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Rohnert Park adopts $22 million budget


Rohnert Park councilmembers Tuesday unanimously approved a $22 million budget.

The 2012-2013 budget projects a $2.5 million deficit but City Manager Gabe Gonzalez said the city has the cash to cover the shortage.

That marks a significant change for the city, which has wrestled with deficits for a decade. In 2009, the deficit hit $10 million.

“This shows what happens when government lives within its means; we have passed the era of spending,” said Councilman Amy Ahanotu.

In previous years, Rohnert Park resorted to selling property to cover the deficit. Gonzalez, who became the top administrator in 2010, has criticized that practice as being unsustainable.

The budget is assisted by a temporary 0.5 percent sales tax approved by voters in 2010. Officials project that 5-year tax will contribute $2.6 million to city revenues next year, up from $2.4 million this year.

Revenue from property and other taxes also is projected to rise somewhat.

One Response to “Rohnert Park adopts $22 million budget”

  1. Paying Attention says:

    Now that you have extra money from taxing us more, how about re-opening our pools that you closed?

    The pool in our section is one reason why we moved here.

    Where is the money going?