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Round one goes to Romney

It may not have been a knockout. But there’s no question that Mitt Romney won the first of three presidential debates last night at the University of Denver on points – and on passion.

Where was the aggressive and articulate Obama that we saw in 2008 and have seen on the campaign trail at times this year? Why was there no mention of Bain Capital or Romney’s irreverent comments about the 47 percent of Americans who “feel entitled”?

It seems the president came out not to lose – and as with most defensive strategies, it backfired. Romney was very well prepared while the president’s whole body language made it clear he did not want to be there. Notice on the split screen how often Romney looked directly at the president when he spoke, while Obama had his head down. It looked, at times, like a scolding.

Granted, Romney has been on the campaign trail for some time and Obama is rusty. This was his first debate in four years. But it will be interesting to see how Obama rebounds at the next debate, scheduled for Oct. 16 at Hofstra University in New York. That will be a town hall-meeting-type format that will focus on both foreign and domestic policy.

In the meantime, here’s a link to the editorial we published last night sharing our reaction to the first debate.

For those of you in Sonoma County, one of the parts of the state that supported Obama the strongest in 2008, what did you think?

- Paul Gullixson

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  1. Joe says:

    I agree with Mockingbird, on the planet comment, these people are on the planet Cola, not this one.

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  2. Joe says:

    I think Obama was shocked and unprepared to take on all of the lies that spewed out of Willards mouth, the salesman. Willard can’t even explain or show what his plan is, he constantly changes his view, today I am a moderate and then the next day a far right conservative, which one is it Willard? We will see in the next debate, Obama needs to expose this salesman for what he is, and not be so polite, expose Willards record at Bain, the time he was gov. of Mass., his tax records, his overseas bank accounts, the 47% comments, not willing to bail out the US auto industry and the US banks, etc., don’t hold back.

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  3. Sarkyfish says:

    Oh Danny Boy,
    When we seek others to find our facts, we put our brains on welfare and that’s a fact.

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  4. R. B. Fish says:

    @ Dan. I apologize for the misunderstanding with the other Dan Drummond. Henceforth is clear that you are a liberal Democrat when you post. I am for Mitt Romney for President. Thanks for your comments.

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  5. Dan J Drummond says:

    I like PolitiFact.com. It works for me.

    From Wikipedia:
    PolitiFact has been both praised and criticized by independent observers, conservatives, and liberals alike. Conservative bias and liberal bias have been alleged, and criticisms have been made of attempts to fact-check statements that cannot be truly “fact-checked”…. PolitiFact.com was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 2009 for “its fact-checking initiative during the 2008 presidential campaign that used probing reporters and the power of the World Wide Web to examine more than 750 political claims, separating rhetoric from truth to enlighten voters.”

    Read some of the criticisms here,

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  6. Michael Sheehan says:

    Anyone who follows fact checking and knows anything about the subject understands that PolitiFact is extremely biased against Republicans.

    An academic survey by Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University examined nearly 100 rulings from Politifact this past summer and found blatant bias by nearly a 2 to 1 margin.

    Trying to pass off PolitiFact as fair when its credibility and integrity has been so compromised is typical biased buffoonery.

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  7. Dan J Drummond says:

    @R. B. Fish:
    I am not an attorney. Your thinking of Dan A Drummond.

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  8. R. B. Fish says:

    @ Dan Drummond

    You present yourself as the “tax” guru attorney of Sonoma County and the U.S. tax situation at large. I appreciate and thank you for your efforts. However, some of your comments are somewhat cryptic especially referencing obscure politically influenced websites. You seem to bash Mitt Romney.

    Based on your expertise as a tax attorney what do you think will happen under Obama and what will happen under Romney if elected President.

    Either as a small business or individual tax payer that would have enough to pay for your services as a tax attorney who do you recommend for Presidet. Please briefly explain why.

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  9. bear says:

    Only one possible response: George W. Bush.

    The guy who ignored intelligence before 9/11. Leader of the military that only got 3 planes up on 9/11. The guy who led us into two unfunded wars that killed hundreds of thousands – not counting all our casualties. The “decider.” The guy who blew a balanced budget on tax cuts for the rich. Hey, “mission accomplished?”

    Yet the current crop of republicans is even worse. Absolutely no morality of any kind. Shame on you all.

