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Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo arrested on battery allegations


Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo was arrested in San Diego on Labor Day after an early morning fight outside a popular nightclub that left one man unconscious.

Carrillo, 31, was booked on charges of battery causing serious injury, a felony, and disturbing the peace, a misdemeanor, San Diego police Lt. Andra Brown said.

Carrillo was released Monday after posting $10,000 bail, according to the San Diego County jail.

He refused to return repeated phone calls seeking comment Wednesday and his aide said Carrillo would not discuss his arrest until he returns from a trip abroad in nearly two weeks.

Efren Carrillo

The fight broke out at 2:10 a.m. Monday on a street in the city’s Gaslamp District, a bustling downtown area crowded with bars and restaurants.

Carrillo issued a written statement Wednesday saying he was protecting female friends who were being harassed by “rowdies” when he stepped in to defend them.

“I was in San Diego for Labor Day weekend on my own personal business. I was socializing with a group of friends when rowdies approached our group and harassed women in our group. I stepped in to protect them. I’m anxious to tell my side of the story during legal proceedings,” according to the statement.

Prosecutors have not determined if they will file charges, said Steve Walker, a spokesman for the San Diego County district attorney.

His arraignment is set for Oct. 15.

Carrillo was scheduled to depart this morning on a long-planned trip to Russia with a 23-member delegation from Fort Ross State Historic Park. He will not make himself available to discuss the incident until he returns for the Sept. 18 Board of Supervisors meeting, said Susan Upchurch, his district director.

“It is a legal matter. He has issued a written statement,” she said.

Fellow supervisors said Carrillo had not discussed the incident with them Wednesday.

“I have not spoken to Efren since last week. I understand his office has issued a statement,” said Shirlee Zane, chairwoman of the Board of Supervisors.

Valerie Brown, who has been on a two-week trip to Missouri, said she learned about it when she received an email press release from Carrillo on Wednesday. She also had not spoken to Carrillo.

“I just found out about it today,” Brown said. “I didn’t even know he’d gone to San Diego.”

Supervisor David Rabbitt said he hadn’t spoken to Carrillo about the incident but expressed his support.

“I don’t know the facts, but I’m supportive of Efren as a friend and a colleague and hopefully it will adjudicate itself out and the truth will come out as he moves forward,” Rabbitt said. “I think it’s safe to say, that he feels a certain disappointment just having to go through the circumstances.”

Supervisor Mike McGuire also hadn’t spoken to Carrillo.

“Efren is one of the hardest working people in local government. All I know is what I read in the newspaper and I think it’s a mistake to speak on the issues until the legal process is concluded,” McGuire said.

Carrillo briefly returned to Sonoma County after he was released, appearing in public Tuesday night at the Sebastopol City Council meeting. He addressed the council during a program presented by the Sonoma County Water Agency on a proposal to create a public agency to purchase power for Sonoma County and its cities.

Carrillo’s father, Efren Carrillo Sr., said his son had spoken only briefly about the incident, describing it as an “altercation” that involved several people.

“He’s not too happy with whatever happened,” Carrillo Sr. said, adding, “I support him. He’s human.”

Former Santa Rosa Congressman Doug Bosco, a supporter, said he called Carrillo about the incident Wednesday. Carrillo told him he was with friends when people came along and “started giving him some trouble,” Bosco said.

Carrillo, who earned a black belt in Taekwondo as a teenager and trained in other disciplines of the martial arts, apparently responded, Bosco said.

“It was one of those things that happened quickly,” Bosco said. “He feels he was totally within his rights. He doesn’t like the thought of hurting anyone but he was provoked and did what he needed to do.”

The fight erupted shortly after closing time outside Fluxx, a downtown San Diego nightclub where Oakland rapper Too $hort had performed earlier that evening. The nightspot has become a fixture on the city’s celebrity circuit, with photos of visiting stars such as Ashton Kutcher, LeBron James, Snoop Dogg, Usher and Pamela Anderson featured on its website.

Brown said the fight was not linked to a specific establishment, but the police report listed the nightclub’s Fourth Avenue address as the location of the altercation.

“Officers rolled up on a fight and through witness statements and their own observations determined that Mr. Carrillo and the other subject had committed a crime,” Brown said.

