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PG&E won’t halt SmartMeter work in Sebastopol


PG&E will continue to install SmartMeters in Sebastopol over the objections of city leaders, who had sought a delay until state regulators conclude hearings on new opt-out procedures.

A PG&E spokesman on Thursday said delaying installation of gas and electric SmartMeters in Sebastopol would “disadvantage” customers who want the devices.

“There are things that are important to Sonoma County customers, like quicker, faster outage restoration,” spokesman Greg Snapper said. “With a SmartMeter, we can figure out where the power is out and restore it much faster than in the past.”

Sebastopol is ground zero for concerns that the wireless meters emit radio frequencies that can cause health problems.

The City Council voted 5-0 on July 19 to ask PG&E not to install any more meters within city limits until the state Public Utilities Commission concludes hearings on how groups or communities could opt out of having the devices installed.

In a letter to Larry McLaughlin, Sebastopol’s interim city manager, a PG&E official said the utility company could not agree to the city’s proposal.

The letter also noted that PG&E operates under the exclusive jurisdiction of the PUC.

Snapper said PG&E representatives will be contacting Sebastopol customers to let them know that a SmartMeter is about to be installed and to inform them how to opt out.

PG&E has installed 1,700 SmartMeters in Sebastopol, which has 23,000 residential and business meters.

Individuals are allowed to keep their traditional meters for a one-time fee of $75 and a $10 monthly fee to cover the cost of having the meters read.

Snapper said that 600 Sebastopol residents with 950 meters have opted out of the SmartMeter program.

The company noted in its letter to the city that 95 percent of residential customers in Sebastopol — or 11,650 people — have not opted out of the program.

Snapper said PG&E is opposed to the idea of allowing communities to opt-out of the meter program.

“We believe that individual choice, rather than community opt-out, strikes a good balance for customers who want SmartMeters and those who do not,” he said.

12 Responses to “PG&E won’t halt SmartMeter work in Sebastopol”

  1. Sebastopol = Stone Age says:


    Seems the aluminum hats are not shielding the strong EMP pulses that are controlling all of us and listening to us also.

    I’m currently writing this deep in Armstrong Woods… using a sat phone for internet access. (So my PG&E Smart Meter can’t tell all the people in black helicopters following me what I’m doing or typing).

    I’m just glad everyone who refuses the Smart meter will have to pay more while I pay less.

    As a side note I think the EMP crowd should demand the Fire Department, Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, as well as all cellular telephone transmissions be shut down immediately.

    I think they are killing us all… Also all Wifi routers should be illegal if they are within one mile of Sebastopol.

    Just my two cents to help save all of the EMP crowd.

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  2. Chuck G says:

    That’s a great idea of Sebastopol starting up its own Electric Company. I can see it right now, a horse drawn carriage with an attendant driving the horse around, and around in circles generating enough electricity for one home!

    Stop your complaining and accept the meters like the rest of us!

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  3. Reality Check says:

    Smart Meters are but a small cog in the law Calif voters approved to mandate the lowering of CO2 emissions. In turn, the PUC mandated the installation of Smart Meters. Recently, voters reaffirmed their support for AB32, if people are looking for someone to blame.

    Under this regime, “green” electricity replaces fossil fuels, including natural gas. Santa Rosa is simply putting in writing what it must to met state requirements passed by voters, if people want someone to hold responsible.

    GAJ, my understanding is that geothermal accounts for about 4% of PG&E’s power mix. Of that, geothermal plants under 30mw qualify as renewable energy. Larger plants don’t. Go figure. But, voters said this is what they want, if people want to name the responsible party.

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  4. Kirstin says:

    Kay Tokerud: question, please. Don’t the new SMART meters also monitor gas usage? They have to, don’t they since many people’s old meters kept track of both gas and electricity. So couldn’t the SMART meters do a Big Brother number on SMART meter users regardless of whether they were using electricity or gas?

    If so, then I am still unclear about why the Santa Rosa Climate Action Plan wants to phase out gas — unless, as you suggest, it is in tandem with a PG&E decision to do the same so the utility doesn’t have to make upgrades?

