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Fourth candidate enters race for Sebastopol City Council



A fourth candidate has entered the race for two seats on the Sebastopol City Council.


John Eder, 59, has notified the city clerk that he intends to run for one of the council seats.

He is a sales representative and designer for Boise Mobile Equipment, a Boise, Idaho, company that manufactures firefighting equipment.

Eder previously served on the Cotati City Council. He was elected in 1998 and resigned in 2000 for business reasons.

The seats held by Sebastopol Mayor Guy Wilson and Councilwoman Kathleen Shaffer are up for election in November, but only Shaffer is seeking re-election.

The other candidates besides Shaffer are Robert Jacob, a city planning commissioner and executive director of a medical marijuana dispensary, and Kathy Austin, a former mayor and an architect.

3 Responses to “Fourth candidate enters race for Sebastopol City Council”

  1. Missy says:

    Whatever. So what, he sells fire equipment! Frankly we are underserved in the number of firemen in Sonoma County and every single one of us is in FIRE DANGER. Your yearly house insurance reflects that. We need MORE firemen out there. This summer isn’t going to end till October and there are going to be FIRES, big ones soon.

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  2. R.B.Fish says:

    The majority of Sonoma County politicans have all sorts of conflicts of interests. That’s why they run for office…to advance their career and businesses. Each and every town has gone down hill in last 30 years because of it. Yea…they so a little community work but who can’t. When a spot was opened the party quickly recruited him to fill the spot. “I’m running but saying why.”

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  3. bill says:

    This guy sells fire fighting equipment. That is a clear conflict of interest for holding public office.

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