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Was Romney courting boos? Probably

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinks Mitt Romney got the reception he wanted at the NAACP convention in Houston this week. “I think it was a calculated move on his part to get booed at the NAACP convention,” Pelosi told Bloomberg Televsion.

I think she’s right.

Pelosi, no doubt, remembers delegates to the 1990 state Democratic Convention booing lustily as gubernatorial candidate Dianne Feinstein affirmed her support for the death penalty. That’s just what the former San Francisco mayor wanted. She was looking to assure moderate Democrats and independents that she may have been mayor but she didn’t share all of her city’s liberal politics. Her speech made headlines. It also made a great TV ad, helping her surge past John Van de Kamp and win the Democratic primary, though she was defeated by Republican Pete Wilson in the fall.

Romney has a different problem, but, like Feinstein, he stands to benefit from the boo birds. The other GOP candidates couldn’t stop Romney in the primaries, but they effectively painted him as a spineless, flip-flopper, a candidate who will say anything to advance his cause. You don’t think Democrats weren’t watching closely? So what he said in Houston is less important than the response it prompted. Romney managed to get booed not once, but three times, by an advocacy group that isn’t popular with the Republican base voters he still needs to satisfy. It didn’t happen because he said what they wanted to hear. This episode won’t change the election, but it helped change the story in a week when conservative pundits at the Wall Street Journal and Weekly Standard are lambasting his campaign.

Politics may be about making friends, but sometimes there’s more traction to be gained by picking a fight. Just ask Dianne Feinstein.

– Jim Sweeney

18 Responses to “Was Romney courting boos? Probably”

  1. Take a look at the video. It’s pretty clear from the expression on Romney’s face that the boos weren’t something he was looking for.

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  2. Sarkyfish says:

    Eric Newman, another pseudo, progressive proctologist of crude communication. Comment on the issues, but, please, remove your brain (?) from of the toilet.

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  3. Chuck G says:

    Let’s get right to the point, its not a slugging match between the two candidates. Most elections are based on a popularity contest. I can say, well I’m a Republican but I really liked John F Kennedy back then. Or a Democrat can say, Ronald Reagan, I really liked the way he thinks and his personality.

    Obama is attempting to disguise himself as one of the guy’s, and for the people. I’m not saying he’s a bad person without meeting him personally. But when excuses are made and apologies given to our former enemies if you will, sorry I don’t buy that at all.

    Oh yes, last of all he has done nothing for the economy after 4 years, absolutely nothing. If you want to re-elect this man and go through another 4 yrs of this wishful thinking, go for it. If you want a positive change, and a chance for someone much more qualified think twice before you mark your ballot. This election is not only for you, but for your families, and the next generation.

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  4. Eric Newman says:

    Nancy Pelosi was right. Romney has his nose firmly up the backside of the Tea Party right-wing, and he will do whatever it takes to solidify their support. I’ve seen lots of CPAC speeches, and they all love it when a conservative goes into the “lions den” and gives a liberal audience the middle finger. That sells in Fox News land.

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  5. R.B.Fish says:

    Sweeney is now an offical member of MSLSD crowd. When, when, when are liberals going to face reality. Liberal Dems are decimating Sonoma County and California. Thank God Romney has come along to tell special interest groups like the NCAAP that he is the only hope for the future of their group and children. Why be the subject of a government when you can have an opportunity to live a possible prospective life? Jim, do actually believe Obamacare will be a save all to provide health coverage for everyone in the US? Do believe it’s actually even financially feasible? Let me counter CBOOB (Congressional Botoxed Old Obnxious Bag)Pelosi. Obama knows that Obamacare will fail, is not sustainable it will destroy middle class and upper class.This is how you get power…control their health, control the wealth and you control. Weed out the best of the military and put in your own dedicated people. Everyone will be poor and controlled because they will have no choice . The main psycholgical dysfunction of the liberal Democrat is they can’t get past seeing a kitty cat stuck up a tree. Whatever it costs and all other matters be damned to save that kitty cat. Castro, Arafat and the others followed the same old program. All became billionares and dictators of poor countries.

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  6. Juvenal says:

    Dog whistle. See those ears prick up when the GOP candidate is booed by black folks?

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  7. Sarkyfish says:

    As evidenced by his comments, Sweeney did not see or hear the speech, which is deplorable by journalistic standards. (If there are any anymore.) Why do I have a vision of a mean, little, sarcastic Charlie McCarthy sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s lap?

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  8. Follower says:

    This is a good example of why Romney will loose. It’s also a good example of what’s wrong with the Republican Party. Regardless of your political persuasion, we need 2 strong opposing parties for this Country to grow. We currently have one weak party and one in a coma!

