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New York Times weighs in on fluoridation

Sonoma County is not the only place considering fluoridating its public water systems. The state Legislature in New Jersey is in fierce debate over a bill that would require all public water systems to add fluoride. Right now, most of the areas in the state are not served by fluoridated water.

(Believe it or not, California has had such a mandatory law on its books since 1995. All water systems with more than 10,000 connections must fluoridate. The problem is it didn’t come with the cash to get it done, leaving cities and counties an out by saying they can’t afford it.)

Anyway, the New York Times weighed in on this debate in an editorial on Sunday. Its take? “It is hard to believe, but decades after (fluoridation’s) value in preventing tooth decay was clearly demonstrated, questions are again being raised.”

It makes some of the same arguments we’ve been offering in recent days in columns and editorials – that while fluoride needs to be administered with care, it “has been a boon to public health.” It also calls on the Department of Health Services and the EPA to come to final agreement on clear standards for how much is too much.

Click here and read the editorial for yourself.

- Paul Gullixson

19 Responses to “New York Times weighs in on fluoridation”

  1. the komen deception says:

    Recently declassified government documents have shed new light on the decades-old debate over the fluoridation of drinking water, and have added to a growing body of scientific evidence concerning the health effects of fluoride. Much of the original evidence about fluoride, which suggested it was safe for human consumption in low doses, was actually generated by “Manhattan Project” scientists in the 1940s. As it turns out, these officials were ordered by government powers to provide information that would be “useful in litigation” and that would obfuscate its improper handling and disposal. The once top-secret documents, say the authors, reveal that vast quantities of fluoride, one of the most toxic substances known, were required for the production of weapons-grade plutonium and uranium. As a result, fluoride soon became the leading health hazard to bomb program workers and surrounding communities.

    Studies commissioned after chemical mishaps by the medical division of the “Manhattan Project” document highly controversial findings. For instance, toxic accidents in the vicinity of fluoride-producing facilities like the one near Lower Penns Neck, New Jersey, left crops poisoned or blighted, and humans and livestock sick. Symptoms noted in the findings included extreme joint stiffness, uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea, severe headaches, and death. These and other facts from the secret documents directly contradict the findings concurrently published in scientific journals which praised the positive effects of fluoride.

    Regional environmental fluoride releases in the northeast United States also resulted in several legal suits against the government by farmers after the end of World War II, according to Griffiths and Bryson. Military and public health officials feared legal victories would snowball, opening the door to further suits which might have kept the bomb program from continuing to use fluoride. With the Cold War underway, the New Jersey lawsuits proved to be a roadblock to America’s already full-scale production of atomic weapons. Officials were subsequently ordered to protect the interests of the government.

    After the war, experimentation and the dissemination of misinformation continued. Most notably, the authors state, bomb program scientists embarked on a campaign to calm the social panic about fluoride in the early 1950s, through lectures on fluoride toxicology and by promoting its usefulness in preventing tooth decay. Bomb program scientists played a leading role in the design and implementation of a fluoride study conducted in Newburgh, New York, from 1945 to 1956 in which fluoride was secretly added to public drinking water. In a classified follow-up operation referred to as “Program F,” blood and tissue samples were covertly collected from Newburgh citizens with the assistance of the State Health Department. The government eagerly studied the effects of fluoride in Newburgh, as a community-level fluoride exposure experiment.

    The formerly top-secret papers—including letters, memos, and health reports—raise important questions about the U.S. government’s possible conflict of interest regarding fluoride use and promotion. If lower dose ranges were found hazardous by the Manhattan Project studies, these findings “might have opened the bomb program and its con-tractors up to lawsuits for injury to human health, as well as public outcry,” say the authors. The documents also state that “clinical evidence suggests that uranium hexafluoride may have a rather marked central nervous system effect…. It seems most likely that the F [code for fluoride] component rather than the T [code for the uranium] is the causative factor.”

    It is feared that the Manhattan Project agenda directed researchers away from objectively evaluating the effects of fluoride well into the Cold War. “Information was buried,” concludes Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, the former head of toxicology at Forsyth Dental Center in Boston who was interviewed by Griffiths and Bryson. “There is so much fluoride exposure now, and we simply do not know what it is doing.”

    UPDATE BY AUTHORS JOEL GRIFFITHS AND CHRIS BRYSON: “It’s an old story, fluoride. The early U.S. industrial polluters and their victims knew it best. It was just another day for them when the government announced fluoride would reduce children’s cavities. They would have been much better at enlightening the public about fluoride than the dentists of today, but they’re gone now.

    “The fluoride story is a hangover from the Cold War, when the U.S. media would not abrogate `national security.’ They publicized the official line about fluoride, and that was that. The critical role of fluoride in the production of the atomic bomb and in many of the new industrial processes (rocket propellants, fluorocarbons, plastics, etc.) that made America the world’s leader after World War II was never mentioned. The nationwide damage wreaked by industrial fluoride pollution, and the role and motives of the bomb program and U.S. industry in establishing fluoride’s safety, was not mentioned either.