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  10. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Sarkyfish-you right wing libertarian posters on this blog think the Press Democrat is a liberal rag. From my perspective they are pretty middle right. But then I’m left middle politically. So we really can’t trust your judgement on which paper is “liberal” and which isn’t.
    As for Politifact, it’s often wrong. That’s been pointed out logically on Rachel Maddow’s show quite coherently. Sometimes it’s just a matter of interpretation depending on where you are politically and not necessarily on the facts of the issue.

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  11. Dan J Drummond says:

    @GAJ: I think President’s Obameter numbers compare favorably to the GOP Pledge-O-Meter numbers. I also like how on politifact.com that they use the term “false” instead of the word “lie”. I don’t think I used the word “lie” in any of my posts. Here’s link to the GOP Pledge-O-Meter, for those who want a look.

    @Sarkyfish: Whatever

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  12. GAJ says:

    Dan, what say you about the 85 Obama campaign “promises broken” according to your PolitiFact source?

    Are those “lies” made by Obama to get elected in the first go around or is PolitiFact “lying”?

    The left screaming “lies” at every turn reminds me of the shriek from the mind addled zombies on Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.


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  13. Sarkyfish says:

    Dear Dan J. Drummound, PolitcalFact.com is comprised of progressive editors and reporters who ALL work for the Tampa Bay Times, which is primarily a newspaper with a hard, liberal point of view. Thus, if this is where you check your facts, you’ve surrendered your reason for their bias and that’s a hard, cold fact.

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  14. Sarkyfish says:

    “For those of you in Sonoma County, one of the parts of the state that supported Obama the strongest in 2008, what did you think?” Signed: Gullible Gullixson, editor. “This is what we think: we think progressives are incapable of changing our minds; logic and facts are of little consequence. So, who cares if many of our fellow Americans are still without work; our foreign policy is in chaos in the Middle East; we’re retreating in Afghanistan and the Taliban is laughing; the White House leaks intelligence secrets like a dough-boy pool shot full of buck shot; the deficit has zoomed to sixteen trillion under O while he’s played one 100 rounds of golf in three and half years; gas is up to five bucks; food is more expensive; manufacturing has flat-lined, but, hey, here in Sonoma County we’re still into that hopey changey thing, man. And, we hope we’ll never change.”

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  15. Dan J Drummond says:

    @those who wanted more info
    Barack Obama, Wednesday, October 3rd, in the first presidential debate –

    “The fact of the matter is that, when Obamacare is fully implemented, we’re going to be in a position to show that costs are going down. And over the last two years, health care premiums have gone up — it’s true — but they’ve gone up slower than any time in the last 50 years. So we’re already beginning to see progress. In the meantime, folks out there with insurance, you’re already getting a rebate.”
    PolitiFact.com Ruling: False

    Here’s more on their ruling:

    Obama said health care premiums have gone up slower than any time in the last 50 years and suggested it was because of the Affordable Care Act.
    He mistakenly referred to “premiums”, not “all health care spending” for 50 years. The historical data for premiums is generally consistent with his claim, but they only go back 14 years. He also vastly exaggerated the impact of his health care law on the costs. Experts say that’s due to the recession, not the law.
    We rate his claim False.

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  16. Dan J Drummond says:

    @those who wanted more info
    My original post listed the web site source PolitiFact.com, but here it is again with a hyperlink.

    Barack Obama, Wednesday, October 3rd, in the first presidential debate –
    The federal tax code has “loopholes that are giving incentives for companies that are shipping jobs overseas.”
    PolitiFact.com Ruling: True
    Besides “a tax deduction for the costs of shutting down a U.S. operation”, they also note “Tax break #1: Keeping profits overseas” and “Tax break #2: Selling to yourself”. “American firms with international operations had shed American jobs, by 1.9 million, while increasing their overseas employment, by 2.4 million, between 1999 and 2008.”
    Romney had responded, “The idea that you get a break for shipping jobs overseas is simply not the case.”

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  17. Jean Anderson says:

    The left-wingers here who claim Romney lied but at the same time give Obama a pass for all his fairytales is a classic example of “the pot calling the kettle black.”

    The entire Obama Administration is involved in a HUGE lie and scandal with regards to the Libya terrorist attack that killed the US ambassador and 3 other Americans. The State Department – headed by Hillary Clinton – also has been less than truthful, and Susan Rice, the ambassador to the UN, disgraced herself by blatantly lying about what occured and blaming it on a video trailer.

