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The Last Word: Week of June 17

Come up with your own caption …

Every week, we’ll post a new cartoon on Watch Sonoma County and invite you to write the caption. Enter the contest by posting your caption below. Vote for your favorite by clicking “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on each entry.

PD staff will select several winners and publish them every Friday on the Forum page in the Empire News section. Want a shot? Leave your real name and your email address for verification.

The cartoons are drawn by Gary Varvel, who has served as political cartoonist for The Indianapolis Star since 1994.

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58 Responses to “The Last Word: Week of June 17”

  1. John violin says:

    No, Honey there aren’t any Vampires under the Lincoln bed.

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  2. John violin says:

    Mr. President the polls do show that America is ready for “CHANGE” like you said. Unfortunately the change they want is you.

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  3. SoCooLBob says:

    What do you mean the internet is down?

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  4. Julie Ambrose says:

    What do you mean Gary Varvel is on vacation! I need my last word fix.

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  5. Mark Bowman says:

    The cost is immaterial, Senator! As commander-in-chief I’m ordering all branches of the military to use all resources and take any action necessary to re-establish the Last Word cartoon supply!

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  6. Chuck G says:

    What do ya mean the people who endorsed me the first election have changed their minds?

    Quick grab a Washington area phone book, we’ll start calling anybody, and everybody for donations.

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  7. Michael Sheehan says:

    The cartoon shortage has reached crisis stage – quick, form two Senate committees, argue for months, then pass a new tax on crayons and notepads. That’ll work.

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  8. Mark Bowman says:

    We know it’s over nine days late, Mr. President, but you don’t have to keep checking the website yourself. As soon as The Last Word gets a new cartoon, we’ll let you know!

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  9. Julie Combs says:

    Sorry, we cannot put the flag at half mast for Nora Ephrom.

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  10. Jean Anderson says:

    If we can get at least 95% of the suckers vote in November, I think we have a chance. They’ll believe anything.

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  11. steve humphrey says:

    Did I say “it’s not a tax?” er…ahh..
    what I meant to say is “sure it’s a tax”

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  12. DeNee Tuttle says:

    “Can you hear me now voters?”

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  13. JB says:

    “Too bad dogs aren’t supposed to talk. I’d really like to know what the letters next to congressional names mean? (R) for ridiculous and (D) for dork? If we do have to move out, I’ll leave that Romney human a great, big “present”!

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  14. Dear Mitt Romney:
    Don’t think you’ll be moving in, but if YOU think so, you’re going to have to put up with a life-sized portrait of Bush Junior. Funny thing, I don’t even think you like the guy. Too bad. It’s here to stay!

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  15. Fishy Too says:

    Hey Barack. It’s Morsi, the new muslim President-elect of Eygpt. How much of Hosni Mubarack’s billions will you need for your election? Send Hollywood star for pick up.Bottoms up, Bro!

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  16. Trey Dunia says:

    These intelligence leaks are starting to depleat our ability to keep secrets…

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  17. Chuck G says:

    No Mr.Bush left some time ago…what do you mean who’s the President then?…Me, I’m the President, Boreock Obama!

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  18. I have not been disrespected likethis since Andrew Jackson’s garden party.

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  19. Julie Ambrose says:

    I didn’t know stupid had a smell, but George W. sure left one.

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  20. Chuck G says:

    Turn out the lights Michelle, the party’s over

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  21. Jean Anderson says:

    Only about 4 months until these arrogant, incompetent failures are voted out and I can stand with pride again.

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  22. Richard Smith says:

    A lot of Presidents have walked these hallowed halls, but never one treated with such disrespect,nor obstructed at every turn by such spiteful tactics. If these walls could only cry!

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  23. Mark Bowman says:

    Hey, this “executive privilege” thing is pretty cool! So, no, Michelle, I won’t put the toilet seat down and I won’t take out the trash and recycling!

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  24. Jean Anderson says:

    Barack believes he has a chance to win in November only if he visits all 57 states, plus that new part of Mexico next to Arizona. Should I tell him the bad news?

