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The Last Word: Week of Oct. 7

Come up with your own caption …

And this week’s winners are . . .

“Good news is I got a job. Bad news, it’s the same one I had in high school.”

“So this is how trickle down economics works.”

“The ad said it was a management position. I ended up managing a deep fryer and 47 pounds of potatoes.”

“I got McFired.”
DALE STOUT, Sebastopol

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The cartoons are drawn by Gary Varvel, who has served as political cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star since 1994.

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38 Responses to “The Last Word: Week of Oct. 7”

  1. Trey Dunia says:

    After further review it has been determined that the aircraft carrier was in proper position…however, the intended reciever was on the other side of the international border so the damage inflicted is collateral and not subject to publication by the media.

  2. Jay says:

    ““Illegal use of Hans Blix.”?

    damn. that’s funny. :)

  3. Jay says:

    “Holding. Straits of Hormuz… 10 yards”

  4. richard smith says:

    Game called on account of unnecessary aggressiveness!

  5. Julius Orth says:

    That’s it…I quit!…I no longer want to referee the middle eastern conflict.

  6. Dale Stout says:

    Delay of Peace. Unlawful Intentions. The Clock has Run Out. Game Over.

  7. Mark Bowman says:

    Penalty on Iran—interference with world peace process. Israel may sabotage two Iranian nuclear facilities. 4th down.

  8. Richard Smith says:

    Illegal use of hands,and nuclear arms!

  9. Dale Stout says:

    I’m going to need a bigger flag.

  10. richard smith says:

    Iran team, you are out of downs, out of time, and out of luck!

  11. Frank says:

    Game over, Diplomacy clock ran out

  12. Kellie Ambrose says:

    Penalty on Iran, intent to use enriched uranium to make a long bomb.

  13. Al Cohen says:

    Fifteen yard penalty on Ahmadinejad for running into Yom Kicker.

  14. Al Cohen says:

    Huge penalties on Ahmadinejad for believing he needs a nuclear bomb, and not believing in the Holocaust.

  15. Bob Charbonnier says:

    No penalty, the refs just want to throw in the towels.

  16. Steve Marshall says:

    Excessive Jihad on the offence. Too many suicide bombers on the field at the same time.

  17. Michael Sheehan says:

    We have 3 penalties against Iran – intentional (under)grounding their nukes, planned encroachment into Israeli territory, and too many terrorists on the field.

  18. Ron Barz says:

    Although I might be a “substitute ref”, somebody needs to penalize Iran.

  19. Ron Barz says:

    Although I might be s “substitute ref”, somebody has to penalize Iran!

  20. Mark Berube says:

    If Ayatollah once, Ayatollah twice.
    Ahmadinejad is way out of bounds!

  21. Dan J Drummond says:

    Delay Of Game – Defense – # 9 “Bibi” Netanyahu – Should wait until the fissile material is brought to a central site, that’s the moment to strike – 4th Down

  22. Dan J Drummond says:

    Helmet-to-Helmet Collision – Offense – # 9 “Bibi” Netanyahu – Oh No! They had already developed their Weapons of Mass Destruction! – Game Over

  23. Dan J Drummond says:

    Neutral Zone Infraction – Kicking Team – # 9 “Bibi” Netanyahu – Endeavoring to influence the 2012 presidential election by garnering votes for his friend, Mitt Romney – 4th Down

  24. Dan J Drummond says:

    False Start – Offense – # 9 “Bibi” Netanyahu – Early Israeli Attack on Iran Could Benefit Obama – 4th Down

  25. Skippy says:

    “Game called on account of Uranium.”

    “Twelve terrorists on the field.”

    “Illegal use of Hans Blix.”

    “Personally foul.”

  26. Bob Charbonnier says:

    Crossed the Red Line. Maximum penalty!

  27. Julius Orth says:

    Hey…I’m just a substitute referee…my team (oops I mean Israel) half the distance to the end zone, repeat fourth down.

  28. Julius Orth says:

    Ineligible “Nuclear” player on the field….free kick in the rear from the rest of the world….repeat third round of negotiations.

  29. Julius Orth says:

    The Israeli umpires call for a pre-emptive “strike”.

  30. richard smith says:

    Too many bombs on the field!

  31. Dale Stout says:

    Obama’s using the Jimmy Carter play book.

  32. Dale Stout says:

    If us Refs went on strike, what makes you think Iran won’t strike?

  33. John Gianfermi says:

    “10 yard penalty for blocking the Persian Gulf.”

  34. John Gianfermi says:

    “Passover interference.”

  35. James Bennett says:

    First down.
    China and Russia get a BIG penalty kick.

    Game over.

  36. James Bennett says:


  37. John Gianfermi says:

    “Illegal use of uranium.”

  38. Dale Stout says:

    Illegal formation of nuclear weapons…no penalty by the Obama administration.