    As usual, the cover-up will be what sinks their ship.

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  18. Commonsense says:

    I noted that you didn’t address the fact that Obama clearly “stretched” the truth of a “tax break” for businesses that move overseas or the reprised statement they are loopholes, neither of which is accurate. Your assertion (If I understand it correctly) that Romney campaigned more to the Convervative Republican base during the primay and is now campaigning to the broader electorate is accurate in many ways (although I don’t think is was to the degree you infer), and something ALL politicians do, including the current Mr. President. I was just reading some of recent statements during his SF fund raising visit, in which is clearly attempting to appeal to the SF base, which is more left/progessive then the general Democratic base, thus proving my initial point, you are not holding President Obama to the same standard as Gov. Romney in terms of campaign rhetoric/speeches/debate. The first rule of debate, public speaking and politics and frankly business is to know your audience/market and present accordingly. If you think that only the Republicans do this, well then IMHO, you are the one that hasn’t been paying attention to all the pre-debate campaigning now and past.

    Please provide the code sections for “loopholes” or even their general titles regarding “tax credits or incentives” for moving businesses overseas. I’d love to review those sections, as I’ve never come across them previously.
    Also, the Federal Govn’t absolutely proviced financial subsidies to Green Energy Companies like Solendra (which was a company based in the Bay area actually). Well the $90 billion figure may or may not be accurate, you just need to check the CBO and other federal govn’t sites to verify that we (federal gov’t loand Solyndra about $500 million dollars, none of which as been repaid yet. We also provided Federal loans to Tesla, although the final amount of those is much less clear. If you have facts to the contrary from the House Budget site or the CBO, please provide them. Romney may have given an inflated number, I couldn’t tell you, but his assertion the Federal Govn’t provided financing was 100% true.
    So apparently you also apply different standards dependant upon party affiliation.

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  19. GAJ says:

    Dan J Drummond has cherry picked some items from a source that he didn’t link to and he didn’t post the final conclusion so I’ll post it for you.

    Sorry to burst Dan’s bubble.

    “Final score: Both Romney and Obama had their moments of “truthiness,” exaggeration, or stretching the truth beyond recognition, say NPR’s Memmott and Montgomery. But, at least partly “because Romney made more factual assertions, he’s getting dinged more” by the fact-checkers.”


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  20. GAJ says:

    Amazing how all my friends and relatives who worship the Big O continue the “Romney lied” charade whilst ignoring the fact that clearly both stretched the truth. I guess they’ve bought into the mantra being put out their by all the Progressives that are unable to look at their own candidate in anything resembling an objective fashion.

    From the AP:

    “President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney spun one-sided stories in their first presidential debate, not necessarily bogus, but not the whole truth.

    They made some flat-out flubs, too. The rise in health insurance premiums has not been the slowest in 50 years, as Obama stated. Far from it. And there are not 23 million unemployed, as Romney asserted.”


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  21. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Commonsense-just one of them came out as a moderate after 18 months campaigning as a rightwing extreme. That’s because lots of people don’t pay attention until the debates and Romney wanted to reassure independents that he isn’t as crazy as what he said the day before and the 18 months before that. He lied. And he lied. Either he was lying at the debates or lying the 18 months before-you pick.

    I listen to the Republicans and it is quite clear that they are on only one side and that’s big money. They pander for votes but they don’t represent their voters. There was a time that they did but not anymore. They are owned outright by big money and they like it that way.

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  22. Skippy says:

    “I couldn’t think of anything to say last week in Denver, but my campaign will continue with this message.”


    I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message.


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  23. Juvenal says:

    SO even the editorial writers of the PD are buying the American Idol model of presidential debates. In a debate, arguments put forward must be of a valid argument form, and sound. The soundness of an valid argument form depends on beginning from true premises. Obama exposed Romney as arguing from false premises, and inconsistently. Obama wins, regardless of whether he looked down at his notes or failed to come on like Bucky Beaver. Mitt: the first cup of coffee is free!

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  24. Follower says:

    It’s amazing to see how the press has really stepped up their Romney attacks ever since the debate.
    The libs are in Panic mode!
    They’re falling all over themselves in an attempt to put the words in their Candidate’s mouth. Words he can’t seem to muster on his own without his Teleprompter.