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  5. David Wells says:

    It only makes sense for pg&e to push to get rid of gas. They have to pay for gas while they can produce electricity. Makes financial sense,that always win’s in our greed driven world. And who doesn’t love control?

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  6. GAJ says:

    @Kay, I just don’t see how the City’s idiotic “green” plan to favor electric appliances over the excellent gas ones can fly for many industries including the restaurant industry.

    I don’t know one chef that uses an electric cooktobp, or one pizza oven that isn’t wood or gas fired.

    Mind you, logic has never been the strongpoint of our elite government bureaucrats and politicians who “know better” in thier ivory towers.

    Not recognizing geothermal (or hydro) energy as “green” energy is just one small example of their complete and utter ignorance.

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  7. Kay Tokerud says:

    “You can monitor your usage” wow, what a thrill. You can also just look at your bill to see what you’ve used. That is, if the new meters are not cheating anyone. Of course it’s impossible to know whether or not the Smartmeter is working correctly. What else are they capable of? Emitting unknown quantities of EMF radiation, communicating with our appliances, being remotely turned off and on, perhaps listening to our conversations in our homes? How do we know that they can’t do that. Why are they so invested in installing them everywhere?

    As far as gas, I heard that PGE has stopped their gas leak prevention and repair program. That’s a rumor at this point but could it be because they plan to phase out residential gas appliances. Santa Rosa’s Climate Action Plan that was just approved spells out the elimination of all gas-fired appliances and equipment over time. With all electric equipment and smartmeters, we could be completely monitored and controlled in our energy consumption. And taxed accordingly. They are planning new smart growth buildings and smart cities that will be fully wired to the smart grid. The regional plan called One Bay Area calls for 80% of all new residential development to be high-density smart growth within very small areas along transit routes for the next 25 years. It will become law next year if bay area cities go along with it. They will get money from the federal government if they go along with it. What will they do?

    We are on the threshhold of transforming how we live, in a box that is monitored and controlled and surveilled, think Big Brother. Smartmeters are essential in building America’s future cities. Just say NO to big brother’s smart meters. Pay the $10/month or don’t complain later.

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  8. Skippy says:

    Monsanto-makers of RoundUp, an indispensible herbicide.

    Pfizer-makers of many lifesaving medicines.

    Blue Cross-provider of healthcare to millions.

    BP-worldwide energy producer.

    Blackwater-most professional security company anywhere.

    Dow-producer of countless miraculous chemicals.

    Nestle-is the very best…chooooocalate.

    Phillip Morris-selling what people want to buy.

    Chevron-see BP.

    Goldman Sachs-financial giant.

    Barclay’s Bank-ditto.

    Evil is in the eye of the beholder.

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  9. Jim Bennett says:

    World’s most evil Corporations:
    Blue Cross
    Phillip Morris
    Goldman Sachs
    Barclay’s Bank



    A ‘stake-holder’, a ‘public-private partner’ in the high crime technocracy that is to be The Smart Grid.


    The amount of time and money that YOU have funded for the defence department’s
    study of the manipulation, resonance, focus and implementation of EMF, radio waves and radiation would blow our minds.


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  10. Sharon says:

    No, PGE you believe in shirking priorities. Regardless if this Smart Meter thing was started BEFORE the gas blast in San Bruno; the fact remains that over 200 gas lines with over 500 at risk areas being detrimental to the health and safety to the population should be corrected and actively maintained FIRST! This continual greed greed greed to make us pay more is getting to a sickening stage when it means our very lives can be at stake!

    Gas line information may be viewed here:

    or here:

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  11. David Wells says:

    People should realize they don’t need pg&e’s new meter to monitor their electric usage. If you have a brain you can monitor it all by yourself, it’s easy. But that sadly is being regulated out of our society and replaced with mindless followers. Why don’t you put your energy towards something more beneficial to our society, like stopping wars that go on for years with no end in sight and no clear winners. But yes complain about little ole Sebastopol as you drive thru to the ocean one a month.

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  12. Reality Check says:

    Sebastopol should form its own electric company. Then people can self-report monthly usage and the problem is solved.

    Better yet, since electricity emits electromagnetic fields, I’d think the city would just want to pull the plug and go back to a time when these modern dangers didn’t threaten us all.

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