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2nd Santa Rosa council hopeful drops out of race


A second candidate has dropped out of the race for Santa Rosa City Council, leaving seven vying for four open seats.

Shaan Vandenburg, a 47-year-old asphalt plant operator, had campaigned to bring blue-collar values back to city politics.

The married father of two school-age children had spoken of the need to bridge the ideological divide on the council and to make the city more welcoming to business.

Shaan Vandenburg.

But on Wednesday, two days after a halting performance in a candidates’ forum, Vandenburg announced he was dropping out.

“I really feel that I’m not in the position that I need to be to win,” Vandenburg said.

He said he works from 6 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. every workday, then picks his kids up from school, leaving him just a few hours a day to walk precincts and meet voters.

“I never imagined the impact a campaign can have on one’s family and employment — because my time has been limited to the people I care about, it has been difficult for me to commit the time needed to run a successful campaign,” Vandenburg wrote in a statement.

Though he’s been opposed to district elections, Vandenburg agreed they would make it easier for someone like him to run for public office.

“Having the opportunity to knock on every door would be a good thing,” he said.

Mike Cook, a landscape architect and father of two young daughters, dropped out of the race two weeks ago after his campaign failed to gain traction.

Both men’s names will remain on the Nov. 6 ballot, which will continue to list nine candidates.

Vandenburg’s departure leaves four men and three women actively seeking the four seats up for grabs on the seven-member council.

They are Mayor Ernesto Olivares, Councilman Gary Wysocky, social worker Caroline Bañuelos, attorney Erin Carlstrom, neighborhood activist Julie Combs, wine industry executive Hans Dippel and restaurant owner Don Taylor.

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3 Responses to “2nd Santa Rosa council hopeful drops out of race”

  1. John Bly says:

    I applaud Shaan’s and Mike’s courage to make the decision to run for office in the first place. And I respect them for their guts in stepping aside when they realized this is not their time to serve. I wish them both well. They are good men.

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  2. Critic at Large says:

    It is too bad the whole lot of those on or running for a seat on the council don’t drop out. I would rather pick the first 7 names starting with the letter G in the phone book and let them run the council.

    It would probably be a great improvement. The public unions wouldn’t have a strangle hold on the council and good fair minded citzens might be able to right the city ship of state.

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  3. Chris Snyder says:

    Too Bad. Shaan is a down to earth family man who really gets it. He would have been a great council member.

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