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Olmsted not quite yet a candidate in Cotati


Alden Olmsted, who last week declared himself a write-in candidate for Cotati City Council, is not quite that yet.

Of the 27 signatures Olmsted turned in to become an official candidate, 12 were disqualified by the county Registrar of Voters, Cotati City Clerk Tami Taylor said Tuesday.

Alden Olmsted.

Nothing prevents Olmsted from declaring a candidacy and running a campaign. However, write-in votes cast for him Nov. 6 would only be counted if he had properly submitted 20 verified signatures from registered voters in Cotati.

According to the Registrar, the reasons for the disqualified signatures were that some were of people registered at addresses different than the one they gave on Olmsted’s candidate petition, and others were not registered voters.

There are four other candidates for the Cotati council in the race: Mayor Susan Harvey, Councilman John Del’Osso, former Councilman George Barich, and Planning Commissioner Wendy Skillman, a first-time candidate.

Olmsted has until Oct. 23 to turn in the eight additional signatures needed.

2 Responses to “Olmsted not quite yet a candidate in Cotati”

  1. John Moore says:

    That’s why he was leaving the Cotati jewelry store w/ Patty Minnis, and the others from Oliver’s market tonight…

    I think it’s to water down the vote for Barich…

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  2. James Bennett says:

    You don’t suppose he was installed as a last minute moderate to to dilute the electoral landscape?

    Would they do that?

    I think they would do anything and everything, yes.

    After he’s in there, they can push through their “Complete Street” ICLEI model and get their extortion money.

    George Barich is a known quantity, the people KNOW who he’ll stand for.

    Loyal and accessible.

    The little cabal in there now is deliberately not. They don’t want accountability to the voters. A dialogue.

    That’s not who they really work for.

    Sad, but true.

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