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Assembly incumbents in trouble?

Is Michael Allen in for a long night?

Paul Mitchell, a Democratic political consultant and redistricting guru, included this note in his pre-election summary today: Assemblymembers (Betsy) Butler, (Michael) Allen, (Allan) Mansoor, (Tim) Donnelly and Beth Gaines are all facing tough re-elections. Rumor has one of them coming in third or fourth depending on the poll, so brace yourself .”

I haven’t seen any polling data, but Allen has been the primary beneficiary of more than $254,000 in independent expenditures in the North Bay’s 10th Assembly District. Organized labor groups have been spending on behalf of Allen and against San Rafael Councilman Marc Levine, one of six other candidates on the ballot. Levine also has been targeted by horse racing interests.

According to figures published Monday by the Sacramento Bee, Allen’s district ranks ninth for the most spending by independent groups on Assembly elections.

Independent spending has been much heavier in some of the other districts that Mitchell mentioned, but the expenditures in the North suggest that Allen is still working to solidify his position in the new 10th Assembly District. Remember, the top two finishers, regardless of party, advance to November.

- Jim Sweeney

3 Responses to “Assembly incumbents in trouble?”

  1. Not A Chance says:


    “Is Michael Allen in for a long night?”

    Nope, pretty average election night, nice final shot though. At least we know the editorial board is still holding pointless grudges.

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  2. Great Ideas says:

    What happened tonight in the landslide election in Wisconsin will happen here in California and Sonoma County as the voters see the destructive power the public unions have wrought on our state and local governments.

    SEIUand the teachers union’s grip on government will come to an end sooner rather than later.

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  3. Alka-Seltzer says:

    Both Michael Allen and Marc Levine make me sick to my stomach. And it’ll be worse in November I am only given the choice to pick one over the other I probably wouldn’t vote at all in that race. Too bad that there’s not a viable third candidate running.

    Still, Allen should be worried. No telling how much pull Levin has in Marin County. It’s certainly more than Allen’s. Six years ago, that Marin advantage gave us the mediocre Jared Huffman.

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