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Sonoma one of ‘most liberal’ counties in state


Sonoma County is a sea of blue, reflecting the political bent that makes it the ninth-most liberal among California’s 58 counties.

Sonoma and neighboring Mendocino County, at No. 8, are nearly tied on a political consultant’s scorecard that puts nine greater Bay Area counties — and Los Angeles — on the top 10 list of most left-leaning counties.

Sparsely populated inland Northern California counties anchor the conservative list, and neither ranking is a surprise to anyone familiar with state politics.

But the California Political Precinct Index brings a detailed methodology to the blue vs. red ratings, using the votes on selected state ballot measures as an indicator of political ideology.

“It is indisputably valid,” said Terry Price, a Santa Rosa political consultant. The index’s scores are based on voting for “specific wedge issues,” such as marijuana legalization and same-sex marriage, he said.

Moreover, Price and Herb Williams, another Santa Rosa political consultant, said the scores match their own experience in managing local political campaigns.

For example, the index identifies a portion of Santa Rosa — including the junior college, downtown, Proctor Terrace, McDonald Avenue and Railroad Square neighborhoods — as more liberal than the rest of the city.

“Those are the voters who elect progressive candidates,” Price said.

Williams noted that areas surrounding Windsor and north of Healdsburg, rated as right-of-center by the index, formed the base that elected conservatives Nick Esposti and Paul Kelley to the county Board of Supervisors for three decades.

David Latterman, the San Francisco political consultant who compiles the index, acknowledged that his finding for Sonoma County is “not an earth-shattering conclusion.”

“It’s a perfectly respectable liberal county,” said Latterman, who is associate director of the University of San Francisco’s Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good.

Sonoma County voters favored legalizing marijuana in 2010 and rejected a ban on same-sex marriage in 2008 — in both cases running counter to the statewide vote — and have not elected a Republican state or federal legislator since 1996.

The county didn’t match Bay Area liberal hotbeds like San Francisco, Alameda and Marin counties, which posted three of the top four liberal scores in the 2012 update of Latterman’s index.

“But who does?” Latterman said.

Overall, the county’s most liberal areas, with index scores in the 70s, are within the cities and scattered throughout west county and along the Russian River.

Suburban and rural areas outside cities are generally less liberal in the rest of the county, a pattern that Latterman said is repeated throughout the state.

Route 99 in the Central Valley runs through a solidly red political landscape, punctuated by liberal blue pockets in cities like Fresno, Modesto and Bakersfield.

Sonoma and Mendocino counties scored in the low 60s on a scale of zero to 100, with zero the most conservative, both well above the statewide score of 56.3.

The ideological midpoint of the index is 50.

One of Mendocino’s precincts scored a midnight blue 100, the highest in the state, while a Kern County precinct earned a rock-ribbed red zero.

Lake County scored a 55.5.

Latterman developed the current index by crunching election results in more than 20,000 precincts statewide, using the votes on nine selected ballot measures in 2008 and 2010.

Ballot measures dealing with social issues, such as marijuana and gay marriage, and money matters like state bonds are “definable on a left-right scale,” Latterman said.

Campaign consultants use data like Latterman’s to indicate “where the grass is greener” for a given candidate’s message, said Price, who has worked on campaigns with Latterman.

In door-to-door canvassing, he said, the goal is to talk about issues that matter to the residents. If the message doesn’t resonate in the neighborhood, the effort is fruitless, Price said.

Williams said he compiles voting records, as well as socio-economic data like age and length of residency, to develop his own political precinct profiles.

Mendocino County, a liberal bastion overall, is actually a land of political extremes, Wil-liams said, from the ultraliberal coast to conservative inland areas like Potter Valley and Willits.

On Latterman’s index, Mendocino’s score runs from 35.6 to 100, a range of more than 64points, one of the largest ideological spans in the state.

Sonoma County is far more homogeneous, with a 38-point range from conservative 40 to liberal 78.

San Francisco’s range is about the same, at 36 points, but it starts at 50, the mid-point, and moves left to 86.

In rural Calaveras County, the range is just 14 points, the smallest in the state, from 36 to 50.

Latterman’s index does not include income as a factor, and he said it shows up in different ways around the nation.

“By and large, wealthier areas are more conservative, but you get the rich liberal effect in California,” he said.

Most of Santa Rosa, including low-income areas of Roseland and South Park as well as upscale Fountaingrove and Oakmont, scored in the 60s, the same ideological range.

