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Sebastopol mayor opts out of 2nd term, opens seat

Two candidates commit, interest likely to be high


Sebastopol Mayor Guy Wilson will not be seeking re-election to a second term in November, opening up a seat on the City Council that is expected to draw a lot of attention.

Guy Wilson

Robert Jacob, a city planning commissioner and owner of a medical marijuana dispensary, and Kathy Austin, a former mayor and an architect, have filed papers with the Sebastopol City Clerk indicating their intention to run.

Councilwoman Kathleen Shaffer also has filed for re-election.

The two seats are the only ones on the five-member council that expire this year. Both Wilson and Shaffer were elected to their first terms in 2008.

Wilson said he was giving up the council position to spend more time on his Santa Rosa law practice.

“I cannot afford to put in the time and give up the income required to do the council job,” Wilson said. “The council job, whether being mayor or a council member or vice mayor, is a full-time position, or should be.”

Sebastopol council members receive $300 a month, plus health care, vision and dental benefits.

Shaffer, 65, has focused much of her council work on creating the Sebastopol Entrepreneur Project to help small businesses and on economic issues.

Shaffer is a former teacher and also ran a business with her husband in Florida manufacturing field equipment for Major League Baseball.

“We just need some common-sense solutions to shore up the economy here, we need reasonably managed growth to increase revenue,” Shaffer said.

Jacob, 35, is the founder and executive director of Peace In Medicine, a medical marijuana dispensary in Sebastopol.

As such, Jacob said he is a small-business owner with 49 workers, more than the city employs, and has a similar annual budget, $5 million.

“I believe medical cannabis access should be seen as a positive thing, a way for patients to access affordable medicine for medical needs,” Jacob said. “It is really a nonprofit organization that provides a service.”

Austin, 60, a Sebastopol architect for 18 years, was on the council from 1996 to 2000 and served as mayor in 1997.

“One of the major issues for all cities is finances, we need a healthy business economy,” Austin said. “Sebastopol in general doesn’t have the most welcoming image to the business community and we need to turn that around.”

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3 Responses to “Sebastopol mayor opts out of 2nd term, opens seat”

  1. Hunter says:

    Sebastopol needs a mayor who can help move us away from such a strong anti-business climate. More jobs = more taxes = no more service cuts.

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  2. Dougie C. says:

    Residents of Sebastopol, should note the the high-turnover rate of employees and personnel at Peace in Medicine (both Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, and their ‘Bravo’ location [which has also never been disclosed/properly shared]).

    Residents should also question the salary and endorsements that Peace in Medicine has given in the past, on their yearly budget of $5 million. While issuing a reduction in benefits and pay for staff, the organization continued to invest funds and pay ‘community members’ salaries. If this is truly a ‘not for profit’, they would have no issue sharing the salaries of: members of Board of Directors (that over see PIM general operations and involvement), the CEO (Robert Jacob), or the CFO (Carl Kerwick, who also sits upon the Sebastopol Business Outreach Committee).

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  3. Joyce Garcia says:

    LOL Campaigning should be very interesting! Instead of passing out flyers and buttons, cannabis cards will be flung around like Sebastopol is a huge Black Jack table!

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