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Brown endorses Sawyer in supes race


Sonoma County Supervisor Valerie Brown has endorsed John Sawyer in his bid to become her replacement on the county board.

John Sawyer and Susan Gorin

Sawyer earned the endorsement over Susan Gorin, who also is seeking the supervisor’s seat for the First District, which encompasses east Santa Rosa and Sonoma Valley.

Both Sawyer and Gorin serve on the Santa Rosa City Council.

Sawyer said Brown’s backing “says she trusts me to listen, to care, and to represent the interests of people in the First District.”

Gorin received the most votes of the six candidates who squared off in the June 5 primary for the supervisor’s seat.

Sonoma Valley engineer Mark Bramfitt, who finished fifth, also has endorsed Sawyer.

Brown initially endorsed Bramfitt in the primary election.

21 Responses to “Brown endorses Sawyer in supes race”

  1. Mac E. Velli says:

    Here’s the deal:
    Valerie Brown is an Agenda 21 die-hard. She wants Susan Gorin to stay in Santa Rosa so that the green shirts will take the majority again.
    Sawyer is termed out in Santa Rosa anyway. Brown doesn’t ‘want’ him, but she wants Santa Rosa to go back to the idiocy of $20 million bike bridges and plugging the plaza by closing Mendo/Santa Rosa Ave at Courthouse Square. Neighborhood spying through the Neighborhood Summit, DINE, and ‘community involvement.’
    That’s ICLEI.
    She’s a globalist.
    So is Gorin. But Gorin is out for herself, wants the money and to move up the ladder.
    Brown wants Sawyer coz he won’t do any harm on the BOS–he’ll be out voted.
    If Gorin stays in Santa Rosa, she might be able to pull off the majority and do some real damage.

    Mac E. Velli, signing off. Advising against any vote for Carlstrom, Banuelos, Combs or, lord help us, Wysocky.

  2. Billy C says:

    I am actually very surprised to about this endorsement. Valery Brown is heavily involved with ICLEI (international board member) Chair of SMART and is pro “One Bay Area”. In other words Queen of the progressives. Susan is a Santa Rosa Bike collation favorite who sides with the ADC,
    SEIU, SMART,ICLEI and “One Bay area”.
    She is also a progressive and will always
    vote the progressive agenda with out regard for the financial consequence.
    I would have thought that she would be Valery’s pick to push all the big money projects through. John on the other hand seems to care more about Sonoma County and does not put a global agenda first. He is not one to take orders from a union ether. Don’t get me wrong I like John and I support him. I just don’t understand this endorsement.

  3. Terry says:

    Brian Enright, I have to both agree and disagree with you. I agree that Valerie Brown does not return calls, does not keep appointments and shows little interest in her constituents. I am therefore glad she is not running. However, John Sawyer does not fall into that category. Councilman Sawyer, from my experience, is very responsive, open and listens. Because you don’t always agree with his decisions, that makes him all the nasty things you say? I agree with many of his decisions. Does that make me right and you wrong. No. From my point of view John Sawyer is sincere in his desire to fix many of the problems this county faces. I believe Sawyer is the better fit for the job…just my opinion anyway.

  4. JUSTAoldDude says:

    Wow….why all the rancor over an endorsement? I think Supervisor Brown did something right in making one; so thank you for doing that, rather than ducking.

    And, I think Sawyer will help rein in costs if elected. And, I think Gorin will help rein in costs if elected. My hope if that they look at total employment costs, overall. Otherwise the highest paid folks will take a smaller cut than rank and file.

    The County was adamant that they would not look at total payroll costs while doing strategic plan and wanted to stick to retiree medical benefits. Kaboom…they locked in the benefit at $500 per, and a bunch of people left within two years, draining current cash. They could have at least listened to the unions. BTW, some managers dared to ask to look at total costs, and they are ehmnmm…no longer there.

  5. Union Guy says:

    Like that is going to change anything.

  6. Grapevines says:

    Biggest mistake being made her is that the BOS is getting stacked with Santa Rosa residents. Now how does the outlying county ever get any representation with that happening?

    Going to have the prettiest signs and landscaping you ever saw out there in the county saying “Welcome to Santa Rosa!”

    Mark my words, that’s what’s going to happen here.

  7. Brian Enright says:

    Valerie Brown’s endorsement counts for nothing.She is one of the most disliked Supervisor’s in office. The reason she’s not running is because she knows her constituents won’t take another term of someone who doesn’t listen to anyone who isn’t her business friends and refuses to meet with or even return calls to the people in her district. John Sawyer and her are a perfect pair. They care nothing about the people in their district but only about the money they get from their business endorsers and the good old boy’s club. Sawyer has already demonstrated this by his backroom deals with the police officers and his votes to support the Coddings and Bodean Asphalt over the people who live and pay taxes in Sonoma County. I am voting for Susan Gorin. We may not agree on everything but I know she cares about more than getting rich off the public office like Sawyer does.

  8. Snarky says:

    Union Guy fails to understand that government is PAID to listen regardless of whether the public is “rambling” or not.

    If the government fails to listen, then that government person is un-fit to hold his job.

  9. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Missy-Gorin doesn’t have the same groupy fans as Valerie Brown. I personally DID NOT VOTE FOR VALERIE, my district friends also didn’t vote for her, and consequently Will Pier almost won. She hasn’t been available to her constituents, and betrayed trusts and promises. If anything it’s SAWYER who is more like her catering and hobknobing with the richer denizens of Sonoma County.

