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Carrillo endorses Sawyer in 1st District supervisor race


Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo has endorsed John Sawyer in his bid for an open seat on the Board of Supervisors.

Carrillo backed Sawyer over Susan Gorin, who also is seeking the supervisor’s seat for the 1st District, which encompasses east Santa Rosa and Sonoma Valley.

John Sawyer (PD File, 2012)

Sawyer and Gorin are Santa Rosa City Councilmembers.

Carrillo and Sawyer announced the endorsement Thursday at a press event at La Favorita Carniceria on Highway 12 in Fetters Hot Springs outside of Sonoma.

“John has demonstrated his commitment to serve the Sonoma Valley and all the residents of the First District,” Carrillo said in an a written statement released as part of the event.

Carrillo, who was reelected to a second term in June, is the third sitting supervisor to endorse in the race. Shirlee Zane, the board chairwoman, has backed Gorin while Valerie Brown, the current 1st District supervisor who is retiring at the end of this year, has supported Sawyer.

The other two board members, David Rabbitt and Mike McGuire, have not endorsed in the race. McGuire said he has no plans to do so, calling it a “personal policy” not to endorse in a race for an open board seat.

Sawyer welcomed Carrillo’s endorsement in the prepared statement, calling him “an exceptional leader” and praising his “balanced decisions” on economic and environmental issues.

The two politicians enjoy support from many of the same business, real estate and development interests.

Gorin, meanwhile, has drawn much of her support from the public labor unions and environmental groups that have backed Zane.

Sawyer and Gorin are set to square off in a League of Women Voters candidates’ forum Oct. 18, at 7 p.m. at the Sonoma City Council community room, 177 W. First St.

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29 Responses to “Carrillo endorses Sawyer in 1st District supervisor race”

  1. Robert Hauser says:

    First off, I have less than zero use for the Sonoma County board of STUPORvisors in general and in particular, Valerie Brown, who is about four bottles short of a six pack as far as brain power—if Brown ever did anything right in her entire career taking up space in and adding dead weight to political office it was strictly and purely in the sense that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    And just what is this Carrillo character doing over in Russia on the tax slaves’ dime? He wasn’t put in office to go junketeering all over Hell’s half acre like the Worst Family. I don’t think there is anyone on the board of STUPES who is worth two rotten cents of the $187,000 per annum they get out of us tax slaves—and I will come right up there to Santa Rosa and say so to their faces, I don’t give a damn if they are black belt or what they are or think they are.

  2. @Sue says:

    Sorry Sue. “No Soliciting” means don’t ring the doorbell. Leaving flyers, doorhangers, etc. on your doorstep is protected by the First Amendment.

  3. Bruce Anthony says:

    Efren Carrillo has lost respect and credibility as a leader. By his own admission he knocked a man unconscious in a tawdry bar fight. Even worse he refused to apologize and tried to make himself out a hero protecting a “damsel in distress” I imagine he must think we are all pretty stupid and will buy his story with out any factual corroboration. In fact, he hasn’t even bothered to explain anything to voters other than the ridiculous and unsubstantiated story circulated by his handlers. There have been stories for quite a while about Carrillo’s partying and drinking. His judgement and immaturity make him unfit to serve as a Supervisor

  4. sue says:

    I have a NO SOLICITING sign on my door and i have been getting tons of stuff left by Susan Gorin, Gary Wysocky, Erin Carlstrom, Julie Combs. I guess they don’t know how to read. I was going to vote for at least one of them but now i’m voting for the other ones as they can read!

  5. Audrey Sanderson says:

    Efren’s endorsement shows both he and John Sawyer up for the pawns of developers and gravel mining interests that they are. Both of them have only the thinnest veneer of civility and underneath will do anything their business interests tell them.Look at how Carrillo has responded to his arrest. No taking responsibility, no apologies for his bad behavior, nothing but excuses. Look at Sawyer voting to allow expansion of the Bodean Asphalt plant in the middle of a neighborhood. These folks are part of the ‘good old boys’ network that has ruined and run Santa Rosa and thinks they are entitled to keep making profits at the expense of healthy neighborhoods. I am voting for Susan Gorin. And no your “union communist” libels of her don’t scare me a bit. Besides I believe it is John Sawyer who is endorsed by the Police and Fire unions.

  6. Billy C says:

    So Susan should not WANT Efrain’s endorsement? What about Valery Browns ? she should not Want that ether?
    I would be surprised if she thought that the Serra Club and Government employee Unions are going to be all she needs.

  7. John Bly says:

    The comments are mean spirited, petty, and vindictive. Those that are attacking Efren for his voting record are fixated on “bleating” the party line of the special interest groups that control and fund Gorin. I know both mento be hard working, free thinking, and not controlled by any particular group. They think and decide for themselves. What more can you ask of an elected official?

    These are the voices that call for unity, hope, and forward thinking? More like the voices of bigotry, hatred, and divisiveness.