    As much as I thoroughly enjoyed watching the man who promises to declare Eminent Domain on my Liberty get put in his place, I can’t ignore the fact that President Romney would be the worse thing that has happened to the Republican Party since Richard Nixon.

    I “hope” Obama can “change” his ways for the next debates or the “Kinder Gentler Compassionate Conservative” may be the party platform for decades to come.

    There is nothing “kind” or “compassionate” about trapping millions of otherwise productive, self sufficient people on Government Crack.

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  25. Sarkyfish says:

    When the teleprompter breaks, we learn Obama is a fake.

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  26. Commonsense says:

    @Mockingbird and others,
    Check out the Internal Revenue Code and Corporate Tax rates. The US has the highest Corporate Tax Rate of any comparable country, even President Obama admitted to that fact during the debate.
    Having actually reviewed the Internal Revenue Code, I can say I have never come accross a specific tax credit or deduction for just relocating or adding a business overseas. The only possible break a company gets is related to any foreign taxes paid as a result of the foreign businss location (IRC 78).
    What I find most frustrating is that the media and many people don’t hold both candidates to the same standard. Neither was perfect in regards to statements made during the debate, but at least one of them was prepared and passionate, which apparently has helped boost his poll numbers. Who knows what the results of the next debate will be, but hopefully people will paying attention and holding BOTH candidates accountable, something that hasn’t happened as of yet. This election, as many close elections, will likely be decided in the last few weeks and days and polls will likely ebb up and down a few more times before it’s done, but either way without us holding both the media and candidates accountable, it won’t matter who wins.

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  27. Dan J Drummond says:

    Mitt Romney, Wednesday, October 3rd, in the first presidential debate –
    “Pre-existing conditions are covered under my (health care) plan.”
    PolitiFact.com Ruling: Mostly False

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  28. Dan J Drummond says:

    Barack Obama, Wednesday, October 3rd, in the first presidential debate –
    Says Romney wants to add $2 trillion to the defense budget that the military hasn’t asked for.
    PolitiFact.com Ruling: True

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  29. Dan J Drummond says:

    Mitt Romney, Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 in the first presidential debate –
    “In one year, (President Obama) provided $90 billion in breaks to the green energy world … into solar and wind, to Solyndra and Fisker and Tesla and Ener1.”
    PolitiFact.com Ruling: False

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  30. Dan J Drummond says:

    Barack Obama, Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 in the first presidential debate –
    The federal tax code has “loopholes that are giving incentives for companies that are shipping jobs overseas.”
    PolitiFact.com Ruling: True

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  31. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Snarky-prove it, give us a link, that outsourcing enabling isn’t in the tax code. It doesn’t specifically say this but it does give them a tax break for business relocation expenses no matter where they relocate. It should not allow them expense writeoffs for moving their businesses overseas, PERIOD.

    By the way, the last time our government gave the corporations a break on taxes to bring those profits in other countries ‘home’, they used their money TO OUTSOURCE MORE JOBS. They said they would CREATE JOBS but these companies did just the opposite. Along with putting more money in their own pockets.

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  32. Skippy says:

    The CEO vs the Dilettante.
    The man vs the man-child.
    The wealth maker vs the wealth taker.
    I am confident the 47% will continue to vote for The Empty Chair Of The United States.
    That should work out just fine.
    Let the smiling begin….

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  33. Joseph says:

    I will say the Obama followers have a lot of passion. But then of course so do those people who believe we never landed on the moon. They harassed one senator and former astronaut to the point he clocked one of them that grabbed onto his seventy something year old frame. I will be happy when this election is over and when I check my facebook page it is something I care about, like loved ones and what my friends are up to. Not petty polar politics.

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  34. Dan J Drummond says:

    Ex-Governor Romney was also distracted, about 47% of the time. (47% just won’t go away, will it?) Keep smiling …

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  35. Kirstin says:

    Now there is speculation in the media that Mr. Obama was distracted during the debates because of advance knowledge that a major magazine (online and off) is going to publish an exposé on a scandal involving his campaign donorations. He may be trying to have it spiked.

    If any of that is true, it wouldn’t be surprising that it would be a distraction. But that would not be an excuse for the very poor showing Mr. Obama put in.

    As for the donor story, there have been reports of many irregularities (such as citizens of other countries donating) in the Obama campaign for a long time. So, let’s see that report!