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  2. Fred Mangels says:

    I find it appalling that fluoride proponents still insist on literally forcing it down everyone’s throats with no regard for individual choice.

    Why not make fluoride legal for those who want to fluoridate their own water and leave everyone else alone? We could have any number of local cottage industries spring up offering home fluoridation just as we do with water softening and filters.

    Just because someone thinks something is a good idea doesn’t mean they should be allowed to force it on everyone else.

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  3. tj says:

    fluoride is bad for your teeth thyroid and bones especially children and babies. please watch:
    fluoride-the bizarre history-full documentary

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  4. i love liberals says:

    obama(berry soetoro) healthcare bill signed 3/22. a nod to skull n bones 322 aka the brotherhood of death? who knows. 9/11, 3/11, 7/7. berry said he would never sign away the constitution with the NDAA but on new years eve december 31st, the last day of the year, indefinite detention and murder for all americans based on a controlled demolition(9/11)

    the public doesnt know the federal reserve is privately owned, in control through the issuance of our currency, how would they know their so called government has been soft killing them with mandated fluoride?

    the people of the land of e pluribus unum(oz) dont know about liquidity.
    history repeats itself, those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it. aka the 4th reich.
    if you dont already know, your slated for reduction.
    agenda 21 eugenics. depopulation. 9 out of 10 americans dead.
    divide and conquer.

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  5. Missy says:

    I’m sick of this NANNY GOVERNMENT! Trust that ANY of those people that vote FOR fluoridation will be TOSSED OUT.

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  6. Up In Arms says:

    If you want your kids and your spouse to have cavities, you don’t want your drinking or tooth paste fluoridated. If you believe in space aliens living among us and flying saucers, you probably believe the government is trying to control your mind through fluoridation and mind control.

    I would say to you, get a life or better yet, keep those psych appointments. Your have a long way to go.

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  7. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Just wondering if posters on this blog know that flouride is a natural substance in both green and black tea (higher in green). Andrew Weil answered a question about it. Some is absorbed in the bones and teeth THE REST IN EXCRETED. Here’s the link: http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/id/QAA22857

    He goes on to talk about flouride in the water. I’d be more worried about what else is in our water-all those organic chemicals causing all kinds of problems with our endocrine systems. Mutating the world with superbugs. I could go on.

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  8. Rivnazty says:


    Thank you for exposing the Green Mask but whipping out the eugenics talk makes everyone else look bad. I know Paul Gullixson is a hack and the Presstitute Democrat is just a mouthpiece for the folks who own AP and Reuters.

    Why don’t we just see if Mr. Gullixson and Mr. Greener are personally going to dump the extra-fluoridated water to the poor neighborhoods and then put any of it in their supply…We’ll let them go suck on BPA bottles of water instead and see how well that ends up for them…

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  9. 322 says:

    if you look at things like the fox christmas card depicting sheep pulling the bobsleds for the elite media you start to get the hang of the deception. all wars including 9/11 are inside jobs. the government does nothing but lie cheat murder and steal. we are paying interest on the one trillion given away bailout to our true slave masters goldman sachs. they are imploding the economy and killing off what’s left over the people. then they put ben bernanke on the cover of a magazine with the word hero under.
    your supervisors are pulling the trigger on you. murder and poisoning are serious and if they are not addressed they will harm you.
    i know you dont believe and that you support you murderers, at least you will pay dearly.

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  10. DeeDee says:

    Is my garden still organic if I water fluoride? Will treatment at the waste water plant remove it?

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  11. 322 says:

    my comment against fluoridation was removed because i said the government is soft killing you and under the guise of liberalism using the immigrant exodus to force fluorinate. the press democrat is the enemy if you havent already noticed. their writers are trying to make those against fluoridation sound crazy.
    the gov is not stupid, they know its wrong to fluoridate the entire water supply. its done to soft kill you.
    they want 90% dead. just ask bill gates, ted turner, kissenger.
    obama science advisor john p holdren is the eugenics population reduction specialist.
    the votes are in, fluoridation is clearly not wanted.
    those pushing are criminals and need to be held accountable now.
    law enforcement is helping them kill you.

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  12. J L Anderson says:


    You make some good points about government stupidity, but you need to understand that adding fluoride to the water is a very bad idea. It may help young kids’ teeth, but it’s a toxin to everyone else.

    No to fluoridated water, and yes to common sense.

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  13. Commonsense says:

    If you believe in caring for your teeth and teach your children to properly care for their teeth (brush, floss, etc), then adding flouride to a water system all share is unnecessary and a waste of time and money. Adding flouride to a water system most don’t even use for drinking makes it even more wasteful and inefficient. Lets apply a little logic here and focus on real issues, of which in my humble opinion, this is not one. The government is not everyone’s keeper, period. If families don’t value oral health, a little flouride in the water isn’t going to prevent the decay of that childs teeth.

