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Renee to seek reelection for Petaluma council seat


Petaluma Vice Mayor Tiffany Renee announced Monday she will seek election to a second term in November.

Renee joins Planning Commissioner Alicia Kae Herries, who announced her intention to run for council earlier this year, and Councilman Gabe Kearney, who will seek election to a full term.

Tiffany Renee

Kearney was appointed to the council two years ago to complete the final years of David Glass’s term when Glass was elected mayor in the middle of his council term.

Councilman Mike Healy may also run for reelection, although he has not confirmed that publicly.

Three seats on the seven-member council will be on the November ballot.

In June, Renee finished eighth among 12 candidates, with 2 percent of the vote, in the primary for the 2nd Congressional District seat, which is being vacated by retiring Rep. Lynn Woolsey. The top two finishers, Jared Huffman and Dan Roberts, will face a runoff for the seat in November.

Amid difficult budget cutbacks during her term, Renee has urged the Petaluma council to protect the “social safety net” programs, consider increasing the sales tax to fund city services and explore allowing medical marijuana cooperatives to operate in Petaluma.

She has sought tighter development restrictions than some of her colleagues, including votes in opposition to the Target and Friedman’s shopping centers.

Renee, who is married and runs her own web design company, has served on numerous local and regional boards during her time on the council.

Aug. 10 is the deadline to file election papers with the city, although that would be extended five days if an incumbent doesn’t seek reelection.

17 Responses to “Renee to seek reelection for Petaluma council seat”

  1. BigDogatPlay says:

    8th out of 12 in the Congressional primary… I say about Tiff as I have said many times about Pam Torliatt; unelectable outside of Petaluma.

    Now Tiff needs to join Torliatt in the ranks of “former city officials”.

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  2. Kim says:

    Seems Renee has name recognition now. Normally that would be a good thing, but just the opposite in this case…LOL

    Heather, I have experienced the same wrath even when agreeing with her.

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  3. Get her out says:

    Dear God go away already you literally have brought nothing to the table running this city. Be aware of Alicia Herries as well, her degree is in floral and she touts herslef as an some type of executive at a pharmacuetical company. As a planning commissioner she has voted against every meaningfuln project so far. Looks like another Torliatt spinoff.

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  4. Jim says:


    Hilarious!! “honesty and integrity in the government” is the funniest statement I’ve seen in a decade.

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  5. GAJ says:

    Term limits may have been part of the problem in creating the nightmare that began in the mid ’90′s in Sacramento.

    Nevertheless, this lady is a freak show.

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  6. Heather says:

    As soon as she and her husband complained about the noise from the businesses in her live/work area, but then demanded the Target project have more live/work space- I knew she was insane. I sent an email advising her on how I would like her vote on the Target project- this opened the flood gates – and she sent me numerous insulting emails. She is a nut job…

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  7. bill says:

    It is a good idea to limit all politicians to one term. Keeps honesty and integrity in government.

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  8. Eric Newman says:

    I had a belly full of the nasty, means-pirited Right Wing low-lifes who attack every decent liberal politician with their asinine, juvenile personal attacks. These are your lame relatives who can’t be invited to a family gathering because they pollute the scene with their unhinged diatribes, tasteless jokes, and ugly mouths. They can now post under absurd screen names and think that they are important. Thank God nobody comes to this site any more.

    For the record, Tiffany Renee is a brilliant web designer who has done her homework in terms of learning the ropes on how local and regional government works, and certainly deserves more respect than she will get from the trolls who now have driven most decent people off WSC.

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  9. Jean Anderson says:

    Good one, Skippy. Your humor hit the bullseye.

    Voters need to wise up and should no longer tolerate such know-nothing laughable jokes on their city councils.

    But no need to worry. If the Germans ever decide to bomb Pearl harbor again, or the Indians attack Fort Sumter like during the Revolutionary War, Renee will be there in her tin foil hat to sound the warning.

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  10. Over Easy says:

    Strike three, you’re out!

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  11. Jim says:

    The brilliant, career politician said this back in September 2010…

    “The first thing that came to my mind in putting a ship like that in our waters, given that I lived in Sacramento and we had two Air Force bases,” she said, “was that Sacramento was quite a target for missiles from other countries, and whether or not this would put the city of Petaluma at risk for such exposure – because we can never understand what some of these other countries may think of us, especially countries like North Korea.”

    Funny how ANYONE can take her serious. No skills, from a wealthy family, community organizer, no real life experience, and thinks North Korea could attack Petaluma.


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  12. Elephant says:

    Let’s see here. Tiffany Renee got elected to the city council in 2008 riding on the back of Petaluma’s progressive community. In her first term, she:

    1) Cast the deciding vote to appoint Gabe Kearney to the city council, not knowing what everybody else did that he had become pro-developer. Kearney went on to cast the deciding vote for the insane Deer Creek project and has yet to seriously question any developer-friendly issue.
    2) Ran a no-chance-in-Hades campaign for Congress which did nothing more than knock progressive candidate Norman Solomon out of November’s runoff.

    In November, the progressives will back Alicia Kae Herries and Jason Davies and leave Ms. Renee hanging.

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  13. No thank you says:

    Been there done that. We can do better.

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  14. J.D. Biersdorfer says:

    Petaluma doesn’t need another Renee “Gun Boat” term in office. Her foreign policy (dealing with the North Korean missle threat to Petaluma) and views of increasing taxes and driving businesses away from Petaluma are not in the interests of Petaluma or our residents.

    Renee was not and is not qualified to be on the Petaluma city council. She was not elected two years ago when she took the seat.

    Petaluma needs qualified people to seat on the council with experience not rhetoric to govern.

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  15. Missy says:

    From the other article on this leftwing TWIT.

    ” Renee has urged the Petaluma council to protect the “social safety net” programs, consider increasing the sales tax to fund city services”

    Yeah vote for this leftist so that she’ll raise your TAXES for people who don’t work and are here ILLEGALLY!!!

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  16. Steveguy says:

    The North Koreans are invading ! Vote for Renee !!!

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  17. Skippy says:

    The waterways will be secure, and the N. Koreans will see we mean them no harm.
    Tiffany Renee has brought peace to the Petaluma River.

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