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Sawyer, Gorin top fundraisers in Sonoma Valley supervisor’s race



Two Santa Rosa-based candidates seeking to replace retiring Sonoma County Supervisor Valerie Brown have maintained their fundraising edge over their

John Sawyer

Sonoma Valley-based opponents, according to new disclosures filed Thursday.

Santa Rosa City Council members John Sawyer and Susan Gorin pulled in the most donations among the field of six candidates, according to campaign finance reports for the period of March 18 to May 19.

Sawyer reported raising a total of $45,041 in that period while Gorin showed cash contributions of $36,196 plus non-monetary donations of $4,303, for a total of $40,499.

The amounts were three to four times the donations taken in by two other Sonoma Valley-based candidates during the March to May period.

Energy consultant Mark Bramfitt raised $11,949 and loaned himself $26,000. Together with $788 in nonmonetary contributions his total for the period was $38,737.

Communications consultant Gina Cuclis raised $14,358 in cash contributions and $4,979 in non-monetary donations. Her total for the period was $19,337.

Reports for two other candidates, Sonoma Mayor Joanne Sanders and Michael McClure, a teacher at the Sonoma Developmental Center, were not available at the Sonoma County elections office Thursday evening or online Friday morning.

The top fundraiser overall in the race, Sawyer also spent the most in the last period, reporting $66,765 in expenditures. He had $9,838 remaining at the end of the reporting period, records show.

Gorin spent $53,507 and had $22,418 in the bank. Bramfitt spent $31,563 and showed the most — $41,624 — in remaining funds.

Cuclis spent $19,371 and had $17,280 still available, records show.

With the June 5 election less than two weeks away, candidates are entering a period of last-minute fundraising and spending.

The activity is aimed at undecided Election Day voters and those who have yet to turn in their vote-by-mail ballots, which went out the first week of this month.

Provided no candidate earns more than 50 percent of the vote, the top two vote-getters will carry on to the Nov. 4 run-off election.

The 1st District supervisor’s seat, held by Brown since 2002, takes in Sonoma Valley, the city of Sonoma, the unincorporated communities of Kenwood and Glen Ellen and much of eastern Santa Rosa, including Bennett Valley and Rincon Valley and most of Fountaingrove.

10 Responses to “Sawyer, Gorin top fundraisers in Sonoma Valley supervisor’s race”

  1. East County Observer says:

    Sawyer is getting big money from business and development interests who like his platform of low taxes and minimal regulation. He is a functional Republican who calls himself a Democrat in order to compete in a blue district. His $100M ‘miracle’ budget savings cosists primarily in taking it out of the hides of public sector workers. What he will bring to Sonoma County, if elected, is haphazard sprawl development, low-wage non-union jobs, and a lowering of community standards so that a handful of individuals can get rich at the expense of the greater good of the community. He does not represent the values of this district, and he and his Chamber cronies can’t spend enough money to paper that fact over. Send him the “Dear John” letter on Tuesday.

  2. Billy C says:

    While I don’t always agree with John or his position I have always feel that he
    has the best interests of Santa Rosa
    in mind when making decisions or a stand.
    Susan on the other hand Is a progressive
    ( not that that’s a bad thing ) who sides
    with an agenda she may perceive as being able to save the world. Things such as Bike bridges,SMART trains,and restricting business development.
    I do believe that we can continue to make changes in the way we live and do business. What I have a problem with is
    depleting our finances and resources on overly idealistic agendas.
    Before Sonoma County can show the rest of the world “how to be sustainable” We need to be able to sustain our selves.
    In my opinion John Sayer has proven himself to be the best candidate for the
    Board Of Supervisors.

  3. John says:

    @Big Jim – “Sawyer approved pay raises” should be corrected to “Sawyer approved changes to pensions and how they are funded”.

    Using your logic your statement of “pay and benefit madness for public safety”, one could easily say “Big Jim hates public safety and thinks cities shouldn’t have it”.

    Don’t fall into the political bashing by inflating or contorting facts.

  4. Big Jim says:

    Sawyer approved pay raises in the last month in Santa Rosa for Police and Fire that Gorin opposed, despite the city being in a financial crisis. If you want to continue the pay and benefit madness for public safety, then vote for Sawyer. If you want to address the growing imbalance and rising taxes due to a broken system, vote for Gorin.

  5. John T says:

    At least the mailers keep the printers working.

    We don’t need Santa Rosa City Council failed politicians to represent us. Please do not vote for Sawyer or Gorin.

  6. Jim Bennett says:

    ‘East County Observer’:
    That drivvel worked better 20 or 30 months ago.

    Not any more.

    The entire RNC voted unanimously to disassociate with the UN based on their ‘extreme environmental ideology’,
    the ‘catatrophic’ effects of our sovereignty, economy, etc..
    Communities all over want to topple this rotten apple-cart. Look:
    My friend and local activist Rosa Koire
    wrote a book:
    Behind the Green Mask UN Agenda 21.
    5 Stars on Amazon, 20,000 copies in 10 months. Booked to speak to people all over the Country from ALL political back rounds (search it).

    Don’t go for the polarization card folks.

    The only meaningful polarization is:
    Oppressor and Oppressee.

    The ‘Tipping Point’ in conciousness can be only 10%. As the best selling book by the same name and numerous sociologists have concluded.
    Well, almost 10% of ICLEI Charters have kicked it out.55 out of 600.

    If this oppressive apple-cart tips,
    what will our ‘public servants’ do?

    In the private sector you have to find a way to:
    BE OF SERVICE, which is devine.

    THAT’S WHAT WORKS. That’s what the rest of us have to find a way to do every day.

  7. East County Observer says:

    Susan Gorin is not an extremist by any stretch of the imagination. Her temperament is moderate, her political positions are mainstream California Democratic Party, and her platform is a set of sensible policy solutions.

    I would like to suggest that the extemists are the unhinged Tea Party wing of the Republican Party who seek to demonize the entire Democratic Party,who in their fevered paranoia are part of some nefarious UN Agenda 21 socialist international plot to destroy America.

    I would hope that the sane conservatives on this board would start to discipline your own ranks, and call out these nut cases. They are giving you a bad name.

  8. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Sawyer put out the huge mailer in the PD a few Sundays ago. Full of inaccuracies. It’s obvious to me that he has money that comes from the big businesses in Sonoma County and the wine industry. He’s their candidate. That mailer cost a bundle. I’ve also been receiving other mailers as well from him. He’s wasting his breath with me. I’m voting for Susan Gorin as I know she works for her constiuents who vote, not the wine industry.

    When I look at the list, I would say anyone but Sawyer. He a known quantity and I don’t like that quantity. Look at his smoozing with the safety employees while cutting all the other city employees. Says it all folks.

  9. Bob walker says:

    Susan Gorin…another woolsey,pelosi left-wing extremist clone.

  10. It thing about being a candidate it’s become more about the money to send out mailers that everyone will throw away 30 seconds after getting them, than about your vision, passion and goals to help our people and our area.