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Petaluma City Council candidate field expands


The field is becoming more crowded for candidates seeking the three Petaluma City Council seats up for election in November.

Business owner and former software executive Jason Davies, who finished fourth in a race for three seats in 2010, entered the race this week.

Jason Davies.

He joins Vice Mayor Tiffany Renee and Councilman Gabe Kearney, who seek reelection, and Alicia Kae Herries, a Planning Commissioner who announced her intent to run this spring.

Councilman Mike Healy, whose term also is ending, said Wednesday he “is still thinking about” whether to run for reelection.

The names of two prominent local politicians also have been circulating as possible candidates: Pam Torliatt, a longtime former member of the council, and Mike Kerns, who represented Petaluma for three terms on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.

Neither could be reached for comment Wednesday. Kerns has publicly acknowledged he is considering a run.

Davies, 44, has lived in Petaluma for 12 years and was formerly an executive with the defunct Berkley Integrated Audio Software, or BIAS, a Petaluma company that developed sound editing software. He left earlier this year to start his own Petaluma business, Eleven Dimensions Media.

The firm aims to create and grow new business opportunities for domestic and international media tech firms, and also develops software for mobile devices.

Davies, who says he is “pro-business and pro-environmental protection,” said the council needs to focus on bringing new companies to Petaluma and nurture local entrepreneurial talent to bring well-paying jobs to Petaluma.

“Regardless of one’s own political beliefs, the job of a council member is to serve all members of the public and I’m quite comfortable in working with council members and the public at large, regardless of differing beliefs, to deliver positive results,” he said.

Political observers have said with Davies entering the race, a Torliatt candidacy may be unlikely. With three seats open and three candidates supported by progressives – Herries, Renee and Davies – a fourth might split the vote, they said.

Healy is supported more by business and development interests, as Kerns would be.

Kearney is a liberal Democrat but hasn’t voted consistently with either camp since he was appointed to the nonpartisan council in 2010. He is filling out the remaining time of David Glass’ council term, which he vacated when he was elected mayor.

The deadline for filing election paperwork with the city clerk is Aug. 10, which would extend to Aug. 15 if any of the incumbents decide not to run.

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6 Responses to “Petaluma City Council candidate field expands”

  1. Another one says:

    Camino your right the past 2 years the progressives have not had a majority. In that time ThevRegency Project has moved forward and there has been meaningful dialogue regarding Deer Creek. It is no mistake that this has occurred. The Progressive Mentality has done serious damage to the economic climate of Petaluma and it even goes farther back than the Torliatt years. While Kearney does appear to straddle the fence he at least appears to want to bring badly needed projects to Petaluma.

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  2. Camino Alto says:

    Kim – Kearney pragmatic? You’re joking, right? You must not know the meaning of the word.

    This progressive(definition – Progressive – adjectival form of progress) isn’t “anti- everything”. What I am is anti-BS.

    The progressives haven’t had a Petaluma city Council majority for two years so what grip are you talking about? And believe me, there is a lot negative being said about both Kearney and Renee.

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  3. Another one says:

    Camin alto please tell me what Daviies or Herries has done that makes you believe they will be an asset to the governing of Petaluma. Both are anti everything Which Herries proved during her time on the planning commission. It is difficult to argue that these two would do anything other than continue the stifling of economic growth in this city.
    I do however agree with you about Renee she has been a disaster.

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  4. Kim says:

    Rather have Healy than the anti-everything “progressives” as they’re all in the same mindset as Tiffany Renee. These people have had Petaluma by the throat for far too long its time to let our town breathe again by loosening their grip.

    Gabe has shown to be pragmatic in many cases. The progressives don’t like it when someone doesn’t tow the strict anti-everything line. They sure verbally condemn one of their own if they don’t, yet they don’t say anything about outlandish remarks such as those that come out of Tiffany Renee, guess silence is condoning the comments.

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  5. Same old Petaluma says:

    Petaluma has no hope if this is the field of candidates.

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  6. Camino Alto says:

    Of course Mike Healy will run. The man lives to see his name in the paper. A legend in his own mind.

    The only reason that Mike kerns would run is to feed his ego too. He gets pensions from both the City of Petaluma and the County of Sonoma. Betcha he takes in more than Chris Albertson’s $12k per month.

    Gabe Kearney stopped being a liberal Democrat years ago. Don’t lie to the people like that. Stuff like that will come back to haunt you.

    Jason Davies would be great on the city council along with Alicia Kae Herries. They are both very smart and driven to help make Petaluma better. They have the support of the progressives, not Tiffany Renee. Ms. Renee made big mistakes that screwed over those who put her in office. She’s done.

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