“You have to drive around the neighborhoods” to know their political nature, Price said. Roseland is a mix of low-income homes, where many residents are ineligible to vote, located near more valuable ranchettes.

Oakmont’s elderly population might seem like a conservative bloc, but the community on Santa Rosa’s far eastern flank has an active Democratic Club, Price said.

To access the California Political Precinct Index online, go to http://www.usfca.edu/osl/

You can reach Staff Writer Guy Kovner at 521-5457 or guy.kovner@pressdemocrat.com.

37 Responses to “Sonoma one of ‘most liberal’ counties in state”

  1. Hopeful Fish says:

    @Reformed Liberal, Dan.W and others…

    How true it is that our liberal friends are such hycrocites ? Absolutely phonies?
    God for bid, you should be a practicing Christian or have children in the military!!! or are successful in the business world and not to saving kitty kats. However I am at a point in 2012 to let them know and I gladly anticipate losing a number of friends.

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  2. BigJim says:

    @Michael Willis

    I am a fiscal conservative, and I totally agree with you that the Republicans can spend just as well as Democrats once they get into power, just on different programs. I feel no party represents my desires of small government and fiscal restraint. The democrats can’t give it away fast enough to the government union employees, especially anything remotely Safety related, and the Repulicans can’t spend it fast enough on futile wars and big business welfare. Both parties are spending America into the poorhouse, and the standard of living of the 99% is suffering as a result. Maybe we need a real alternative choice – I would vote for that.

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  3. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    I forgot to add at the end “so much for smaller government”. Because that really isn’t what the Republicans are about. The Bush regime showed us just how profligate spenders the Republican party really is when they get THEIR hands on the reins.

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  4. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Michael Willis-you forgot to mention the current Republican party taking away women’s rights and the voting rights of minorities by rigging the voting system in every state. Gaming the system is what the Republicans are all about. Add making the rich richer. Not fairness, equality, jobs, but deciding our bedroom behavior for us and bringing Christianity into our government ( or their personal interpretation of it). Just what we need, another religious oligarchy on this planet to dictate our moral behavior.

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  5. Commonsense says:

    Talk about stating the obvious.
    I agree in many respects with Brian Brown’s post and would further note that not all republicans are conservative (George W. Bush for example) and not all democrats are liberal progressives (Lieberman), ideas and political party aren’t always in agreement so to speak.
    I have no problem being an independent conservative in a mostly democratic progressive area. It keeps me alert and informed. I do have a problem when it becomes a defacto one party region that stomps on the rights of the minority though, whether in the name of equity or not (the road to hell is often paved with good intentions). While I’m not sure we are there yet, it appears to me to be headed in that direction.
    @R.Crosby, I couldn’t help but notice your total lack of facts to back up your list of past “conservative” offenses, and would note that the votes per party clearly indicate as to #1, that the democrats of the time clearly supported slaverly (check out the U.S. congressional website for the congressional make up at that time). I suppose you can argue the ideology of the time all you want, but I don’t think you have the facts to support your list either way.

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  6. Michael Willis says:

    @James Todd writes: “Meanwhile, conservatives want to fix the REAL problems we’re facing, like overspending, crime, maintaining personal freedoms and PRIVATE (not government) property RIGHTS.”

    If that is really how conservatives feel, they are doing a terrible job of having their interests represented by the Republican Party.

    Government has grown during the Republican administrations at a much greater rate than during Democratic administrations.

    As for maintaining personal freedoms, there isn’t one Republican who supports equal marriage rights and the personal FREEDOM to marry the adult, not-immediate-family person of their choice.

    Liberals and conservatives may disagree on the best way to reduce crime, reduce redundant, fraudulent and unnecessary spending, but to say that liberals don’t want to fix things is hyperbolic and patently false.

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  7. Grapevines says:

    Sonoma county being just blind mindless liberal sheep is the only reason we ended up with something as worthless as Noreen Evans representing us.

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  8. bear says:


    I agree. Well spoken!

    You won’t get a lot of support here, but I’m with you.

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  9. John Bly says:

    After reading these posts-it is crystal clear: liberals “know” they are better and “righter” than conservatives while conservatives just believe liberals are wrong.

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  10. Follower says:

    @R. Cosby
    You are a “True Believer”.

    Thank you for so precisely accentuating my point.

