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Sonoma County Board of Supervisors OK appeal of Roblar Road quarry decision


Sonoma County supervisors have authorized an appeal of a court ruling striking down approval of the Roblar Road quarry on environmental grounds.

Dozens of anti-quarry signs line the length of Roblar Road west of Cotati. (PD File)

The board voted 4-1 Tuesday in closed session to back the appeal, with Shirlee Zane, the board’s chairwoman, dissenting.

The 70-acre quarry west of Cotati is the target of a lawsuit by neighbors and environmentalists concerned about its impact on water and air quality, traffic and wildlife habitat.

Sonoma County Judge Elliot Daum sided with opponents on several claims. The ruling would force the county and quarry owner John Barella to revise substantial parts of the study and perhaps return to the board for another vote.

But county officials say Daum’s ruling was flawed and the environmental study is sound. Barella also is expected to appeal.

5 Responses to “Sonoma County Board of Supervisors OK appeal of Roblar Road quarry decision”

  1. clarification says:

    @ Terry

    REALLY? Who i funding this appeal?

  2. Terry says:

    The Board of Sups (minus Zane) did the right thing by standing on the principle that elected leaders have the right to determine proper land use, not judges. They must protect that right against activist judges that disregard the science presented in Environmental Impact Reports and disregard a properly certified EIR. This is what occurred here. Kudos to the Sups to go against popular “Not In My Back Yard” (NIMBY) pressure to do the right thing. Sorry, but this is what they are elected to do.

  3. clarification says:

    Why would the county Board of Supervisors be following up on an appeal with tax payers money? Does county counsel Bruce Goldstein think he is now working for a private industry to give such poor advise to the Board of Supervisors. Thank you Shirlee for doing the right thing, especially since there already is the Stony Point Rock Quarry close by…

  4. Camino Alto says:

    This is the action of a group of sociopaths who can’t admit at they are wrong and who won’t stop catering to special interests as opposed to serving the general public. I wish that the money that they are wasting on this appeal would come out of their bloated salaries.

  5. Georgette says:

    Thanks Shirlee for taking a principled stand for the environment!