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Cotati hires new assistant city manager


Cotati officials announced Wednesday the hiring of a new assistant city manager, filling a spot vacant since early 2007.

Micah Hinkle will be paid $100,000 and focus on economic development, said City Manager Dianne Thompson, who was the last Cotati assistant city manager before she became its top manager.

“He has years of solid economic development experience,” Thompson said. “Business retention, business attraction, that’s where cities need to go.”

Hinkle, who starts Sept. 17, has been senior development project coordinator in Napa since 2006, responsible for special projects and business ombudsman services.

He managed developments including the Napa Valley Ritz-Carlton hotel, the mixed-use Riverfront development and the Napa County flood control project, said Thompson.

A Sonoma State University graduate, Hinkle was previously a planner in San Rafael.

His hiring is part of a staff reorganization in March that eliminated the job of the assistant to the city manager, Marsha Sue Lustig, as well as a part-time police department support services supervisor, Thompson said.

5 Responses to “Cotati hires new assistant city manager”

  1. Ed Rapp says:

    $1.2 million dollars in salary plus probably another “conservative” $250,000 in benefits for 7 city employees in a town of 6800 people??? Where can I apply????

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  2. I apologize for inaccurately reporting some facts. In a previous post, I said that Cotati City Princess Dianne Thompson is paid $192,000 in salary and perks. Apparently, I quoted last year’s budget. Here are the current salary and benefits figures for the people who are responsible for keeping downtown Cotati the most depressed-looking downtown in Sonoma County:

    City Manager Dianne Thompson: $213,577, plus a leased Prius at $9.000/year.

    Police Chief Michael Parish: $237, 620

    Director of Administrative Services $168.612
    Jone Hayes:

    Director of Public Works
    Damien O’ Bid: $176, 563

    Director of Community Development
    Vicki Parker: $137,767

    Assistant City Manager
    Micah Hinkle: $100,000 +

    Deputy City Clerk
    Tami Taylor: $104,894

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  3. Joe says:

    Another top heavy city! They just want to be like the rest of the top heavy cities.

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  4. sheryl says:

    Why would the manager of a tiny city of less than 8,000 people need an assistant? What happened to using the extra tax dollars on fire and public safety? Do these people EVER tell the truth?

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  5. What an absolute waste of Measure A sales tax dollars. The city said the increase in sales tax was intended for the police department. They have not added one net new officer, and have subtracted a part-time police support services supervisor, but have hired Community Development Director Vicki Parker for well over $100K, and now they hire another “economic development” functionary. This, in a city of 6800 where the City Manager receives $192,000 in salary and benefits, and has a Director of Administrative Services, a Director of Public Works, a Police Chief, and the two previously mentioned staff members to relieve her of the actual burden of administering anything personally, except her overpaid staff.

    Worse, Mr. Hinkle is supposed to focus on business retention and attraction. How is he supposed to succeed, when this loony city writes 23-page reports telling a gas station owner why he can’t repaint his building, and the same meddling city planners tell a restaurant owner how many poppy plants he can have on his patio? This is not fiction. These are both true stories I have reported in The Cotati Independent.

    Ironically, despite spending $100,000 on another manager, the city needs $8,500 to maintain the police dog that citizens paid for, but the city won’t spend city funds for this legitimate expense. Instead, they expect the dog’s upkeep to be funded by charitable contributions.

    Fortunately, there is an election coming soon. Hopefully, the council members who condone this shameful waste will be held accountable.

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