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  11. Reformed Liberal says:

    Most of my liberal friends want to feel that they are generous and compassionate, and some truly are.
    Their version of this behaviour is for government to direct other people’s money to those in need, whether it is animals, environment or certain people, usually based on ethnicity, gender or sexual behaviour.
    They can be a lot of fun, as long as you don’t talk politics with them.

    Some are generous with their own resources,most are not.
    They do not want to admit that the millions in oil money wealth they inherited from their conservative father is the reason they bought their third property in Nevada.

    They want to seem like they are one of the downtrodden victims and alternately, show off and brag about their latest trip, purchase or accomplishment.

    They may drive a Prius, but travel extensively all over the world, and condem me for driving a SUV, until they decide to buy one.
    Whatever they do or own is exempt from critisizm or questioning.

    They do things and make decisions on an emotional basis such as “how does it feel to me”, “I’ll vote for her because she is a woman” or “what do media matters, NPR, T.V. news, N.Y. Times or my friends say” rather than a rational, logical, pragmatic and informed reason.

    They play fast and loose with the truth, and often become angry and hostile when questioned about their ideology, especially after a few glasses of wine.
    They do not let reality interfere with ideology, most notably when it comes to government spending or control.

    They are fine with voter fraud as long as it is in their interest.
    They accuse others of doing things that they would do or are doing.
    They like to use the classroom to push their agenda.

    They want to be free to live however they see fit, with no negative reprecussions, but seek to impose their will on others and support enacting strict laws for things they don’t like.
    They will brag about their defense of some designated “victim” group even in the face of terrible or illegal behaviour by that group (occupy,Muslim brotherhood,illegal aliens) but will attack groups they feel unwarrented hostility toward, such as Tea party groups or Christians.

    They are unwilling to consider any other viewpoint in regard to their beliefs, and automatically decide that anyone that disagrees with them is stupid or has alterier motives (racist, sexist,etc.) because they are always right.
    They are very self focused, even while championing their cause.(How do I look while doing this?, did I meet the biggest players?)
    They will not admit it when they are proven wrong.
    They are not noticably grateful for someone else driving their kids on field trips, or taking their kids (your kids friends) on vacations and spending lots of money on their ski tickets,equipment rental, ec. They feel entitled and don’t appreciate the kindness or generosity of someone they think “can afford it.”

    Their sense of self depends on their version of reality, and it is often a fragile ego that underlies their exterior superiority.

    Growing up in the SFO bay area in the 1960′s, as a third generation Californian
    I used to be liberal by default.
    Then I grew up ,had kids,worked hard,got informed and saw the down side of liberalism.
    The good “liberal” things like environmental protections have been exploited,twisted and abused by those seeking power and money.

    The negative things have become an unruly beast devouring our freedom and wealth and destroying our nation while claiming altruistic motivations.

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  12. Dan W. says:

    R. Cosby- That is my point.

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  13. James Todd says:

    Liberal progressives would rather ban plastic bags (because they use EVIL oil) paper bags (because we have to cut down trees to make them) leaf blowers, goldfish (in San Francisco) because the poor little fishies have feelings, air conditioners, guns (because they don’t realize that SOME people are evil regardless of theire coddling) jet skis (because they don’t like fun either, apparently, smoking (see last reason) logging (see paper bags) newspapers (ditto) personal freedoms (see jet skis) personal responsibility (because they have none and want to be held blameless for their many mistakes ) and pretty much anything else.

    Meanwhile, conservatives want to fix the REAL problems we’re facing, like overspending, crime, maintaining personal freedoms and PRIVATE (not government) property RIGHTS.

    It’s easy to see why California is sliding into the toilet: Liberal “values” being forced on the citizens of this state. C’mon liberals, I am CHALLENGING you to show me how this state has gotten better since liberals took over the California legislature 20 years ago. I’ve already explained how it has gotten WORSE since you took over. I am waiting for ONE LIBERAL to come forward and debate this issue.
    Judging by the responses to this column it would appear all the liberals that normally troll these comments posting sniping comments and then running for the cover of their annonymity have no fortitude to defend their B.S.!
    The real sad point is that they still vote for these lame ideas on the basis of “hope and change”, and the Liberal-in-Chief has shown us the damage of those philosophies and practices on a National level.