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  36. Jean Anderson says:


    Don’t worry – the people with common sense who post here would love if the delusional lefties lived on a different planet.

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  37. Snarky says:

    I have to admit I thought it was pretty funny when Romney told Obama that he had “been in business for 25 years and did not know what Obama was talking about” with regard to Obama’s lie that a tax credit was in the tax code & given to companies to outsource jobs overseas.

    Did you notice Obama just bowed his head and kept silent? Obama was unable to defend the lie.

    Debates rarely expose cold, hard facts like that. No such “law” exists and Obama lacked the courage to admit it.

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  38. Follower says:

    “Trickle down Government”

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  39. Jean Anderson says:

    People who support Obama really need to look at themselves and question what they believe in. Do they believe in lying, failure, weakness, making excuses, corruption, sending guns to Mexico, allowing an ambassador to be (reportedly) raped and murdered in Libya, stealing wealth from those who earn it and redistributing it to those who don’t, and pretending that everyone who happens to make $250,000 in one year is a “wealthy” millionaire or billionaire who didn’t pay their “fair share?” Or are you simply envious of success?

    Obama is good at one thing – telling fairytales. Which is simply a nice way to say “liar.”

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  40. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    I’m amazed that posters on this site actually live on the same planet that I do. I consider myself just left of REAL center and pretty moderate in my views. Most of the posters on this site appear not to even pay attention to what’s being said by candidates in the media yet sure have lots of opinions, some way out there in left field and over the fence.

    Romney lied and lied. Nothing he said during the debates matched what he’s been saying in the last 18 months. IN FACT, he came out as a moderate. I guess that rules you rightwingers on here voting for him since he’s now, apparently, just as liberal as Obama.

    What frightens me about Romney is that it’t quite apparent that he will make a REALLY BAD DIPLOMAT. With the world in such turmoil we need a President who will be well liked throughout the world, respects the differences in the people’s of the world, and will be able to work effectively with them. THAT’S NOT ROMNEY. He can’t even go to England (whose very close to us culturally) and not insult the country. Then he goes to Isreal and insults the Palestinians many of whom are CHRISTIANS. Two forays overseas and he FAILS. And never mind that he’s a vulture capitalist. Vultures eat carrion. I find myself pining for a Dole, or a Nixon, or even a Bush Senior because at least they could run the country with reasonable effectiveness and didn’t mess up overseas.

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  41. Lets be Reasonable says:

    It will be painful for most of you on this forum, but Romney is going down in flames. Yes, Obama did poorly, but it won’t make a difference in the end. Romney’s lies and flip-flopping are turning people off. Just today, he comes out and says that his 47% comments were a complete mistake. So now Obama ads will show the original footage, then Romney saying that while it was inelegantly said, it was the truth, and then now saying it was a mistake. Just like his attempting to be a moderate after spending 18 months as a “severe” conservative. People just don’t trust him. All people are talking about is how he wants to kill Big Bird and is flip-flopping and bending the truth again. Combined with today’s jobs report that added 200,000 additional jobs over the last three months and unemployment is below 8%, it’s over. Please, don’t get your hopes up. The question now, is how far down the ticket Romney will pull down other races. The Senate will stay Democratic, and the House is in play.

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  42. Taxpayer says:

    Without a teleprompter Obama seems helpless.WOW!

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  43. j galt says:

    What did I think? EMPTY CHAIR!

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  44. R.B. Fish says:

    @ Paul.

    We realize this is difficult for you to understand. Obama has never stopped campaigning since his election. Whatever leadership he tried has failed miserably. He’s an political leftist with no compromise. It was embrassing for American and world viewers to see Obama look so weak in every category. I have to say he was polite, professional and respectful with Romney and that’s what is expected of world class leaders. Obama has been living the protected life thanks to the elite media and simply could not respond to his record. The jive was not working! The talking points fell short ( those that he could remember) and blasted by Romney despite Lehr’s efforts to control the situation for Obama. Obama looked liked Elmer Fudd when caught trying steal Daffy Duck’s girlfriend. The 47 percent issue was not brought because both sides know its true. You are part of the 47 and I am part of the 53. It’s the 6 % of so called independents that matters to win.
    It a sad state of our American life but true.
    We expect a mideast war of some sort so Obama can claim I killed Osama Bin Laden ( an absolutely pathic display of leadership and character)and I am the leader so he can stay to on make America secure. Will you let your kids join the military? Anything can happen but he and the liberals will do anything at all costs. We can all expect full attack mode from Obama and support by the elite media including the PD. Can you believe Al Gore (who received $580 million from Obama to start a car company in Finland)and starting to look like a cross between Jaba the Hut and Larry Flint saying Obama suffered from elevation sickness!!

