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More money flows into Petaluma City Council race


 Two of three incumbents and a first-time Petaluma City Council candidate raised the most in campaign contributions during the latest reporting period, eclipsing another newcomer who led in early fundraising.

Incumbents Gabe Kearney and Mike Healy, along with Healy’s running mate Kathy Miller, each raised significantly more than the other three candidates — incumbent Tiffany Renee and challengers Alicia Kae Herries and Jason Davies — from Oct. 1 through Oct. 20. The reports were made public Monday.

The six candidates are running for three council seats on the Nov. 6 ballot.

In total contributions, Miller leads all candidates with $16,459, followed by Healy, $15,439; Herries, $15,034; Kearney, $9,950; Davies, $9,485; and Renee $8,838.

In the most recent reporting period, Healy received $8,305, compared with Miller’s $7,747 and Kearney’s $5,560. Davies brought in $3,155 and Renee $1,300.

Herries, an executive assistant, was first to announce her candidacy and began fundraising early. She led all candidates in fundraising through September, but took in only $1,500 this period.

Miller and Healy, both attorneys, showed support from other lawyers, the real estate sector and the building industry.

Each received the maximum contribution allowed, $200, from several of the same donors: four brokers from Cushman & Wakefield real estate; John Park, the CEO of Fortiss in Los Angeles and Monument Properties, a related company; and representatives from Keegan & Coppin real estate and Ghilotti construction.

Both received nine $200 contributions from Lee Ceccotti, the chairman of Shamrock Materials in Petaluma, employees of the company and other Ceccotti family members.

Kearney, an emergency preparedness coordinator at Kaiser Permanente, received eight of the same contributions from Ceccotti/Shamrock representatives. He also received several donations from Petaluma real estate interests.

Kelsey Sprenger, listed as a student in Santa Rosa, gave $200 to both Miller and Healy.

Kearney, Healy and Miller also each received a $200 contribution from Sonoma County Alliance, a coalition of local business interests.

Herries received three $200 donations from notable sources: a property manager and owner of Woolmington-Smith Ventures, which owns the Plaza North shopping center in Petaluma, and $200 from the center itself.

She also listed $200 in nonmonetary contributions of “voting aids” from the progressive watchdog group Petaluma Tomorrow.

Davies, a small business owner and high-tech marketing executive, also received three $200 contributions related to the Plaza North shopping center and $200 from the Carpenters Regional Council based in Oakland.

Renee, who runs her own web design company, raised $1,300 in contributions this period, for a total of $8,840. She had one donation of the maximum amount this period, $200 from the same carpenters union as Davies.

Kearney reported the most cash on hand heading into the final stretch, with $5,460 in the bank, followed by Davies with $3,180.

Renee is carrying the most debt, with $4,850, of which $3,000 is an unpaid bill from Trujillo-Caston consulting.

4 Responses to “More money flows into Petaluma City Council race”

  1. Camino Alto says:

    @ Who are they, really?

    Well said! Thank you for shedding some light on one of Petaluma’s many dirty little secrets of Healy’s perpetually refusing to recuse himself. He only works for himself on the council, not the public. And we certainly don’t need Miller there as his puppet.

    And give me a thumbs down if the truth hurts.

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  2. Who are they, really? says:

    Maybe attorneys Healy and Miller would like to tell the voters who their clients are, before the election? Are any of their clients people or businesses who are or will do business in front of the city?

    Healy has NEVER recused himself, even though he’s personally flacked projects for Basin Street and other developers.

    Just what we need, another Healy on council. The guy is like Romney- whatever it takes to look like he’s on your side, but he’s always working the angles for himself and his big money buddies.

    Talk about government working for the insiders and wealthy. That’s Healy and his ilk. Time to send him and Miller packing.

    Happy Halloween, voters.

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  3. Counter point says:

    Torliatt got bit by her own actions. Actions that continue today with her back door dealings to pressure the demos not to endorse Kearney. She was and is still responsible for almost killing Petaluma and I am glad to see her gone.

    Kearney, Healy and Miller will absolutely get my vote.

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  4. Camino Alto says:

    “Kearney, Healy and Miller also each received a $200 contribution from Sonoma County Alliance, a coalition of local business interests.”

    Sonoma County Alliance is the group that put out those horrible racist lying hit pieces against Pamela Torliatt two years ago. Great bunch to have on your side. I hope that people are concerned about all of that builder/developer money going to Healy, Kearney and Miller.

    And finally, the fact that Miller is an attorney comes out in print. That little detail seems to have been missing. One attorney on the council is too much as it is.

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