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  14. R. Cosby says:

    The last commentator doesn’t understand the liberal mindset. Maybe
    this will go a little ways in helping conservatives understand:

    1. Conservatives were against abolishing slavery (the Democrats
    were the conservative party then).
    2. Conservatives were against giviing women the right to vote.
    3 They were against child labor laws. (Gingrich still is)
    4. They were/are against Social Security.
    5. They were/are against Medicare. (You conservatives who are on
    SS and Medicare and are against government programs
    please keep quiet).
    6. They were against the 40 hour workweek. (Thank you unionized
    labor for helping to bring this about)
    7. They were against the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act.
    8. They were/are against OSHA. (Keeps the workplace safe and saves
    us all millions of dollars in workplace accidents that, of
    course saves us all millions of dollars in workplace accidents
    that we’d all have to pay for).
    9. They were/are against the EPA. (We’d definitely have worse air,
    water, and degraded land if conservatives had their way).
    10. They were against the Consumer Product Safety Commission (would
    you like to see your (grand)children die or have mental
    disease from eating lead paint?)
    11. They were against fair housing laws.
    12. They were against the Wagner Act (which gave private-sector
    workers–that’s us–the right to bargain collectively helping
    to raise wages for NON-union workers also, and helping to create
    America’s large middle class).

    I could go on but I have to go work now and contribute to my
    ENTITLED TO Social Security, Medicare, state disability, etc. and
    enjoy my weekend, brought to me by my
    past fellow workers who died for these things.

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  15. Dan W. says:

    Sonoma County is also a place where one would be hardpressed to find someone who has read the constitution (nonetheless believes it has importance) or has heard of the Federalist Papers, coincidently.

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  16. John Bly says:

    One doesn’t need to be “liberal or conservative” to recognize our system is messed up. What is astounding is that we know it, and we act belligerent when services are cut. We will become healthy when, or if, people start recognizing we cannot spend more than we take in-and tax increases without reform cannot fix the mess. For the liberals, reform doesn’t mean more taxes. It means REFORM. Then we can talk about more taxes. For the conservatives, stop beating the drums of anti-gay, anti-women’s rights, and looking for religious bogeymen in every liberal proposal. We deserve better from both partys.

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  17. Canthisbe says:

    David Crane’s California Quest
    A nonpartisan group aims to elect “courageous” legislators in the Golden State.
    David Crane is looking for a few good men and women—three or four, to be precise. A wealthy investor, lifelong Democrat, and economic advisor and friend to former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Crane is seeking “courageous” candidates from any political party committed to tackling tough fiscal issues in California’s legislature. Crane acknowledges that serving in Sacramento isn’t glamorous. But that’s where money and power reside in California, and any effort to address the state’s monumental problems must include the 80-member assembly and 40-member senate.

    To identify quality candidates and provide the financing that might help sway a few key races, Crane recently cofounded Govern for California, a nonpartisan group launched with two other wealthy residents: Ronald Conway, a Republican angel investor who handled some of Schwarzenegger’s investments; and Gregory Penner, a political independent and a partner in an investment-management firm. This political venture-capital fund wants to get as few as five principled candidates elected to break the stalemate in a state legislature long dominated by special interests.

    The project sounds straightforward. But having battled Sacramento’s gridlock, Crane knows that it’s anything but. For one thing, most Californians don’t care about the state legislature or appreciate its enormous power. Few understand that it directs the spending of roughly a quarter of a trillion dollars a year, levies $120 billion in taxes and fees, oversees the education of 9 million students, provides funding for the incarceration of 150,000 state prisoners, finances essential infrastructure, maintains parks, and determines the pension and other benefits of hundreds of thousands of state and local public employees. “Most Californians would be hard-pressed to name their own legislator, much less any of the others,” Crane complains. The Democratic and Republican parties, moreover, have traditionally controlled entry to state politics through election primaries, insisting on fidelity to party dogma.

    Crane is familiar with California’s harrowing fiscal straits. The budget will see a nearly $13 billion budget shortfall in this and the coming fiscal year, he says. Public-sector pensions now account for twice as much of the budget as they did when Schwarzenegger was elected. The official gap between California’s obligations to its state employees and what it can afford to pay them is about $105 billion, and even that figure—thanks to accounting legerdemain—probably represents about half of the real figure. While California must spend more than $30 billion annually on public-sector salaries and benefits—a 65 percent increase over the past decade—spending on various social services is either flat or down over the same period: 5 percent less for education and no increase for parks and recreation.


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  18. Follower says:

    I wish I understood the liberal mindset but I don’t. I’ve tried.
    I have many liberal friends & every political conversation I have ever have with them goes the same way.

    They explain why their way is best & I site many examples throughout human history of where it has been tried before and in detail, how AND WHY it didn’t work.

