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North Coast congressional candidates to face off in Sebastopol debate Wednesday night


Democrat Jared Huffman and Republican Dan Roberts, candidates for the North Coast congressional seat, will square off tonight in a debate in Sebastopol.

Hosted by the League of Women Voters Sonoma County and Sonoma County Water Coalition, the forum will be from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris St.

Congressional candidate Jared Huffman chats on his phone during his election night party at the Heritage House on the Dominican University campus in San Rafael on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. Huffman is running for the seat being vacated by Rep. Lynn Woolsey. (IJ photo/Alan Dep)

Huffman, who is termed out of the state Assembly, and Roberts, a political newcomer, were the top two vote-getters in the June primary.

They are competing for an open seat created by the retirement of Petaluma Democratic Rep. Lynn Woolsey and are seeking to represent the new 2nd Congressional District stretching from Marin County to the Oregon border, excluding Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati and Sonoma Valley.

The forum will be recorded for viewing on public broadcasting, home computers and BLIP TV. It also will be replayed on the League of Women Voters’ Smart Voter website at www.SmartVoter.org.

The forum is the first of eight debates organized by the League of Women Voters over the next three weeks, leading up to the Nov. 6 election. All begin at 7 p.m. Other forums include:

Thursday: Petaluma City Council candidates debate. Sponsored by League of Women Voters, AAUW Petaluma and the Argus-Courier. Petaluma City Council chambers. Petaluma City Council chambers.

Dan Roberts.

Oct. 1: Santa Rosa City Council candidates debate. Sponsored by League of Women Voters, AAUW Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa City Council chambers.

Oct. 2: Sonoma City Council candidates debate. Sponsored by League of Women Voters. Sonoma Community Room.

Oct. 4: Sebastopol City Council candidates debate. Sponsored by League of Women Voters, Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce, Sonoma West News. Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris St.

Oct. 11: Cloverdale City Council candidates debate. Sponsored by League of Women Voters, Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce. Cloverdale Community Center.

Oct. 17: Debate between 10th Assembly District candidates Michael Allen and Mark Levine. Sponsored by League of Women Voters and AAUW Petaluma. Springfield Place, 101 Ely Blvd., Petaluma.

Oct. 18: Debate between Sonoma County Board of Supervisors 1st District candidates Susan Gorin and John Sawyer. Sponsored by League of Women Voters. Sonoma Community Room.

7 Responses to “North Coast congressional candidates to face off in Sebastopol debate Wednesday night”

  1. Frank says:

    your mocking me again
    if i am for or agaisnt the death penalty is not the issue
    I see a tax increase down the road

    5. To require that persons convicted of murder with special circumstances remain behind bars for the rest of their lives, with mandatory work in a high-security prison, and that money earned be used to help victims through the victim’s compensation fund.
    inmates force to work! ( lawsuit )
    wages paid to inmates, who pays for that? ( taxpayer )
    how much do they get now for there artsy stuff that is for sale?
    victims compensated I’m all for that, but what will the State provide the scum bags for employment? how many more gaurds will we have to hire for this?
    just can’t get behind this one

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  2. GAJ says:

    Yes Mockingbird, I’ve always been a Death Penalty advocate but it’s simply a money pit of litigation so be done with it.

    Letting them rot in jail is the only thing we can afford unfortunately.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  3. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Frank, I’ll be negating your vote with mine. You all are always whining about the cost of the prisons and then you still want the death penalty that costs us millions every year. Those on death row are going to die naturally there by the time all the appeals and everything else they get are done. Put them in with the rest of the prison population, make them share a cell, make them fight for their life and forget about them. Maybe a Dahmer will happen to them, you never know. On death row they have it pretty easy.

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  4. The Oracle says:

    Step #1- Raise your hand if you don’t understand economics. Step #2- Learn something new about economics. Step #3- Repeat Steps #1 and #2 until you can discuss economics without relying on cliches.

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  5. Elephant says:

    I can only hope for a repeat of the first time that huffman participated in a candidates forum in Sonoma County. He was such a (insert favorite derogatory profanity here) that the crowd boo-ed him multiple times.

    In his initial run for State Assembly, in Sonoma County, he came in third of six candidates. He only got elected with Marin County votes.

    Dan Roberts, you are getting my vote simply because you are not Jared Huffman.

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  6. Time for a Change says:

    Time to give our economy a chance and get the economy working again. Your vote and support for a decent guy, Dan Roberts, will help.

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  7. Frank says:

    No new taxes
    no Obama
    No huffman
    Dan Roberts has my support

    30, No saless & income tax
    31, Yes two year state budget cycle
    32, Yes paycheck protection
    33, Yes insurance rates drivers history
    34, No Death penalties repeal
    35, Yes increase penalties human trafficking
    36, No, thee strikes law reform
    37, No,
    38, No
    39, No
    40, Yes

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