    I will vote for Sawyer and be happy when he is elected.

  8. Beef King says:

    It is quite obvious the ENTIRE Gorin political team has posted.
    Is that all there is?
    No substance, no victory for the Progressive Communist Susan Gorin.

  9. Beef King says:

    Susan Gorin is nothing more than Michael Allen lite.
    Two union tools in our government is two too many.
    NO more Gorin. We can’t afford her.

  10. The Hammer says:

    Does any one really care who he endorses? His endorsement means nothing in reality.

  11. Completely Believable says:

    Look guys, we need to back off. Efren realizes that he cannot continue his attack on working families without the failed small business curmudgeon John Sawyer by his side. Carrillo fired the first shot at the unions and the democratic party, so it’s only natural for Efren to side with Sawyer, who sought out and received the Republican party endorsement even though he claims to he a Dem, he’ll need the connection if he is stupid enough to run again.

  12. Bill Collin says:

    I’ll support the candidate running against Carrillo since he did a 180 on the Shollenberger asphalt plant… greed over people loses my vote every time.

  13. Reality Check says:

    Why would anyone in the first district pay attention to an endorsement from a sitting supervisor of another district? Especially in a non-partisan race.

    In the interest of board comity after the election one would think board members would just let voters decided who to represent them.

  14. Paul Andersen says:

    This is about as useful to Sawyer as Lindsey Lohan and Jenna Jameson’s endorsements are for Mitt Romney.

  15. Can't believe it says:

    Yeah Gorin is thrilled I am sure! And all this innocence and defending a woman’s honor…what 31 year old hangs out at closing outside a bar unless they are looking for a fight? Common sense…and why can’t I find a job description for a county supervisor? I want to know why we are paying for trips to Russia and Fresno and nothing that has to do with Sonoma County…oh, right, he has political goals beyond us. Nice

  16. Bob Sacomanno says:

    Is this one of Carrillo’s club hopping buddies?

  17. Vinyl Rules says:

    Well Efren continues his relentless march to the right. And he had the nerve to go to the Cesar Chavez memorial! Chavez would never associate with a DINO like Efren.

  18. A Dystopian Phobia says:

    These two are perfect for each other. We should only be so lucky to have such a pairing.

  19. Grapevines says:

    “Kissed by a weasel” is what comes immediately to mind here.

    Sawyer should just say thanks and move on, and away. Far, far away.

  20. Enigma says:

    Dear fellow citizens of this awesome community,

    Where is the civility? Where is the respect for people with opposing views? We are all innocent until proven guilty!
    I thought we had a little bit more class in this community, then the buzzards in DC, I guess I was wrong!

  21. Noah says:

    How can a guy (Carrillo) in his situation offer his endorsement to someone thinking it would help? Arrogance? I’d like to know when the BOS is going to consider removing Carrillo as unfit or at least, an official reprimand.

  22. "Mad" Miles says:

    Birds of a feather, flock together.

  23. George L. Marshall says:

    Efren is really making some seriously bad decisions lately. But today an even worse one was made by Sawyer. What was he thinking to accept an endorsement from the County’s biggest laughingstock? There is so much baggage with Supervisor Carrillo’s questionable conduct(he admitted that he knocked a guy out in a bar for God’s Sake!)that I can’t see how Sawyer thinks this is helpful to his campaign. Susan Gorin must be thanking God for this misstep from Sawyer’s campaign!

  24. Robert says:

    Role model?
    Someone who comes to the aid of a woman being groped and harrassed, as opposed to not getting invovled?
    Any man should come to the defense of a friend in that situation.
    Drunken brawl comments are all prejudiced guess work. You don’t know so don’t guess and show your true colors.

  25. Not A Chance says:

    Sometimes the snake is tired of the grass.

    Now I truly hope Gorin wins, I will go to every single BOS meeting just to watch Efren scramble back to the left. Too bad they all now know hes a self serving, womanizing, union busting, little brat.

    Efren and Sawyer deserve each other.

  26. Tommy Pain says:

    Who else thinks that Johnny Boy has been sitting on this endorsement for a while, and only released it after the charges were dropped? The timing is a little suspicious…

  27. Randy Santini says:

    Endorsed by Sonoma County’s biggest embarrassment? Efren Carrillo is hardly a “leader” or “role mdel”, unless you want your kids to attack strangers in a drunken brawl. I am sure Susan Gorin is happy to dodge this “endorsement”

  28. Camino Alto says:

    So Sawyer has an endorsement from a guy who just had battery and disturbing the peace charges against him dropped under cloudy circumstances. Ummm, yeah right. Does anybody supporting Sawyer think that this is a good idea? I’ll bet that the Susan Gorin folks are loving this one.

  29. Snarky says:

    If I were Sawyer, I’d hold a press conference and immediately REJECT the criminal endorsement.