Rayan Jastanyah, 22, of San Diego, was arrested on the same charges as Carrillo, Brown said.

The victim, Jovan Will, 30, of Mesa, Ariz., was treated and released from a San Diego hospital. He declined comment Wednesday evening when reached at his home.

The arrest poses both legal and political consequences. If Carrillo is found to have used excessive force in response to verbal harassment he could be guilty of a serious offense, Santa Rosa defense attorney Stephen Turer said.

If he was responding to a physical threat that would be different, Turer said.

“Words alone do not justify a physical response under the law,” Turer said.

But perhaps the biggest question was the political fallout for the popular young politician, who was first elected to represent the Fifth District in 2008 and easily won a second term in the June primary.

Andy Merrifield, professor of political science at Sonoma State University, said the details of the fight as well as any formal charges would determine any lasting impact.

“Obviously it’s not a good thing, but let’s see how it plays out,” Merrifield said. “I’d say it’s not fatal at this point, politically.”

Staff Writer Jeremy Hay and News Researcher Janet Balicki contributed to this story.

65 Responses to “Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo arrested on battery allegations”

  1. Politico Man says:

    He seems like a protector, and even has a new uniform, tight white undies, argyle socks and his cell phone

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  2. Roxanne says:

    Funny how all the conservatives and their comments about ousting Efren Carillo have NOTHING to say about the physical safety of the women he was protecting. Are these conservatives the same men and women who watch and demonize women and children and pat the perpetrators on the back and ignorantly forgive and forget them in their churches? Do these people parroting penal codes know that rape victims if they clobber their perpetrators can get the same charges even after being raped?!!! Come on. Man up folks and protect your women and children because obviously nobody else is.

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  3. rebekah says:

    People …the very basic fact is we were not there…our society spends a lot of time talking with assumptions..to have such a hard opinion with little facts is just like believing everything you hear ..whoa..when you write something look and see what your reaction comes from within you …this is emotional maturity…speculation without even being there is nothing…your reactions belong to you…

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  4. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    They should have just left the bar and gone somewhere else not stay and have the situation escalate into an altercation where violence ended up being used.

    We women don’t want men to use unnecessary violence to fight for us. We want you to be smart enough to protect us and that’s to take us out of the situation as fast as possible. Not have “words” that escalate the fight with others that are already out of control.

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  5. Joe says:

    This is just like the National Enquirer…We live in a country were you are innocent until proven guilty and a lot of you already have him guilty without any proof. None of you were there to witness this incident and if you were all in the same situation, would you all want the same treatment? You all have him guilty until proven innocent…not cool.

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  6. Robert says:

    So much for Innocent until proven guilty. This is rather disgusting to read. But I will. No one knows anything more than the article and throw in all kinds of extras. A racist commented that he should attending an “Oakland Rapper” event. Wine drinkers from Sonoma county are demonizing alcohol consumption even though it wasn’t mentioned. People are throwing him under the bus faster than Rev. Wright and the Obama Express.

    If it turns out 2 people attacked some females and he fought them both off, knowing one out, how will you feel? That kind of thing will get you shot dead in a parking garage in Santa Rosa. Many feel women should not be defended and obviously some feel no one has the right to defend themselves. Usually the winner of any fight goes to ail when the loser is knocked out. Things are soughted out later. NOT HERE. 150 years ago most of you would have hung him before a trial or talking anyone else. You are truly low on the human scale. Now, go ahead justify your comments with time of day, location and your own holier than though (choke choke) morals.

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  7. laughingman says:

    A. Don’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see. I guarantee that the information printed in the PD represents a very small amount of the facts in the case.

    B. Anyone who has been involved in anything like this knows that the facts are blurry, even when the police come on the scene, because they only see what is happening when they arrive, not what went on before they arrived.

    C. Mr. Carrillo gave the press a statement saying that it was a situation brought on by the supposed “victims” and that he was defending others. With criminal charges pending, it is not in his, or any similarly situated person’s, interest to comment further, prior to the resolution of the case.

    D. Pure speculation regarding alcohol use, etc., serve no useful purpose, unless the purpose is to smear Carrillo.

    E. The facts will come out and the investigation results will be available. Until then, Mr. Carrillo is innocent until proven guilty, just like everyone else.