    Then I explain too them why and how the system our founding fathers set up was uniquely designed to avoid all these pitfalls & how what they are proposing tears down all those safeguards.

    They either end the conversation, deny my facts without contradicting evidence or become offended by the implication that they may be less than informed. (to put it kindly)

    I have come to the conclusion that Conservatism is more of an “ideology” & Liberalism is more of a “theology” because you have to “believe” certain things, not only with no proof that it’s true but despite centuries of evidence to the contrary.

    “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it”
    I rest my case.

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  19. Joyce Garcia says:

    @ Bob Weaton – “….Progressive ethos that values, fairness, equality, our beautiful environment and caring about other people.”
    Wow! Seriously? Where is the fairness in grouping people by ethnicity, gender, sexual preference (which is profiling and in my opinion…bigoted) and demanding special treatment for them? That’s equality? And you all value that injustice? And you can’t be serious about claiming “caring about other people” while in the name of the environment, animal and plant life, human beings are being stripped of their rights and property!
    One more point, while you are painting those who have different views than yours, with such a broad brush, labeling them as “right wingers”, you are showing your intolerance to individual thoughts and ideas. Not to progressive…in my opinion.

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  20. Joseph Donegan says:

    The glory days of the wine region left when we lost republican representation.

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  21. good one says:

    I read this article right after the article showing the growing tide of ultra conservatism in the local Catholic Church. Ironic, huh?

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  22. GAJ says:

    Living beyond your means = progressive = good.

    Living within your means = conservative = bad.

    Sorry to disappoint both sides but in order not to further cripple the future for our children and grandchildren we’re going to have to finally behave like adults and take drastic measures to cut unsustainable promises to the Baby Boomers, and, once that is done, raise taxes.

    The chances of that happening in Sonoma County?

    Darn near zero.

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  23. Bob Wheaton says:

    @Steve Klausner “Caveman” is right. Reading the bitter,self-pitying rightwing posts yearning for “the good old days” gives my heart much joy. Part of what makes Sonoma County a beautiful place to live for all is the Progressive ethos that values, fairness, equality, our beautiful environment and caring about other people. Beliefs which create a great community and a wonderful place to live. So anonymous right wingers can continue to chatter spitefully on this site. Meanwhile the rest of us “progressives” will keep busy trying to make our community a better place.

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  24. Steveguy says:

    The Liberal Progressives(Regressives) stop or try to stop EVERY beneficial endeavor in this County. They claim to be for ‘sustainability’ and ‘buy locally’ yet they demonize any resource use.

    The sand for their ‘organic bio-intensive gardening’ because we have clay soils ? Ship that in from Yuba County. Milled lumber ? Get it from Canada or Oregon. On and on. we do have grapes though.

    The Liberal Progressives have proven that they spend too much on feel-good items, and at the same time stifled local production of goods. For instance, a close friend has 3 1/2 acres southwest of Santa Rosa. It had 4 chicken barns, 1/2 of one still standing, a nice sheep barn with a leaky roof, another barn and an old house. What is she went back to sheep and chickens nowadays? Impossible.

    Yet alone that the Liberal Progressives love illegal alien labor and the attendant costs, Besides that it drives down the wages of citizens, lowers the level of education, and the health care costs for them are astronomical, never mind how much it costs for us to incarcerate them or their offspring.

    Let’s build a train ! wow

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  25. Tin Foil Hat says:

    I love what passes for reporting these days. Hey, how about reporting on something we DON’T ALREADY KNOW???

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  26. A New Day says:

    Look at the wonderful record this one leftist party county and state have created for the entitlement generation.

    A broke and broken political system. Public union leaders and local and state democrat legislators in total denial about the reality of unsustainable pension debt and health benefits made to government employees.

    Santa Rosa with a decrepit downtown, too many closed businesses and offices and too many homeless wondering the streets.

    The public unions are totally committed to stoping any serious reforms that would help resolve the financial crisis.

    These public unions are aided by the very polticians they put in office and refuse to do anything except “study” the issues.

    State reforms are going nowhere under the pro-union governor and democrat controlled state legislature.

    Public pensions are now the top priority in cities over streets, parks, public safety and all other public services that taxpayers are paying for.

    Yes, this one party county and state has had a big impact on how we are governed and how our taxes are spent and it isn’t a pretty picture.

    The politicians cannot be proud of decline of our cities, counties and state in what was once known as the Golden State.