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  25. Mark Bowman says:

    Tell them they can fill out their voter registrations after they get here. For now just get ‘em on the buses and get ‘em across the border!

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  26. Jean Anderson says:

    If my walls could talk about all the leaks, lies and scandals I’ve seen, the American voters would exert their executive privilege to hold the occupants in contempt this November in a “fast and furious” manner.”

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  27. Mark Berube says:

    “I may be just a column but I hold up my head (of state) as well as every middle class citizen for every nickel they have.”

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  28. Michael Sheehan says:

    Face it, Barack. You really do kinda stink big time at this job.

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  29. Chuck G says:

    Let’s start looking for a new neighborhood to move into before we’re kicked out Michelle. Oh you mean we’re not going to get deported afterall?

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  30. Chuck G says:

    Michelle do you think we will be able to get a home loan when we get voted out in November?

    Can you get hold of Bernie Madoff for me?

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  31. Jean Anderson says:

    Michelle, why did Jimmy Carter send me a “thank you” note, and what exactly is a doofus?

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 14

  32. AL COHEN says:

    ” Okay, what wise guy put that vacancy sign out front.”

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  33. AL COHEN says:

    I’m re-doing the Oval Office, I can never corner a congressman there.

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  34. Chuck G says:

    Michelle, we’ve hit the point of no return

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  35. Richard Smith says:

    ” Can we all get along?”

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  36. Chuck G says:

    Michelle my dear, I can honestly say that we have hit the point of no return, start packing!

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  37. Michael Sheehan says:

    With all these White House leaks, call a plumber AND a special prosecutor.

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  38. John Gianfermi says:

    “If politics makes strange bedfellows, then Barack is the strangest.”

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  39. John Claeys says:

    “The gardener was deported”, he says “we’ll see him in 2 weeks”.

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  40. Bob Charbonnier says:

    Honey, bad news. We are under water and might be forced to walk away.

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  41. Richard Smith says:

    If Romney wins, we’ll be changing from East Wing,West Wing,to Right Wing, Right Wing!

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  42. Richard Smith says:

    Hey Michelle, you notice that George W. has been here everyday since they put up that portrait of him?

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  43. Mark Berube says:

    “A house is a house, of course of course and no one can talk to a house, of course. Unless, of course, you are the famous President.”

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  44. John Gianfermi says:

    I think both parties would be happier if we took out the rose garden and replaced it with a pot garden.

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  45. AL COHEN says:

    The economy is so bad, I’m being rented out for Bar mitzvahs, and weddings.

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  46. AL COHEN says:

    If my walls could talk, you all might think about moving to Canada.

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  47. AL COHEN says:

    “You the people”, own this house.
    Choose wisely, the tenants.

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  48. Michael Sheehan says:

    Do you think wearing a big sombrero until November would be too obvious?

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  49. Barak Obama says:

    “let’s come up with a last minute plan to get latino voters”

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  50. Jean Anderson says:

    Call the movers, Michelle…the useful idiots who put us here have finally wised up.

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  51. lauren lehmann says:

    I don’t care if you are princess’ of America, go clean your rooms!

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  52. John Gianfermi says:

    Make up the Lincoln Bedroom, we have 800,000 guests arriving.

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  53. Western Cluebird says:

    Did I say “hope and change”?
    I meant “rope and chains”.

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  54. Julie Ambrose says:

    Barack wake up! you’re having a nightmare about the dream act.

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  55. K L Davies says:

    No, Mr. President, it’s not the Canadian pipeline. It’s the tunnel from Mexico.

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  56. Skippy says:

    Did the Clintons leave any decent furniture when they slunk out of town?
    Do ya think it will fit in our Volt?

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  57. Will Lee-Fort Bragg says:

    “Oh yeah-my poll numbers are doing just fine”

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  58. Julius Orth says:

    Tell the Republicans that the Capitol is not for sale, and remember to tell the voters too.

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