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  8. Snarky says:

    I was going to ask for a personal discussion with Efren when he returned from San Diego…

    But I was told he is now headed to RUSSIA.

    He’s my man. He knows how to handle “local” Sonoma County affairs. Bless our government “reps.”

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  9. Susan Meyers West County says:

    My question is, does Carrillo deserve to continue as an elected member of the Board of Supervisors?

    First, he is arrested in front of a bar in San Diego at 2:10 a.m. apparently knocking another man out in a street brawl.

    Then he escapes to Russia on an “official trip.” Why didn’t he man up and face the press and public answering questions accounting for his behavior which resulted in his arrest and incarsceration for 10 hours for felony assualt and other charges.

    How many of you have been arrested for brawling and leaving a victim unconscious in the street? Carrillo has shown no remorse and in fact in written statement has defended his unacceptable behavior.

    Carrillo needs to face political discipline for his behavior in addition to the criminal and civil penalities he will face. How can he be allowed to remain in office and pass judgement on county employees who have commit criminal acts?

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  10. Rachele Ketchem says:

    Before judgment is passed, one might want to do some investigative research like if Efren was against some development in Sonoma County? Or why these young men from out of state that so happened to be waiting outside a club for him and his friends miles away from home, they might be asociated with developers or something sleazy like that? Small town places operate like that. Especially in the age of land and house-jacking in the wake of KELO v. NEW LONDON, CT.

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  11. Rachele Ketchem says:

    Efren Carillo is a good man. In my opinion there are not very men left with testicles that will stand up for a woman in a situation like that. Not even a boyfriend or a husband. He gets my vote.

    Why were the men that were harassing the women not arrested???

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  12. The Oracle says:

    How badly was this rowdy beaten before he stopped posing a threat? Are there photos of the injuries? Carrillo has played his rhetorical hand. Is consistent with the known facts?

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  13. Doodles says:

    Not too long ago everyone sang the praises of this upstart Hispanic politician who was a “first” for Sonoma County. Well, we need to find better role models for our hispanic kids. Booze, violence, jail–this is the unfortunate path too many of our kids take because of entitled attitudes and knee-jerk use of the race card to dismiss destructive behavior. As a latino I wish my community would have higher standards and stop excusing this kind of behavior. Grow up, Efren. Your position and “role model” status is 24/7.

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  14. j galt says:

    Elect a man child and that,s whats you get! Grow up little boy! You are not superman. and never will be!

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  15. Joseph Donegan says:

    I usually supply this link with the prayer of saving a young persons life. 1700 college students will die this year directly from alcohol poisoning. This on the other hand is an example of all the other problems people get into when they drink. Please watch this video with a young adult you love, and ask yourself is this the kind of leader we want in office to set an example to our young adults?

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  16. Juvenal says:

    Of the fifty or so posters regarding this story, I count about three I would like to see sit on a jury…on this matter or any other.

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  17. Fiscal Conservative says:

    We do not have all of the facts yet. The place for Mr.Carrillo to be right now is in the
    office, answering questions of the people of West Sonoma County. That is the priority.

    In my opinion, when anyone works as a County Supervisor, they are always ‘on-duty’,
    Just like an Officer in the Military, a Law Enforcement officer, Judge or the like.
    Representing West County does not stop for a vacation. On vacation or elsewhere Mr.
    Carrillo is an elected representative of Sonoma County and needs to conduct his behavior

    I have a few questions:

    What is a County Supervisor doing patronizing rowdy night club with Oakland rappers
    and rowdies at 2:00 am? Unless he was undercover as part of a $ 2Billion County Pension
    fraud sting, I am greatly disappointed.

    What is our County Supervisor doing visiting the red communist homeland Soviet Union?
    Unless he is gathering information for the CIA, I am greatly disappointed.

    What is he doing leaving the Country while he is out on bail for a felony?

    What was his BAC?

    I believe the Board should have a special session and place Mr.Corrillo on leave until this
    matter is resolved.

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  18. Jim says:

    I love the “wait for the facts” responses. In the real world that is appropriate. When dealing with a connected politician, that is ridiculous. When dealing with politicians in CA, “facts” don’t matter. “Facts” are never released.