    I trust Susan to do the best for my district because she cares about the PEOPLE in the district.

  10. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    I was in a union meeting with Susan Gorin and she clearly said that she will do whatever has to be done regarding pension reform. She will try to find a FAIR SOLUTION for all and won’t cater to the safety unions’ for votes (they got raises) like Sawyer did this year with the city safety unions while all the other workers received cuts. As a union member I DIDN’T LIKE IT but I can say that she represents MY interests as a middleclass Sonoma County Worker more than Sawyer does OR EVER HAS. I can also say she is honest because other candidates said on thing and when in office changed their TUNE voting for massive contracting out. Sawyer is also in bed with the big rich corporations in Sonoma County. LOOK AT WHERE HIS MONEY COMES FROM. Union money is but a pittance that has gone to Susan in comparison. Sawyer put out TWICE (once in the PD and a mailer 4 days before the election) a huge mailer (24pages?) during the last election. That mailer cost BIG MONEY so obviously he’s made promises to big business.
    I live in the first district and I will be voting for her definitely. Lots of people live in the countryside between Santa Rosa and Sonoma and value their country lifestyle. Susan is also your candidate. She may have just moved into our district, but now she’s one of us and will do a great job at representing us because that’s the kind of person she is.

  11. Union Guy says:

    If the general public rambles like a certain Sonoma Citizen, is it any wonder he doesnt listen?

  12. Snarky says:

    An endorsement to me simply means that the candidate has zero employment skills and has begged someone else to support him.

    Does Sawyer have ANY employment skills?

    What is his background, Press Demo ?? Thats your job, you know, to provide information rather than simply relay “endorsements.”

  13. sonoma citizen says:

    This is a coda to 20/20 Vision’s comment on Brown’s endorsement of Sawyer–where Sawyer, it would appear, is already a brain-melded clone; bringing to mind Angela Lansbury’s star turn in the first version of The Manchurian Candidate: Lady Macbeth gone to politics; Sawyer may be first choice to succeed Brown but who could replace her? Who could match Brown in imperious distemper? Who is the heiress to Protector of the insiders? Who is the new Red Queen?

  14. RICHARD says:

    Mr John Sawyer does not, repeat not, listen to the public and that is a verifiable fact. Watch City Council meeting of 14 AUG, click on the item just after 11.4 REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY.

    He had complained about not knowing of a multimillion dollar loan from the city to redevelopment agency. A loan that may not be paid back; repayment has been denied. A member of the public had brought this loan to the council’s attention.

    He has been seen to leave the dais when members of the public were speaking.

    He does listen to special interests at the detriment of the common good.

  15. Missy says:

    Sawyer over Gorin. I’m pretty sure Sawyer WILL win. Gorin only has one radical leftwing constituency. Sawyer is the middle of the road Democrat who will get the R’s to vote for him and now with Brown’s endorsement he might be able to get some of Gorin’s constituency since Brown & Gorin have the same groupie fans.

    Let me remind you that even though there’s a 2 to 1 – D’s vs R’s in Sonoma County, anyone that plays moderate D will get all the R’s and many of the D’s to vote for them. It is a strategy that worked for Olivares, and the last 3 that got on the SR Council. It’s a winning strategy. Play to the middle. The R’s are desperate and get the middle of the road Dems. Which leaves only a little room for the radicals on the left side because they don’t have a lot of clout.

    This is going to happen in the general Presidential election too, I see MR/PR moving to the middle and we all know that BO has moved wayyyy to the middle during the campaign.

  16. Same Old says:

    Here we go…the same old fracking divisive, vitriolic Santa Rosa politics that many of us had worked hard to avoid. Go ahead and have your conflagration, the rest of us just want to have a representative who listens to us and actually wants to solve our issues. Too bad that train has already left the station. The 1st District has been screwed for so long we don’t know what it means to NOT be screwed.

  17. Negative says:

    That decides it for me. I’ll be voting the other way.

  18. Reality Check says:

    Come now, Terry. Many groups seek from govt as much money as they can. Yes, that includes public employee unions and the green lobby. But if you believe business interests are above a little rent seeking, please, look at the union-business-govt partnership, better known as redevelopment agencies, that squeezed communities for decades.

    Don’t cry for Sawyer or his business friends, cry for the taxpayer who wants little but that his tax money is spent wisely.

  19. Terry says:

    “Reality Check,” Where have you been living the last 10 years. Either out of the county or out of your mind! First, are “county businesses” your enemy…must be, because Gorin treats them like enemies. She is in bed with the SEIU, so she is the last person who will bring about effective pension reform. Nice try with your spin, but Sonoma County voters are far too smart for that…they will see through your’s and Gorin’s smoke screen, look at the record and figure out that if Sonoma County is to thrive, they will vote for John Sawyer.

  20. Reality Check says:

    Rural District 1 voters will overcome their displeasure that Gorin lives in Santa Rosa and vote for her anyway. Sawyer has two strikes against him: he’s in bed with county business and he’s the last person that will support serious public employee pension reform.

    Gorin’s green support will carry her to victory, and she brings to the table a willingness to trim back pensions that are crowding out other spending she prefers.

    It’s an unfortunate choice, imo. But I’ll take a savvy liberal over a weak moderate any day.

  21. 20/20 Vision says:

    As if this is a surprise to anyone. Brown trusts Sawyer to continue to listen, to care and represent the interests of the special interests that actually run Sonoma County. Next will come the PD endorsement.

    The status quo has got to go if we ever want Sonoma county to flourish. Give me a thumbs down if the truth hurts.