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Charges dropped against Carrillo in San Diego street fight



San Diego prosecutors on Monday dropped the criminal case against Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo stemming from his arrest in a Labor Day street fight.

A spokeswoman for the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, which handled the misdemeanor case, said no charges would be filed “because there were conflicting accounts of what occurred and insufficient evidence to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Efren Carrillo.

The decision was made by a team of deputy city attorneys in the office’s criminal division, spokeswoman Gina Coburn said.

The 2 p.m. announcement came a week before Carrillo’s scheduled arraignment next Monday. He had faced the possibility of two misdemeanor charges: battery and disturbing the peace.

When Carrillo was arrested, he was booked on suspicion of battery causing serious injury, a felony. But police officials later deemed the case a misdemeanor.

The 31-year old Carrillo on Monday was in Keene near Bakersfield to attend President Barack Obama’s declaration of a national monument at the home of Cesar Chavez, the United Farmworkers Union founder who died in 1993.

In response to a request for comment, he responded by text message Monday night, saying he was traveling, his cellphone was low on battery power and he would call by 8 p.m., but no call was received by then.

Carrillo, seen as a promising Latino politician with potential beyond Sonoma County, has refused for the past month to answer questions about the fight that left a man unconscious.

The San Diego prosecutors also dropped the case against another man arrested in the fight, identified by police as Rayan Jastaniyah, 22, of San Diego. He had faced a possible misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace. City attorneys identified him by a different name, Ryan Astiniya Saelmj.

Carrillo and Jastaniyah were arrested at 2:10 a.m. on Labor Day outside a popular nightclub in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter.

Police released few details about the altercation, other than to say the two men were involved in a scuffle that resulted in a third man being knocked out and briefly hospitalized.

Carrillo released a pair of statements — the first on Sept. 5, two days after his arrest, and the second two weeks later — contending he stepped in to protect female friends who were being verbally and physically harassed by Jastaniyah.

He said he did not know who hit the man knocked out, Jovan Will, 30, of Arizona. Police have not said who they believe hit Will.

In his second statement on Sept. 19, Carrillo said he was in San Diego on a “mini-vacation” with three friends from Sonoma County. On Sept. 2, he went out with his former college roommate and three women invited by the roommate for dinner. The five then visited Fluxx nightclub, where Oakland rapper Too $hort was performing.

After the club closed, Carrillo, his former roommate and the women were on the street outside the club at about 2 a.m., when Carrillo said he and Jastaniyah got into a “brief pushing altercation” after Jastaniyah harassed the women.

“He was making physical contact as well as verbally harassing them,” Carrillo said.

“I approached out of concern for the well-being of the women and asked him to back off. There were many people in the vicinity. (Jastaniyah) advanced toward the women again so I pushed him away from them. At that point a brief pushing altercation broke out between me and” Jastaniyah.

Carrillo said two other men lunged toward him out of a surrounding crowd.

“I did see one of the guys attacking me get hit by someone in the crowd,” he said. “I couldn’t tell who (h)it him. The guy who got hit fell to the ground.” Carrillo’s statement did not identify the man.

Carrillo was in police custody for about 10 hours on Labor Day and was released from jail after posting $10,000 bail.

Three days later, after issuing his first statement, Carrillo left for a nine-day trip to Russia with a group of North Coast residents marking the bicentennial of Fort Ross.

Upon his return, after he issued the second statement, he refused to answer questions about the incident, saying he would not do so until legal charges against him were resolved.

Carrillo’s closest advisers have defended his limited public comments, saying he needed to protect his legal rights. They’ve also rejected any claims that the matter could have lasting implications for the young, popular politician, elected in June to a second term in his west county seat.

Many constituents have taken a “wait-and-see” approach during the legal process or defended Carrillo’s conduct outright, said Eric Koenigshofer, a former Sonoma County supervisor and close political supporter.

“I don’t believe it has any political implications at all,” he said.

Supervisor Shirlee Zane, the board chairwoman, also voiced support for Carrillo on Monday, calling the announcement from San Diego prosecutors “great news.” “I’m very happy for him that the charges were dropped,” she said.

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10 Responses to “Charges dropped against Carrillo in San Diego street fight”

  1. Coral says:

    @ grapevines….I believe it was judge Gnoss that reduced the sentence for that drunk driver whose father was the D.A. of a central CA. town.
    I thought that was leaning toward favortism.
    As far as Carrillo goes, maybe he just got ‘luckey’

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  2. bear says:

    I’m impressed by all the kind, forthright ciitizens we have on this board. Especially those that never got in a fight, never drank underage, never used a forged ID (what does THAT have to do with anything?), never drove drunk, never smoked some reefer? Never cheated on taxes? Never used the office copier for personal stuff?

    I don’t think Carrillo did any of these things.

    It appears that you’ve all been pure as the driven snow from conception until now.

    Very impressive. Until you unleash hate on a politician you don’t like, just because the Constitution says you can. Couldn’t be racist, could it?

    I want to see just one of you run for public office and identify yourself by your handle here. Could be amusing.

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  3. Taxpayer says:

    Why is anybody surprised? No consequences for politicians /public safety personel.

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  4. Snarky says:

    Take notice of today’s news that the San Francisco Police Chief gets to keep his job … thanks to some other criminal politicians who protected him.

    Just another example of an out of control criminal government that protects itself from prosecution…. but continues to demand more of YOUR money in taxes.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 8

  5. Time for a Change says:

    Who said friends in high places don’t count in politics. Arrested and 10 hours in the drunk tank and it all goes away. I wonder if it were you or me the result would have been the same?

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  6. Joe says:

    OK now you can all go back to reading the National Enquirer.

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  7. Grapevines says:

    Just like the neighboring county’s D.A.’s kid who forged an ID to purchase alcohol. Got drunk and while driving killed someone and put the passenger in their car into a coma that they still have not come out of.

    Reduced sentence, probably out on probation by now. Any body who believes that the government or courts are not corrupt, and just exist to serve themselves, have already drank too much of the Kool Aid.

    Normal taxpaying person, not one with a “Daddy D.A.”, Judge-relative, or city council/government honcho connection does anything similar; we’d be thrown into the darkest, dampest dungeon and forgotten about.

    The only reason that the statue depicting Lady Justice is displayed as being blindfolded, is not because she is impartial. She’s embarrassed to see what’s happening in her name.

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  8. flatdarkearth says:

    Efren Carillo, actively violates Federal, and state law, when he offers sanctuary to Illegal Aliens that must be deported not SUPPORTED! Vote this Criminal out of office, RECALL Efren Carillo.

    Thumb up 17 Thumb down 9

  9. Snarky says:

    And, we notice, the corrupt government continues in its REFUSAL to release his booking photo / mug shot to the media…

    when every other person gets to see his/her mug shot released to the media.

    Government criminals protect their own.

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  10. Sonoma Gone Crazy says:

    If you couldn’t predict this outcome, you don’t live in Sonoma County!

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