    As mentioned, I predict nothing will happen. The charges will be dropped. He may pay a fine, which some union will reimburse him for through some sort of bribe. Politicians only get busted when they are no longer useful for the establishment. Carillo is too young and the right ethnicity for the Democrat party in CA so he still has some use. Nothing will happen.

    Unfortunately for Carillo, Arnold isn’t in office any longer. He would have just pardoned him at the final minute of his term in office, like he did for Nunez’s kid.

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  19. Lets be Reasonable says:

    @SW – Only certain felonies would result in loss of pension:

    1. A felony for conduct arising out of or in the performance of the public employee’s official duties, in pursuit of the office or appointment, or in connection with obtaining salary, disability retirement, service retirement, or other benefits; and
    2. A felony that was committed within the scope of a public employee’s official
    duties against or involving a child who he or she has contact with as part of his or her official duties.

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  20. Still Waters says:

    According to the latest plan from the Governor’s office on pension reform for government workers, if you are convicted of a felon you forfeit your pension.

    I’m sure the County will provide the Best & Brightest attorneys to make sure any charges that stick are less than a felony.

    Your tax dollars at work.

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  21. Bill Collin says:

    No longer support Carrillo, will not vote for him again… since he did a 180 on the Petaluma asphalt plant. Bye Bye Efren…

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  22. Paul Andersen says:

    Here’s a little info to chew on:

    Carillo Arrest Record

    The Penal Code defines battery as : “242. A battery is any willful and unlawful use of force or violence
    upon the person of another.”

    Carillo is charged with PC 243(d) which is aggravated battery with a possible year in county jail or 2-4 years in state prison.

    Penal Code 243(d) Aggravated Battery is considered a “wobbler” which means there is prosecutorial discretion as to whether to charge as a misdemeanor or a felony.

    A misdemeanor could simply result in summary probation. A felony could result in 2-4 years in state prison.

    More background on the charge is here.

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  23. GAJ says:

    Seems like Carillo might be facing actual police testimony as witnesses to at least part of the fracas.

    “Officers rolled up on a fight and through witness statements and their own observations determined that Mr. Carrillo and the other subject had committed a crime,” Brown said.

    The arrest poses both legal and political consequences. If Carrillo is found to have used excessive force in response to verbal harassment, he could be guilty of a serious offense, Santa Rosa defense attorney Stephen Turer said.

    If he was responding to a physical threat, that would be different, Turer said.

    “Words alone do not justify a physical response under the law,” Turer said.”


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  24. StarsUponThars says:

    @ Thomas re: “He’s a little old to be at nightclubs without being know as the creepy old guy”

    ok, when was the last time you went to a nightclub??!?

    Efren is 31. the average age of the men who go to nightclubs, i would put at between 25-35. so, no, efren is far from the “creepy old guy”. you gotta crest 40 to earn that title!

    and, regarding this incident, really… just because someone is arrested and charged, that doesn’t mean they are guilty of exactly what the charges are, right? RIGHT?!?!

    wait for facts.

    and, i know this is not the mainstream view, but i believe that politicians are people, and couldn’t care less what they do in their “downtime”, so long as it doesn’t affect their job performance.

    now, the forcible kissing thing? yeah, that’s unacceptable and reprehensible. and that is sexual assault.

    and, unfortunately, not very unusual.

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  25. Paul Andersen says:

    Carillo’s response to this really shows poor political judgment. He’s going to wait two weeks until he gets back from his junket to Russia to explain himself?

    To paraphrase Bill Clinton, “that really takes some brass.” Efren must not understand who pays his salary and benefits.

    He’ll be very surprised to find out just how much this mushrooms in two weeks as editorial writers, reporters and citizens do their own investigating. I predict a slow “drip, drip, drip” in the coming days.

    One question worth exploring is, what’s up with this junket to Russia? Two weeks? That seems like an awfully long time; junkets or “factfinding missions” usually 3-5 days. I’d be interested to know who is funding this trip. Perhaps some enterprising reporters would like to look into this?

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  26. lavendersonoma says:

    None of us know what really happened unless any of us were actually there, so we must wait for all the facts/statements to show up.

    I can say that having worked with Efren with local elementary children and during city events that he is a gentleman and is nothing but polite. He is a smart man and a very talented one – people love to tear down others who are more successful than they are.