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  14. Jim Bennett says:

    Fluoride is poison. Even @ 1 PPM.
    Along with EMF,(Smart Meters,cell phones, etc.), radiation, aerial spraying, aspertame, plastics, GMO altered food, MTB in our fuel, sabotaging our food supply, and especially vaccines are part of a multi-faceted incremental effort to depopulate which prominate figures in Agenda 21 can be documented as supporting.

    It was used by Hitler to make the prisoners dumb ‘n docile, that’s why it’s the active ingrediant in Prozac which is often being perscribed to children that won’t conform or obey.

    It’s often the active ingrediant in rodent ‘n roach killer.

    The highly organized effort to orchestrate our undoing is beyond financial and civil, it’s darker than that.

    Even the FDA won’t approve fluoride.

    What was a toxic waste and financial liability for Alcoa, much of the fertilizer and nuclear industry was successfully lobbied by same in the 50′s and 60′s to actually be sold to municipalities at a 20,000% mark-up!

    How’s that for a public private partnership.

    Since we are adherant to Agenda 21/ICLEI directive possibly more than any other community in the nation, we are at the forefront of this UN sponsored globalist ‘Plan’.

    Fluoride causes havoc in the body; the side effect are extensive and varied including but not limited to:
    fluorosis, which can manifest as arthritis. High infant mortality.
    Interferance with brain, thyroid, kidney, chromosomes, interacts with melatonin, enzymes alergys, adrenal and reproductive function, it goes on and on.
    The FDA won’t approve it, it’s banned in Europe.
    If your child ingests fluoride toothpaste you have to call a poison control center.

    Just because they lie to us enough times (‘global warming’ comes to mind),
    doesn’t mean we have to beleive it.

    I don’t care about thumbs down or up, I think it’s past time that we speak the truth.

    It’s past time that we kick ICLEI out of our community.
    That way our community might accomadate us, not New World Order globalists.

    We can live without sodium fluoride toxic waste.
    The body of credible evidence on this subject is beyond refute.

    We would live much better without our ICLEI membership.

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  15. Sheryl says:

    Who really give a hoot what the NYT has to say about OUR water.

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  16. sarkyfish says:

    I wish there was a chemical that could be added to the water cooler at the Press Democrat to prevent thought decay and enhance rational thought, fairness and balance over the endless dullness of parochial progressive politics.

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  17. Otto Greener says:

    If you believe in brushing your teeth, you should know that fluoridating the water supply is important, especially for children. It is an irony that in such a socially progressive county, taking care of children’s teeth comes in last on the list of priorities.

    The county spends hundreds of thousands on a progressive media film group, millions on a train system that is not a necessity, welfare for the homeless, but nothing on our water supply to protect our kids and our teeth.

    As usual, government priorities are upside down.

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  18. jwillie6 says:

    Fluoridation is a Hoax

    Fifty years ago most people believed that fluoridation was a good idea. When it was studied, resulting in research studies in the last 25 years, it became clear that it is ineffective for teeth and dangerous to health.

    Read the truth produced in the best scientific information on fluoridation here: (www.fluoridealert.org). You will see a petition signed by over 4000 professionals, including hundreds of dentists, hundreds of doctors, and other medical researchers calling on governments everywhere to stop fluoridation.

    There are many large scientific studies there to show that drinking fluoridated water has no positive effect on cavity reduction and to show that it causes cancer, thyroid damage, broken hips from brittle bones, lowered IQ and other health problems.

    The World Health Organization studied 16 countries and showed fluoride is of no value for teeth. Most countries like China, India, and Japan have rejected it. Europe has rejected it and is 98% fluoride free. Many other large scientific studies in several countries show the same ineffectiveness.

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  19. Kirstin says:

    What the New York Times has to say won’t bolster this or most any argument in my book. Quite the opposite, in fact.

    Here is yet another study just published that warns AGAINST putting fluoride in drinking water: http://news-beacon-ireland.info/?p=3480.

    Do you really want to leave this up to “experts?” Remember your history. Back when x-rays and other radiation began being used, the “experts” thought them perfectly safe. Those experts (and large numbers of the public who trusted them) learned the hard way it wasn’t: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/KillingOurOwn/KOO6.html

    Let’s not continue to compound the mistakes already made with fluoride. As noted in this article, http://drjaygordon.com/pediatricks/general/fluoride.html, “What’s more unbelievable is that the chemicals most used to fluoridate drinking water are silicofluorides, contaminated waste product of industry, that were never safety tested on humans or animals. Meanwhile we are conducting a massive toxicological experiment. Our children are the test subjects.”

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