!!!


    Tom Lynch

    Good debate with Assemblyman Chesbro in Eureka last Friday night…another debate in Ft. Bragg Wed. Oct. 10 at the C V Center…6:00-7:30PM

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  9. Tommy Pain says:

    @Over Easy:

    14 bills passed in his first term, and co-authored the pension reform package. Reality might hurt sometimes, but you gotta face it…


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  10. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Over Easy-I can tell you exactly how much SEIU gave directly to Michael Allen. $7,800. That’s what’s allowed by law.

    Unions can spend more COPE funds for independent expenditures but this year SEIU is focusing on the Federal elections, Presidential, Senate, and House. They are also putting money into NO ON PROP 32 AND YES ON PROP 30 to support our schools.

    That’s because unions don’t have that much money due to the union gutting that’s been going on since Reagan was President. While superpacs for the Republicans have BILLIONS at their disposal, unions have millions donated by their members. Membership goes down the voluntary political contributions by members goes down.

    Vote NO ON 32. This does not control superpac and big corporate money as it’s being advertised. They are specifically excluded in the law. The wording is deceptive to trick voters. The money supporting it is from those very same super pacs and corporations pouring money into California to gut ALL UNION INCLUDING TRADE UNIONS. It is a union busting law.

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  11. Adam Smith says:

    “Reports were not immediately available for Chesbro’s opponent, Guerneville contractor Tom Lynch.”

    Tom’s been working on it, but no matter how many times he adds everything up, it comes to 500 billion. Must be something wrong.

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  12. Juvenal says:

    I guess the Republicans like Levine, but not much.

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  13. Over easy says:

    This is enough to make you sick! Allen is bought and paid for by the Unions that have milked the system dry.

    He hasn’t written or co authored a meaningful piece of legislation since being elected.

    His slogan is “bringing people together” so if getting mugged and violated is “bring people together” then he is telling the truth.

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  14. Not A Chance says:

    Why is the Press Dixiecrat doing Levines homework for him? This is the most blatant handicapping I have ever seen.

    Allow me to write another sentance for Derek Moore “Poor Marc Levine, born in the wilderness and raised by wolves only to one day to return to Marin county and save the world!” PAINFUL, Derek, painful…

    Yeah Allen is killing him in fund raising, its called having made connections up and down the state during a long 40+ year career in California as a labor attorney and a nurse; its called a resume, Levine doesn’t have one so he doesn’t have any cash. Not to mention, Allen is getting his large chunks, as the story points out, from Unions (people!) while Levine is getting his from Monsanto, the GMO company that has tried time and time again to destroy environmental protections and selling unsavory low quality products that are damaging to long term health, if Levine’s with them, I’m with Allen.

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  15. Dem Voter says:


    What you point out is the problem we’re facing when it comes to Levine, here is a candidate who has no choice but to run an “Insurgency candidate” but the problem arises with the fact that Levine has the stink of Sacramento on him before he even gets there, he so badly wants to play politician that he couldn’t wait to start taking money from several special interest groups out of Sacramento. Don’t believe me?: http://www.electiontrack.com/?uid=da39a3ee5e6b4b0d3255bfef95601890afd80709 here’s the site where you can see campaign contributions.

    The idea that Levine wants you to believe that he is some kind of new politician is a joke. He’s worse, I had a conversation with some campaign people of Allen’s at a democratic fundraiser, turns out Levine has been pulling Allen’s signs out of the ground and leaving them trashed in the dirt. Is that really a person you want representing you? He’s a child and its become pretty obvious.

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  16. Political Scientist says:

    How DARE Michael Allen try to give fair treatment to the men and women that work in our fields!

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  17. Gimme a break says:

    Levine didn’t know they were coming? Gimme a break. Try to get him to take a position on Prop 37 and you’ll see he can’t afford to piss off Western Growers/Monsanto.

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  18. Juan Lock says:

    So Levine and his friends have spent a great deal of time and money attempting to stick the Sacramento Guy label on Allen. But the night before the mailer arrived in people’s homes, Levine was hosting a $3900 per plate fundraiser in the Capitol City. Quite a ways for the local voice to travel, has he tapped out his local fundraising base?


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  19. Critic at Large says:

    Good old Allen can always count on the girls that brought him to the dance, the unions. How much of his money comes from out of state? This guy looks the part of a paid politician.

    He looks more at home in the old South than Marin/Sonoma counties.

    Hopefully the voters will see him for what he is, a union hack.

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