    By the way, he’s also a single man, and going out is what single men and women DO, just in case you all forgot. He’s also ‘human’ as his father said today in the PD, so let’s remember that, too.

    Relax, everyone, and let this sort itself out without everyone’s accusations of things that they ‘heard’.

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  27. JJ says:

    While there is always two sides to the story and any judgment should wait, many will or have made up their minds as to the circumstances and who’s guilty. I can also say with certainty that Carrillo is formalizing what public diplomacy he needs to do to minimize his part in the arrest.

    Ultimately the public will lose, the facts distorted and the actual victim (s) minimized.

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  28. Could we put the who-hit-who-and-why questions aside for a minute and get a clear answer to another question:

    What is a County Supervisor doing on a two-week trip to Russia as part of a “23-member delegation from Fort Ross State Historic Park “?

    I hope it’s a hobby/vacation trip that is being paid for with his own money and conducted on his own time. If one cent of a boondoggle like that involves taxpayer money, it’s an outrage.

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  29. Skippy says:

    Unsurprisingly, any criticism or questioning of Efren has been dismissed as racism.
    How convenient.
    The shield of melanin makes a person invulnerable to judgement.
    It is a get-out-of-trouble card.

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  30. Jim says:

    Why is this a story? He is a politician, a Democrat in CA. He’ll get community service, the charges will go away. That is the history in CA. Look what happened to Hyashi. She steals from Neiman Marcus and blames a brain tumor. Nothing happens. She stays in office.

    Though that’s a bad example. Everyone in Sacramento steals from the taxpayers.

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  31. R.B. Fish says:

    It was a poor decision or a good one. Poor if he was drinking and stepped in to be macho. Good if his fighting skills actually assisted a women/person in distress or facing threatening harressment. He could be hero. He could called the cops. In any event we should wait to hear the story. He wasn’t charged with a criminal act so they couldn’t keep from going to Russia spending our taxpayer money for two weeks. The liberals will protect him forever. Don’t forget this is a corrupt and hypocrtical political environment. Holding a political to a higher standard is an American quality look passed. Look who their celebrating at NDC promoting women’s rights and anti-wall street…Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

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  32. shallburne says:

    no comment

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  33. Pack of Strays says:

    I want to know why he isn’t immediately put on leave…The Sheriff in San Francisco was for domesticate violence. This is battery. He should be put on leave until he deals with his legal issues.

    And finally…
    This County is not a playground for these corrupt politicians to play in…Get out!

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  34. Creepy Carrillo? says:

    So all Efren’s loyal supporters are willing to go to the mat for him. But there’s no information about the incident and arrest yet except the SD police statement. When will the arrest report be made public? Let’s publish that, PD, pronto.

    And his chief campaign manager, the ever clever and greasy Bosco, probably helped create the “defending his women” story. Its a nice cover story and I hope it is true for Efren’s sake. But if it’s not true, it’s just another tangle of stories and b.s. from our slickest macho supervisor, already known as a womanizer royale.

    Efren will have the best criminal lawyer his big money sponsors can afford, so we may never know the truth of what happened, other than really bad judgment on what to do when confronted with insults. Good thing he didn’t pull a gun.

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  35. Jeff Elliott says:

    Will the Press Democrat publish the booking photo? If not, why?

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  36. Sarah P says:

    Felony Charges, he should resign plain and simple. ;0~

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  37. Unacceptable – Recall Now says:

    This is outrageous. We need leaders with maturity and control. This is unacceptable for anyone, let along a Supervisor. He should resign immediately or be recalled. He cannot continue to effectively lead. I think his only hope would be to own this, apologize sincerely, enroll in an anger management class, and dedicate a lot of time to teaching non-violent conflict resolution – especially to our youth. Even with that, he may never really get over this….nor will the voters….wonder if Ernie Carpenter is still willing to serve.

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  38. Matt says:

    Seems like Efren has finally been caught! I’ve been hearing stories like this regarding him for years. Nothing new here at all.

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  39. Robert says:

    Wow, the sheeple have spoken. Very prejudice. Meaning, pre-judging, without the facts. How much of that is racially motivated? None, I am sure. Not in Sonoma County. Turn your back on a violent person and you get punched in the back of the head. Take them head on and put them down. I am sure those here also judge a victim by what they wore at the time of the attack. Or maybe they just enjoy making decisions and judgements without the facts. Imagination is much more fun. How Sonoma County of you.

