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Chesbro expected to battle Lynch for Assembly seat in fall


Voters favored incumbents in three state legislative races representing various parts of the North Coast.

Final returns gave veteran lawmaker Wes Chesbro, D-Arcata, almost three times as many votes as Guerneville activist Tom Lynch in their race to represent the revamped 2nd Assembly District.

Wes Chesbro

Chesbro came away with 64 percent to Lynch’s 23.2 percent.

The two Democrats, neither of whom did any significant campaigning, now advance to a November runoff.

The newly drawn North Coast assembly district plunges deeper into Sonoma County, picking up half of Santa Rosa, losing Sebastopol and Lake County, and remaining unchanged in Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity and Del Norte counties.

Eliminated from the race were challenger and Green activist Pamela Elizondo, with 8.6 percent of the vote, and Firenz Xuan Pini, a Democrat, with 4.3 percent.

In another contest largely unaffected by the state’s new top-two primary system, Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, D-Davis, held a wide lead over her Republican challenger John Munn, also from Davis.

The two are vying to represent the new 4th Assembly District, which covers parts of Solano, Napa and Lake counties and slides westward to include a small chunk of Sonoma County, including parts of Rohnert Park and the Sonoma Valley.

Yamada received 60.2 percent of the vote to Munn’s 39.8 percent.

Both will advance to the fall election, as well.

And it wasn’t much of the race for Democrat state Sen. Lois Wolk of Davis, who ran unopposed in the new 3rd Senate District, which includes Rohnert Park, Cotati, Petaluma and Sonoma.

5 Responses to “Chesbro expected to battle Lynch for Assembly seat in fall”

  1. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Tom Lynch, you may be more conservative than I like but you are a class act. You are also a honest polician which is rare. Kudos to you.

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  2. County Worker says:

    Lynch cherry picks the data of only the last five years, saying Sonoma County’s pension fund has had an average return of 1%, and has incurred a debt, principle and interest of $1.5 Billion, paid over the next 20 years, by the next generation of public servants and tax payers, with layoffs of younger workers, cuts in social services, roads, and essential services local government used to provide for generations, which will ultimately end in bankruptcy with everyone losing all their retirements.

    Nonsense! Since 1990 the average return on the DOW has been over 10%. From 1990 to 2000 the Dow went from 2500 to 12,000, and from 2000 to 2012 the Dow has gone from 12,000 to 12,500. Compounded over 20 years equals a return of 10%.

    You just wait, all of these unfunded liabilities will disappear if we can take out another $500 Million Pension Obligation Bond!

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  3. Steve Klausner says:

    What fun, a knockdown between Trash Man and Manure Man.

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  4. Lets be Reasonable says:

    Tom, if I had been in your district, I wouldn’t have voted for you. You seem to be a one-trick pony – beating up public employees. You cherry-pick pension statistics to inflame the public, instead of offering workable solutions.

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  5. Tom Lynch says:

    Congratulations to Assemblyman Wes Chesbro with his great showing in the Primary.

    Thank you to all who voted for Tom Lynch for Assembly!

    Looking forward to a great issues oriented campaign ahead…historic; two Democrats facing each other in Novemeber.


    Tom Lynch


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