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  27. Butters says:

    California is getting so bad even the illegal immigrants are leaving for Texas. Meanwhile Stockton is the latest city to go bankrupt. Welcome to Foreclosureville.


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  28. Brian Brown says:

    I’m ok with it. I can coexist as the minority and still respectfully disagree. I enjoy the lively debates. I enjoy the yin & yang. Because I may disagree across the board does not mean I dislike liberals. Yes, the liberal ideology drives my kooky. But you are a person before your political preference. I want us all to enjoy the bounty of the county. What I want: Let me have real freedom but lawful freedom. Impose the laws as written on me but do NOT impose on me and my right to privacy and freedom. Be a fiscally responsible county. Let our businesses thrive. Keep the taxes low. Adjust regulations to invite businesses back (in remembrance of Pengrove business park – “Little Silicon Valley”). Don’t force me to drive a dorky little car. Let me put the American Flag on my lawn. Don’t yell at me for disagreeing with the president. Don’t call me a racist because I disagree with the president. Understand that I make a living doing work for that 1% (which is an inaccurate figure). Don’t block or inhibit my path to becoming a 1%er. If I achieve the 1% don’t vilify me and make me hand it over. Let ME decide the charity instead of taking it from me, taking a huge chunk for administrative costs then distributing it to anyone who can fill out government grant form. Stop spending money on silly choo-choo trains and round-a-bouts and start focusing on local businesses. Dump those huge county retirement programs. Don’t tailgate me if I have a conservative sticker on my SUV because I don’t tailgate you if you have a liberal sticker on your Prius. Last of all; YOU CAN’T MAKE ME AN OUTSIDER. I’ve lived here longer that you. So let’s get Sonoma County back on track and return it to the greatest county in the nation. …..and here comes the thumbs down ;-)

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  29. Average Joe says:

    Marin and Sonoma were once bastions of enterprise, thriving economic engines.

    Gone Gone Gone to the cry babies and the bleeding hearts.

    I find it ironic that you will soon be able to wave to them through the window of the SMART train.

    That’s if you can find a seat.

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  30. James Todd says:

    How about addressing how liberal the Press Democrat is?

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  31. James Todd says:

    Sonoma is liberal? In other news, the sky is blue, farts still stink and your dog wants steak!

    How about addressing the REAL problem, and that is that liberal democrats have controlled the California State Legislature since 1992. Since then, crime is WAY up, we can’t balance our budget because these people want to keep raising bot taxes AND spending, businesses are leaving what USED to be the world’s 5th biggest economy in DROVES due to anti-business taxes and policies, California is still leading the nation in a number of tax categories: income taxes (2nd), corporate taxes (8th), and sales tax (13th), to name a few, among they’ve proven they would rather give a free education to the children of ILLEGAL ALIENS (I’m not afraid to use that term whilw THEY are!) while screwing our OWN citiznes children with higher and higher tuitions. Did I also mention THOUSANDS of prisoners being released early due to mismanagement of the budget? Don’t get me started on the falling quality of our schools and how their rankings have plummetted tot he BOTTOM compared to the rest of the nation!
    And gas prices? Among the HIGHEST int he nation!
    The past 20 years have shown us and the rest of the nation that liberal policies fail. How much further down the toilet must we go before people get that?

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  32. Just A Thought says:

    One party states do not thrive for those that live under the tyranny.

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  33. NoQuarters says:


    PD, would you like to know why your Subscription base is so low.
    30 years later you come out with this
    Ok, Ok who wants to start a new media news source
    maybe call it the Press Republic, or the Federalist paper

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  34. Howard Pike says:

    Nothing new here. It does help explain why the county is in such bad shape financially. There is only so much you can spend on a welfare community of entitlement people.

    Now that the whole state is broke, the handouts are getting thin. Pretty soon, the handout cup will be completely empty and the public unions and those getting entitlement payments will have to look for real jobs.

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  35. Money Grubber says:


    This is what subscribers pay for ?

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  36. J.R. Wirth says:

    Sonoma County is the Vermont of the west coast. Lots of old liberals who nested here years ago. Anyone from outside the county can instantly tell because the old women here suffer from a permanent hair dye shortage. None of them can get it, no one sells it here.

    No one will be able to pierce the liberal bubble here, the politics won’t change until these people shuffle off to their hippie Valhalla.

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  37. Steve Klausner says:

    Where did they go? we use to have competitive elections. Someone needs to go drag them caveman out of their caves before the left side of the nation falls into the sea.

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