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  40. Joan McDonald says:

    About two years ago, Sonoma County fired the Ag Commissioner after she was stopped by the CHP for DUI and took off running away from the CHP. She was arrested and later terminated by the County with Carrillo leading the way.

    Now we have Carrillo arrested for brawling in the streets of San Diego just after bar closing time and charged with felony battery. The person he was involved in the street brawl with was left unconscious in the street.

    Carrillo was bailed out and apparently on his way to Russia for two weeks on Board of Supervisor business.

    Why did the other Supervisors not stop his trip to Russia until an investigation of the matter is completed by Sonoma County officials?

    If Carrillo is found to have been involved in a street brawl in San Diego over “the ladies,” he, like the Ag Commissioner, needs to face disciplinary action which could include removal from office.

    The public has a right to expect a higher level of conduct from public officials, especially elected public officials.

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  41. 4G says:

    Carrillo should have just walked away. He is suppose to be an elected official here in Sonoma County, not a street brawler.

    He is going to pay financially and politically for this careless behavior. If he was drunk, he needs help and Sonoma County needs a replacement.

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  42. Camino Alto says:

    “Carrillo issued a written statement Wednesday morning saying he was protecting female friends who were being harassed by “rowdies” when he stepped in to defend them.”

    It seems that Carrillo stepped in and started fighting with someone. HE is the aggressor here. You defend someone in that situation by getting them out, no more, no less.

    Now how many feel foolish for voting for this bozo? Recall anyone?

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  43. Rocky says:

    What kind of a man beats a person up with the help of a friend? That’s not a man, that’s a coward.

    Thumb up 47 Thumb down 17

  44. BigDogatPlay says:

    From having worked in law enforcement I know two things…..

    * I will wait for all the facts to come into the public record before I say one way or another what I think about Supervisor Carillo’s actions.

    * When you deal with a street fight, you take the aggressor. You usually determine that by who got the worst of things, in conjunction with the statements of witnesses… if you on view the fight yourself, it becomes pretty easy to tell.

    Based on the quote from the San Diego PD spokesperson, the officers may have on viewed at least some of the fight. Hopefully, Supervisor Carillo can engage competent counsel to assist him as he may very well be neck deep in a peck of poop.

    And for those alleging previous instances of such behavior on Carillo’s part…. bring some fact and prove it, or shut the heck up.

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  45. clarification says:

    His supporter Doug Bosco stated that Supervisor Carrillo was harrassedand used self defence ” Martial Arts” to defend himself… Anyone formally trained in “Martial Arts” knows how to defend themselves without making someone go to the hospital. You are supposed to also warn your component of your skills. What is the matter Doug… You afraid Supervisor Carrillo will not be able to vote for your pet projects… ugh…..

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  46. Mytidawg says:

    Wow a black belt in Karate!!??….this guy needs to chillax and here is what “Efren” said when he was 19

    “The thing I like best about martial arts is: “The discipline. It’s something to keep you away from trouble, too — that’s why my parents got me into it. You have to show a lot of respect for your instructor, so you learn to have respect for everyone. I also like the martial arts environment. Some places, you tend to get people that are dopey or mean, but your instructor tends to push those people away. So you make really good friends. It’s like a second family to me, to be supported by and spend time with. I also like how it teaches you perseverance and self control.”

    here is the link….obviously he is using his power in more ways than one…too bad…should sometimes just leave the scene and let the punks be punks…or call the cops!


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  47. ”Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see”
    by Benjamin Franklin
    Don’t believe what people say just because they say it, and don’t believe half of what you see because what you see is not always the truth. Five people can see it 5 different ways. It’s called perception and it can be skewed. I’m sure Efren’s right-wing racist detractors are lapping this up. Don’t worry Mr. Carrillo; we know how you’ve given of yourself tirelessly and unselfishly. You have done great things for our county. You are still our star.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 45

  48. Thomas says:

    One of comments I saw on this was by a women that said Efren forcibly kissed her at a nightclub one night ( that’s called sexual assault). Now him and a friend (?) ( two people were arrested) are beating people unconscious. What looks like a once promising career seems to becoming unraveling fast. If I was guessing ,it seems like he might have an alcohol problem. He better get over it fast because he’s is gonna be the defendant in a lot of lawsuits and out of a job if this behavior continues. He’s a little old to be at nightclubs without being know as the creepy old guy. Also, what was his career before politics?