    GO MITT!!!!!
    Amen brothers.

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  45. Come On Now says:

    After watching the debate last night, I have concluded Obama’s view of “fairness” and taxation is equally shared misery.

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  46. richard smith says:

    The President just gave Romney enough rope to hang himself. Look back at all the flip flopping and etch- a -sketching Romney has done,and you realize he cannot be trusted.All the lies will come back to haunt him soon enough.Obama perfect? Of course not! These are politicians people! Two often repeated facts: Obama inherited a economic mess of global proportions, and was blocked at every turn by Congress from day one.

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  47. Jean Anderson says:

    From Wayne Root

    Mitt debunked the lies that the media has allowed Obama to tell. It’s easy to lie when you are speaking to a journalist who is on your side. It isn’t so easy to lie on that stage, with the nation watching, with your opponent staring at you. Obama’s lies, myths, and misrepresentations about Romney’s tax and budget plans were all debunked on that stage Wednesday night.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/10/04/mitt-romney-is-smartest-guy-in-room/#ixzz28N4WajRS

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  48. Michael Sheehan says:

    It must be traumatic for the PD editors and staff writers to see the guy they root for reveal himself as an empty suit, a far left-wing nothing whose absurd, big government policies have failed miserably.

    Without his teleprompter and someone else’s words to parrot, Obama clearly showed what an embarrassment he truly is.

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  49. David J. Spencer says:

    The Republicans have found Obama’s vulnerable point: he’s forlorn without the crutch of a tele-prompter.

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  50. GAJ says:

    Obama supporters love to call out “liar” when Romney stretches the truth but are mum when presented with the fact that AP fact checkers find just as many instances of stretching the truth for Obama.

    It’s the nature of politics in general and debates in particular.

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  51. Dan J Drummond says:

    I watched the debate to see the demeanor of the candidates. For the truth about what they said, I check the Truth-O-Meters on PolitiFact.com, the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner for National Reporting. I trust this site because both sides take exception to some of their evaluations.

    I also like their Obameter and the GOP Pledge-O-Meter which addresses how well they’re doing on fulfilling campaign promises. And they even offer a phone app so you can get the truth anytime, anywhere.

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  52. StarsUponThars says:

    I disagree wholeheartedly with what seems to be the consensus in the media (though not in this scant article): that Romney came off as confident, practiced, etc.

    what i saw was poorly-concealed anger, childishness (as when he said something akin to “but he got to speak first this time so i get to speak last!”), and a lack of respect for the moderator. perhaps people think this shows strength, but i think it shows weakness.

    it is true that the moderator did a poor job, and it is true that obama did not call out romney’s blatant lies. but i do not think that romney came across very well, either.

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  53. Dan J Drummond says:

    I watched the debate to see the demeanor of the candidates. For the truth about what they said, I check the Truth-O-Meters on PolitiFact.com, the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner for National Reporting. I trust this site because both sides take exception to some of their evaluations.

    I also like their Obameter and the GOP Pledge-O-Meter on which addresses how well they’re doing on fulfilling campaign promises. And they even offer a phone app so you can get the truth anytime, anywhere.

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  54. Graeme Wellington says:

    Does Obamacare cover ass-kicking?

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  55. Critic at Large says:

    Obama went into last nights debate with a huge handicap. He doesn’t believe in America, its values, its founding, capitalism, its opportunities, its accomplishments, or our great accomplishments in the world.

    Like a salesman who does not believe in his product, he cannot pitch it with any degree of sincerity. That is why he looked sullen at times last night debating a person who does believe in America, our economic system and what we stand for.

    Obama can only answer with platitudes that a community organizer or union organizer would make. Remember, he came from their ranks.

    Obama wasn’t affected by the Denver altitude as Gore said or a mean moderator. He was himself last night and it really showed how unprepared he was for President and remains so to this day.