    Obama just ran adds attacking Romney for exporting jobs.

    Instead of attacking back by pointing out that Federal trade, regulatory and tax policies leave a CEO with little choice but to do so and pointing out that Senator Obama AND President Obama with 2 full years of “D” Congress never did anything to fix that, he runs & hides behind “I was busy running the Olympics”!

    MY GOD!

    He had a golden opportunity to use this attack to say “yes, I exported jobs and that experience has given me a “hands on” understanding of exactly what changes need to be made to stop it! AND I WILL! The only “hands on” experience my opponent has is getting is hands on your money and giving it to someone else.”

    But no… the Republicans are still lost in the woods. Gutless wonders all!!
    And I thought John McAmnisty was bad.

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  9. Reality Check says:

    Presidential candidates were once selected at conventions that tool place in June or July. The formal campaign did not begin until after Labor Day.

    Now we are treated more than a full year of campaigning for the nomination, followed by six more months by the party nominees. That’s 12-18 months of campaigning!

    Even if it was about serious issues, that’s mind numbingly too much. But it isn’t about issues. It’s about what the PD is now covering: Romney Gets Booed or When Did Romney Leave Bain Capital?

    Egads! No wonder the public is turned off by politics.

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  10. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Connie dear-you’re behind the times and spitting in the wind. What you are saying is correct, how it should be, logical, intelligent. It’s what the constitution intended for AMERICAN CITIZENS. But the Supreme Court put corporations, especially MULTInational million and billion dollar corporations ahead of WE THE PEOPLE. In other words this country is now a Plutocracy, bought and paid for by the 1% for their benefit only. Candidates can’t get elected these days without obscene amounts of money and if that money comes from the rich the elected will give them first dibs at EVERYTHING. We aren’t even second best anymore-we just aren’t represented by many of our elected. There are a few, but way outnumbered by the greedy, and they tend to be progressives who are also spitting in wind by continuing to represent you and me.

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  11. Canthisbe says:

    Romney is a man of substantial accomplishments whether you agree with his politics or not, not an affirmative action fraud. I don’t think he does anything to intentionally get boos.

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  12. I’m wondering if anybody else thinks that Rep. parties are causing all the hold-ups period!!?? These parties are all acting like little kids and I’m sick and tired hearing what they have to say ..BLAME BLAME BLAME..Take responsiblity it’s time. Does anybody else besides me remember the laws are governed “of the people”
    “by the people”
    “for the people”
    and this includes FEDERAL,STATE & LOCAL GOVERMENTS..The will of the PEOPLE PREVAILS..the men and women who make & carry out the laws come from THE PEOPLE…not the goverment..PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG MAYBE SOMEBODY WHO CARE WILL GET IT AND LEAD US IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION..

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  13. Michael Sheehan says:

    Only a fellow left-winger with a strong bias could ever agree with Pelosi on anything.

    The woman is a complete embarrassment to California. How people vote for such lunacy is beyond comprenension.

    In this case, the D behind her name stands for Delusional, Dimwit and Dense.

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  14. Sarkyfish says:

    It’s clear from this post that Sweeney did not see the speech. Apparently he gets his spin from nut-pie Nancy. It’s also clear that he doesn’t actually read the Wall Street Journal or the Weekly Standard because constructive criticism is not lambasting. Lambasting would be more like the recent editorials that have appeared the New York Times and Washington post deriding President Obama’s disconnected personality and ineffective economics.

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  15. Just Me says:

    “a candidate who will say anything to advance his cause.”

    NEWS FLASH! EVERY POLITICIAN WILL DO THIS! Not just Romney, Not just Feinstein, ALL OF THEM DO IT!!!!!!!!

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  16. Jean Anderson says:

    Like Pelosi, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. The woman contantly blurts out any stupid thing that pops into her usually empty head.

    Pelosi is a joke.

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  17. What a total crock.

    Romney was invited to speak to the NAACP. He had the brains and the heart to accept an invitation from a hostile audience and speak to them as peers, rather than as dependent children, as Democrats frequently do.

    In addition to being booed, he was also applauded, but your commentary doesn’t mention that. Why? I don’t think Romney had any wish to be booed. Just a wish to speak frankly to a hostile group, and possibly open a few of their minds, as well as the minds of many independents.

    I wonder if POTUS would have the same brains and heart to take one of his pompous, empty speeches to a Tea Party convention.

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  18. Steveguy says:

    If you actually watch the speech, the NAACP was more than respectful. With MANY applause’s and even 2 standing ovations.

    Slanted much ?

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