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  49. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Sorry, that’s “much worse in every way that MARIJUANA”

    Thumb up 20 Thumb down 11

  50. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Likely alcohol was involved disolving people’s inhibition and brain power. And the federal government is focused on marijuana growers and users. Alcohol causes all kinds of grief in this country, is much worse in every way than alcohol and is legal.

    Thumb up 27 Thumb down 11

  51. GAJ says:

    To clarify, the pattern of behavior people should document is his tendency to violence.

    I could care less if the guy likes to party.

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  52. GAJ says:

    I’m no fan of Carillo but if people on here are going to claim this is a documented pattern of behavior then they need to support those allegations with facts not just toss them out there.

    Thumb up 34 Thumb down 12

  53. Over Easy says:

    Ok lets see…3 involved, two arrested on the same charges, and one transported unconscious to The hospital. You would assume it was two on one!

    So since when has “defending” ladies from drunk talk meant beat the crap out of another guy with your buddy?

    They have a word for those kind of guys.

    Thumb up 42 Thumb down 8

  54. Sticks and Stones says:

    2:10 AM, right after the bars closed. That says something right there. And for those who skim rather than read, it wasn’t an “attitude adjustment” or just defending a lady’s honor shoving the “rowdies” away. The article begins ” Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo was arrested in San Diego early Monday after a fight in the city’s Gaslamp District that left one man unconscious…” Key word? Unconscious! That would have some bearing on why they’re charging felony battery causing serious injury, much less the misdemeanor disturbing the peace. Think back to December 2006 when Matthew Toste stepped in to defend the ladies he was with from the gangbangers that were hassling them at the parking garage by the Roxy. Remember, he got shot and killed? They’re words, and you’ll find that when you walk away, pretty soon you can’t hear them anymore.

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  55. Chuck G says:

    One word comes to mind…embarrassing!

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  56. Equal Justice says:

    I once had a couple of “rowdies” pull up to myself and my lady friend in my car. The “rowdies” put their headlights in our faces for minutes until I stepped out & suggested they turn them off. Just then, the cops showed up and after a few minutes of discussion, blamed me for the incident and told me I should shut up.

    The cops determined that a crime had been committed on their own, eh? Doubtful that they even knew what they saw.

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  57. Still Waters says:

    I also wonder what kind of spin the County Administrator and other Board members will put on this incident. Whether you agree or disagree with his politics, his behavior is inexcusable. So is his judgement of the kind of places he likes to party.

    Brings to mind 2 song phrases:

    “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

    “How long has this being going on?”

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  58. Rudy says:

    Orale ese vato!

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  59. A more important question says:

    A better question is why a successful 31 year old still feels the need to party the way that he does. This is NOT an isolated event. We hear story after story about Carrillo womanizing and getting drunk. Grow up. You help run a county now.

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  60. Karla McKenzie says:

    How embarrassing for the County of Sonoma.This is not leadership or elected behavior. There is no excuse for a County Supervisor being in a street brawl. And from what I hear this is not his first fight. Time to resign?

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  61. Steveguy says:

    By the headline, I thought that he didn’t recycle properly.

    Oh my

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  62. clarification says:

    Is this the kind of social life Supervisor Carrillo leads in Sonoma County? Except he uses his position and powerful friends to get out of trouble?

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  63. Skippy says:

    In a sane State, the punks would never have hassled his pals.
    They would have had good reason to suspect they were armed and would likely not risk their lives.

    Or Efren was an out-of-control drunk himself and couldn’t resist the chance to be a badass.

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  64. Robert says:

    If what he said is true, good for him. They system is what it is and any punk can have someone arrested for giving them a well deserved attitude adjustment. If more people defended others, then the offenders would soon start to behave themselves. Good luck on the legal end.

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 25

  65. Still Waters says:

    Wonder how much alcohol was involved? Did he really need to play the hero or could he have just taken his friends and walked away? ?Es muy macho, no?

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