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  56. Chuck G says:

    Let’s not continue to pretend. What this country needs desperately(Republican/Democrat) is an individual who can run a country through business and intelligence, can have a foreign policy(yes I know its tougher than ever) as our world is constantly changing,and strength enough to stand up for each and every one of us. I do realize also that voters tend to stay within their party, right or wrong. This election is about YOUR future, your children’s future, and their children’s future as the groundwork is being laid out for a new America. The past four year’s have been horrible failures with nothing accomplished, only worse now. So in conclusion, does your vote count for someone who wants to be your friend,someone to invite you to the White House for a beer, or to stop by your restaurant for a plate of food and an autograph. Personally speaking, my vote counts for someone who will make an immediate impact and a difference for all of us, not just talk, and empty promises.

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  57. GAJ says:

    Both, as you might expect, stretched the truth, (yes Mockingbird, even Saint Obama), according to the AP Fact Check.

    MSNBC this morning was in full whine mode about Obama’s performance…I could only take about 4 minutes of it.


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  58. James Bennett says:

    Heads you lose, tails, you lose.

    The elitist owned and orchestrated paradigm of polarity continues.

    Creating an illusion of choice.

    Meanwhile, the incremental enslvement that is fiat currency continues to preoccupy our attention.

    A constant message of “problems”; lack, and shortages are portrayed to us. Socially engineered as instruments of control, fear and profit.

    Conceived by the same little cabal(much less than 1%)that we are taxed by through their insideous permeation of our own government.

    This will be a time of much consequence, disclosure and truth.

    The culmination of well over 100 years clandestine planning.

    This is also the culmination of discovery, exposure and accountability by brave individuals of influence within our system and beyond.

    This along with untold volumes of truth, secrets and disclosure will be forthcoming shortly.

    The oppressors will create an illusion of normality as long as possible.

    Meanwhile, behind the scenes, nothing could be further from the truth.

    My anticipation and yearning for the curtain to finally be pulled back is more prevalent than my fear.

    Fasten your seatbelt, we’re in for an amazing ride, starting…


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  59. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Over the last 18 months I have been listening very carefully to Romney. Last night he lied. Over and over again. Obama didn’t fight. He didn’t mention Ryan’s plan which cuts Medicare exactly the same amount ($716M) as Obama has cut. Obama didn’t mention the Ryan plan at all which will decimate all safety nets. I hope Biden decimates Ryan during their debate. I expect Ryan to lie like he did during the Republican convention. Even Faux No News was astounded at the brazenness of it. The decrease in Medicare hospital reimbursements was agreed to by the hospitals despite Romney saying they won’t take Medicare clients now (Romney lied-he made it up). I know for a fact that Medicare pays MUCH MORE for inpatient stays than private insurance does. I know for a fact that plugging that Medicare Part D donut hole (about $7100 more for each middleclass Medicare client) will help seniors and others on Medicare (some of whom are children on kidney dialysis).
    So many chances for Obama to fight without calling Romney outright a liar. Romney quite clearly got caught saying that 47% of the population are leeches on the rich. He seems to have no knowledge that many of those 47% are working their butts off trying to make ends meet and may not pay income tax but do pay FICA and all kinds of other taxes. Many are seniors on social security (bye-bye social security-he lied about that too). I’m sure he doesn’t include those millionaires and billionaires like himself who pay not ONE DIME IN TAXES in that 47% figure (the rich are leeches on the middleclass for sure). Romney kept saying how he cares about the middleclass and HE DOESN’T. He’s said so.
    Finally, Romney’s arithmetic doesn’t work. We need both revenue and cuts to balance the budget. I’ve heard him say he was cutting taxes for the rich over and over again. He said last night he wouldn’t levy taxes on the rich. His idea of cutting deductibles WON’T GET THROUGH CONGRESS. It’s CONGRESS WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CHANGES MADE TO THE TAX CODE NOT THE PRESIDENT. But if Republicans win the Senate you can bet we middleclass will have our deductions cut and our taxes increased while the taxes to the rich WILL BE CUT. I don’t believe Romney for a second that he will cut deductibles anyway since he’s become rich using them. IT WON’T HAPPEN.
    It quite clear when Romney chose Ryan as his vice president (and even Republicans were surprised by this) what direction he intends to take this nation and that won’t be in a direction that will help the middleclass. His taking credit for what he did as governor (except for the healthcare benefit) was not done during the time he was governor-it was other governors who deserve the credit. Another lie. Ask the people of Mass.

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